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Taylor McKay  TAYLOR | Coffee-addicted, introverted extrovert | Couples, Engagements + Wedding Photographer and Educator in Richmond, VA

We made it to the weekend, I’m hosting my first wedding workshop on April 14th 🎉🎉, andddd last night my email subscribers got an exclusive discount to join my workshop!!

It’s a season of preparation over here at LTP. We’re 5 weeks from the #ltpweddingworkshop and 6 weeks from the first #laurentaylorweddings of the 2018 season!
In the meantime, I’m loving so much time with my people before busy season! My sister just announced she’s expecting another sweet baby, and that’ll make NINE sweet cousins between us all. There’s nothing I love more than living the life we only dreamed of years ago growing up. ❤️ #motherhoodunplugged #momtobe

In my last few years in business, the most resounding lesson I’ve learned is that social media has the power to inspire, but more often, it just opens the door for comparison. Comparison kills contentment, and I see it play out in my own life and in my friends’ lives time and time again.
It’s ridiculously refreshing to sign off for a bit. I feel like a better wife and mom being glued to my phone far less, and I’ve had so much extra time to focus all of my attention on some super fun educational opportunities!!
A reallllllyyyyy crazy, exciting email is going out to my subscribers tomorrow night. You’ll probably wanna join in on that before then!! Don’t say I didn’t warn ya 😉 link in bio to join the educational mailing list! #education #communityovercompetition #weddingphotography

I know it’s been quiet on the social media front. Last year this would’ve literally killed me and I would’ve felt like I was failing, but that’s because I 100% found my identity in this business world in the amount of likes and emails I’d receive, or not.
I’d let that directly affect my mood, my drive and my self worth. My desire to keep going or give up, depending on how busy or stagnant things were. And it trickled down and affected my family when things would be super busy, and all they wanted was to just support me. Finding identity in likes and followers will always end up a dead end, friends.
I think that’s part of what we don’t talk enough about, as business owners, and it gives those new dreamers a false sense of success, and then the cycle continues on.
I can’t change that in the industry as a whole, but I can change it for myself. And I did. And it feels so good. When things are quiet, I’m stealing snuggles with my people and enjoying my sessions with clients, all before things get crazy when the #laurentaylorweddings season hits so, so soon!
This weekend was spent with this gorgeous mama (more on my story!), @foursisterschicboutique and my people. ❤️ aaaand, Monday found me again!
I’ll be responding to all emails today! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

When it’s 80 degrees in February and your clients look like thiissssss 😻

Out of almost 30 spots, there are only 6 left for my spring mini sessions on April 7 and 15! Insane!! This can be for kids, a couple or a family of no more than 5! ❤️
Enter to win one of the few remaining, and the winner will be announced on Friday evening at 5pm!
To enter, all you have to do is follow me and tag 3 friends below! Easy peasy!! 🎉

I used to hate Monday’s with a passion along with everyone else, but now I get to sleep in, eat breakfast with my boy and take my time before heading in at 11. Monday and Tuesday are longer days, but then Wednesday is a day off, and my new schedule kind of makes me feel as happy as Emily in this picture!! 😻 Happy Monday, friends.

Alsooooo, check back for a giveaway tomorrow morning!!!!

My best friendddd is getting married in a little over two months so we’re escaping to Charlottesville this weekend for her bachelorette weekend!
Between mentoring, workshop prep, and all of my closest girls getting married this year, 2018 is making for a super busy, but fun year already!
I’m enjoying the last little bit of normalcy in my schedule before my first wedding kicks off in April! LTP will be in a different city (or state!) every single wedding April-June and I cant wait!! 🎉

Every year, one of the most asked questions I get is "do you offer mini sessions?!". There are a lot of people that just prefer the smaller commitment when it comes to both time and money, and I get it. So, when I did that crazy thing in December and launched all of my 2018 availability at once, I also carved out time for those mini sessions and am coveting those weekends with my lifeeeeee.

One of my FAVORITE events last year was my spring minis, because I hosted a mama-and-me event in honor of Mother's Day. It was amazing. It still brings a smile to my face anytime I stumble across any one of the images that came from that weekend. Mamas and their babies, there's just no bond quite like it. This year, my spring minis AND my mama-and-me's are the same weekend.

These sold out TWICE last year, and this year, I'm sticking to the calendar and the availability is what it is until it's gone. I'm excited and sad all at the same time, but being intentional with my time is my #1 goal in 2018 and I'm determined to get that work-life balance thing down this year. So, go get you a spot!! The deposit to book is small, and then you just gave yourself plentyyyy of time to pick out something fancy to wear!!! :) link in bio!

I started my Monday full on sobbing and frantically searching the neighborhood, in the pouring rain, for our dog who got out of the fence that I didn’t realize wasn’t fully latched.

Most days she tests my patience and I feel like I might not miss her, and then she runs off like that and I suddenly would do just about anything to find her.

I got ready twice this morning, and if you’ve ever had to get yourself ready, your toddler ready, and then get yourself ready for a second time, you know I fully deserve the glass of wine I’m not holding back on at 10:15pm.

Here’s a picture of a dog that’s being loved on way more than what mine’s gotten today. Once she came back, she got the full on cold shoulder from me and I’m not ready to give in just yet. 🤷🏼‍♀️ A reminder for you guys that social media is JUST a highlight reel. Believe me, my life behind these squares ain’t always (read: very rarely) organized cohesiveness. Omg, no. #imrunningacircus #aintnobodygottimeforthat #motherhoodunplugged

My face when:
@foursisterschicboutique launches new arrivals tomorrow.
• Today is a day of putting finishing touches on my wedding workshop content! (Snag a seat to join us on 4/13 at 11am using the link in my bio! Use code WITHLOVE for $150 OFF through 2/23!)
• I’m less than a week out from my BFF’s bachelorette weekend!! I’ve only gotten away overnight once since my son was born almost two years ago
If only I looked like @juleshessler in front of the camera 😂

This corner of the internet has been so quiet, which if you know me personally, quiet isn’t normally a word that describes me often.
This business life is a roller coaster of emotions, but thankfully after 3.5 years, I’ve grown to just expect the lows until we’re living in a perfect world. The lows of feeling less than. The lows of feeling full of self doubt. The lows of feeling defined by your follower count. There are many, and they can so easily rob you of joy and hard work. I’m human, it happens, and then life moves on.
But then there’s the highs. What makes it all worth it, always. And highs don’t normally come without the lows, so I’ve learned that even in the deep valleys, there’s always something to celebrate.
Like Maddie. 16 years old, chasing her dreams while balancing the life that comes with being in the middle of your high school career. We sat for almost two hours and picked through her business together yesterday during her one-on-one mentoring session with me. We identified her strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for the growth she craves. She drove an hour to see me, and she has no idea how much she inspired ME.
I had big dreams in high school, but I just assumed that’s what the rest of my life was for. So, I worried more about what people thought of me and what I could do to fit in, ignoring all the things I could do to stand out and be unique. What I would do if I could go back and teach my 16 year old self a thing or two...
So, here’s to the Maddie’s of the world! Brave enough to step out of the norm and not waste another minute of dream-chasing. Saying yes to educational opportunities even when it means throwing it in between the end of your school day, and the basketball game you have to rush out to cheer at. A timely reminder that it doesn’t matter your age, your season of life, or the opinions of others.. the only limit to what success could look like for you is the one YOU put there.
Reach out today to find out more about the many educational opportunities with me! Few things bring me a greater honor than this. In the meantime, no excuses! You’ve got this!

It’s extremely unlike me to have a total of two posts in like two weeks, but the most resounding lesson I’ve learned in my 3.5 years is that nothing good comes from spreading myself thin. It’s totally like me to care more about saving face with my social media followers and masking the chaos happening behind the scenes, and I promised myself and my family that I was leaving that habit in 2017. So far, so good.
The sad part is that I feel like I’m actually having to train myself to show myself grace over this. I open my Instagram app like 40 times a day only to realize I don’t have great service in my new office. Honestly, it’s for the best but it’s eye opening and something I’m working on!
Mondays and Tuesdays are really long, 10 hour days. I go in late on Mondays and get off late, and I actually kind of love skipping the morning rush, but in return it’s been a pretty huge adjustment. Thanks for hanging in there through this transition with me. It’s been a learning experience, but it’s also been so fun having more time at home and more time for my business!
I’m 2 for 2 on Wednesday webinars, and today the first LTP wedding workshop registration went live to my email list! It’s been a quiet season on the public-front, but a really busy and exciting behind-the-scenes!! Registration goes live to the public in just FOUR DAYS, and I cant waittttt!!
Aaaand in otherrrr news, the @foursisterschicboutique #maternity line launched tonight!! Like, maybe It’s a sign it’s time for baby McKay 2.0 or somethinnnnn’ 😍 #notapregnancyannouncement

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