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it's been one heck of a spring break w/ these ppl 🌸

y'all my lil bro just won STATE !! couldn't be more proud of him! i guess you can say it runs in the fam πŸ’― πŸ€

selfie cause it's my birthday πŸ‘‘

10 years and still going strong with queen B ✊🏻

my 2 loves πŸ’•

fam πŸ’•

that's my best friend y'all πŸ’―

babes πŸ˜›

sometimes you need to just drive 7 hours to spend time with the best family ever 😊

idk why i'm posting this but it's cute and i love @kennedy_jayde 🌸

proud sister right here! my not so little brother just played in his first varsity basketball game 😭

It's been an emotional day filled with crying and laughter as I look back at my friendship with Tam. This picture was taken at me and @abbielayne graduation party. Of course Tam was the first person to show up because that's how he did things. He always had to be first at everything. in English class he would always ruin our curve in a class where I really needed it lol. On days where he would eat with me and Abbie he would always tell me my car smelled and looked like a pig pen (which yes it really does πŸ˜…) Tam always said the first thing that popped up into his mind, which is what made him so dang funny. He was on my road rally team my senior year and managed to fall asleep 1 hour into it πŸ˜‚ poor thing lol. About 2 weeks ago me and @hayden_shinn got to eat lunch with Tam. it was a great day of getting to catch up with him. I will forever cherish those last moments I got to see him. It's hard to rap my mind around what has happened but I know that The Lord is still so good and He is close to the broken-hearted. I could say so much more about my amazing friend.. RIP Tam Phan.

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