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Lauren  ⬇️avid cosplayer of gay otps ⬇️

Polly Geist, a party ghost with an insatiable hunger for all the wrong things 👻
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Blueberry picking with @pinkiebel~! 🌿 It was both v lovely and also v tiring and hot it takes a long time because they are v smol but so am I wowee I am not cut out for farm work 😂😭

an introvert going out? It’s more likely than you think!

Yeah so @janellemonae at @rebeltoronto was perfect

Pride month is over but it's not getting any less gay around here.
Psst...@crunchytoast1 's #cosplayinrainbows is the cutest idea and you should do it 🌈

*posts once a month and asks wife to do it for her 😜😘

So after years of believing at first that my hair was straight and then thinking it was curly and not being able to get it to do either one successfully without a ton of effort, I had an epiphany that this shit’s wavy and that that apparently makes a HUGE difference in terms of product.
So I went on a rampage, bought completely different products, AnD mY hAir DoES NiCE thINgs?? By ItSelf??? I didn't even have to threaten it.
The pic doesn't  do justice to the difference in volume esp since most of my pics on here are after my sticking curlers in it for hours. But yeah. Good times I didn't know how to take care of my hair for like my whole life.

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