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Lauren Roy  Mom of 2 boys. Wife to my best friend. Personal Trainer. Group Fitness Instructor. Foodie. Health coach. Follower of Christ.

I swear this baby is all smiles but as soon as I break out the camera, this is what I get. #stillcute #seriousface #isaiahgabriel #5monthsold

Isaiah and I are ready to take on this Friday starting off with a killer cycle class. See you at 8am Gold's gym friends!

I see a lot of people talk about low carb diets or have this mindset that carbs are the enemy. The truth is, carbohydrates are a vital part of how our body functions. We need them for energy and other essential nutrients. The other side of this truth is that not all carbs are created equal. Complex carbs, coming from whole grains, vegetables and fruits are what give us sustained energy since it is released over a longer time. Simple carbs (which are often labeled as your bad carbs), coming from mainly sugar have a high glycemic index, this give us that instant energy. It's usually why we crave them. Ok but let's get back to carbs.... I eat a balance of complex carbohydrates, protein and fats. This is what I aim for in most of my meals. BUT I hear all of the time, I want to loose weight so I'm going to stop eating carbs. Well sure, you probably will because for most people, this means eliminating the simple carbs from their diet. But then, I see them grab the "low carb" processed foods because well, no carbs right?!? But here's the thing, the majority of that "low carb" junk in the stores is in fact junk. Sure the carb count may be down, but what is being added to that product instead? Usually, it means synthetic ingredients or sugar alternatives.
Ok now, there are some days (usually 2 days a week) where I will intentionally lower my carbs for fitness related reasons. BUT I will always up my protein and fats because in order to get your sustained energy and for your body to function properly, it needs these things (remember above 👆🏻). Those that follow a low carb, low fat diet will fail. I promise you because we are not designed to live that way.
Today I aimed for lower carbs and made this low carb English muffin to eat with 2 eggs cooked in ghee (protein and fat). The muffin was made with almond butter (fat), ghee (fat), almond flour (protein), & egg (protein). I toasted it up and put on some coconut oil (oh look more fat ;) When going low carb for a day, I want to make sure my food is intentional and coming from real, wholesome ingredients.
So moral of this long story....we need a balance of carbs, proteins and fats. 😉

This little light of mine! #isaiahgabriel

My mommy boot campers are utterly inspiring! #mommybootcamp #fitmama

Five months old? How can that be? This little love bug is really coming to life. He is the biggest cuddler, loves to be held, teething like a mad man, making all kinds of sounds, and is fascinated by his big brother. Isaiah is pretty much a laid back little babe as you can see. Love him more than words. #isaiahgabriel #5monthsold

Double fisting fruit. Because it's just too hard to decide sometimes. 🍎🍌


I kinda, sorta like him a lot! #myforeverlove❤️ #isaiahgabriel #littlebrother

My mother role models. Always love spending this day with these two amazing women. My mom is truly the kindest most loving woman I know. And I've never met a woman who has a bigger heart for children than my sister. Love these two more than anything.

My favorite workout of the week is hands down Mommy Bootcamp! I love these mamas, I love these babies and I love working hard with them all! #mommybootcamp #fitmama 🏃🏼‍♀️💪🏻

Sometimes, we all just need a little extra snuggle time on a Monday morning. #isaiahgabriel #4monthsold #holdmelonger

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