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Lauren McKinsey  graphic designer, online printable & Etsy shop owner.

Our adorable pencil and pencil pouch gift sets in our Lauren McKinsey Etsy shop will make a wonderful and practical gift for your little scholar's teacher!

Parker's girlfriend @lindsey_bull leaves for college on Wednesday! I can hardly believe that this day, which seemed so far off, is just around the corner. I am going to miss this girl like mad. She lights up our world and adds so much joy to our lives. It just isn't going to be the same with her here. So I'm sending a little bit of LM cuteness with her for her dorm room and getting my box of tissues ready.

@lindsey_bull and I had a great time painting mugs today at Fired Up in downtown Asheville!

My zinnias grown from seeds make me crazy happy!!! A little greenery from the yard adds the perfect touch.

This is getting real. In just a few short weeks my oldest heads on to college. I hope I don't burst into tears in Target!

We had an amazing time in Green Turtle Cay Bahamas! Back in Florida for the night and then headed back home to the mountains tomorrow! The turtles were amazing! Thanks to @lindsey_bull for the photo.

It's great to be back in the Bahamas! Green Turtle Cay to be exact!

The countdown is on! On Friday our toes will be back in the sand on Green Turtle Cay in the Bahamas! @lindsey_bull

It has been a joy having my niece in NC with us for almost two weeks. I am going to miss seeing this sweet face everyday! We have had so many fun adventures!!!

My first baby graduated from high school this weekend and registered for his fall college classes! I am a proud momma!!!!

It never gets old seeing hot air balloons right over our house!

One year ago today these two started dating! I could not imagine our lives without @lindsey_bull being of part of them! This girl is gorgeous from the inside out and is pure JOY! She just sparkles! I'm in denial that she leaves for college in the Fall!

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