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Lauren Lovette  Principal ballerina with the New York City Ballet ~ Choreographer ~ Activist


Today, diving into the idea of gratitude, I am overwhelmed by how much I have in my life. The friends who have gracefully held on through my project saturated schedule, the beautiful apartment I call home, the abundance of food I consume daily, the books and documentaries I've uncovered this year, the amazing companies I've been able to collaborate with, my brilliant job that challenges me constantly, and my lovely rescue cats. I love the people, the places, and all the things in my life. Grateful is the word of the day. πŸ™πŸ» Happy Thanksgiving to all πŸ’› #favoriteholiday #allaboutgratitude #contentment πŸ“Έ @rosalieoconnorphotography

It's Nutcracker season and I just couldn't be happier to have my very own sugarplum tutu at last! Thank you @dqdesigns for being a a long time friend and gorgeous independent tutu maker. I love the great effort you always put into your designs, and how uniquely individual all of your tutus are. I can't wait to break it in! #gigtutu #dqdesigns #sugarplum #happyballerina

Isn't it wonderfully iconic how transformative butterflies are? Think about it... they literally morph into a whole new body...developing wings double their size! They come from the most humble and grimy beginnings and (through days of torture) are destined for glorious beauty and flight. Creatures feel pain... I can't imagine the growing pain a butterfly must feel through that transformation, but it sure inspires me. Nature inspires me... What a gift it is to stop and appreciate it sometimes. πŸ“Έ @west4tattoo #inspired #growingpains #butterflytattoo #closerview #doyou

I have never felt as free as I feel in this moment tonight... this evening I take ownership of my own body. I am saying goodbye to the pursuit of perfection and hello to my fears... good riddance to my emotional scars, and I love you to myself. Thank you @circatattoo for being the greatest artist and @indiana_woodward for sitting with me. Happy birthday to me ❀️ #goodbyeperfection #hellofreedom #west4tattoo #itsreal #doyou

Today is my birthday! I have lived another complete year on this planet. I've learned much about love, long distance relationships, the environment, veganism, nutrition, religion, choreography, mental health, cat adoption, meditation, and truly SO much more this past year πŸ’› My wishes for the future are intrinsically inclined. I don't want to live in obsession over what people think of me (or my decisions) this year in any way. I want to continue to be honest, true, and curiously explore what being "authenticity me" means! No more apologizing for thinking or feeling certain ways. I'm doing me this year πŸ™ƒLet's dance 26! #doyou #itsmybirthday #reflection #growingup #authenticity πŸ“Έ Arthur Elgort

The best medicine when you are under the weather πŸ€’ I'm learning how important sleep is. I thought I could go nonstop for 3 weeks...I thought it would be ok only getting a few hours of rest most nights and that it wouldn't catch up with me. I'm the WORST at resting and a total workaholic/brainstormer. I'm going to try taking a real day off. Wish me luck! #workaholic #workisplaytho #stillcatchesup #downforthecount

It's her birthday! 🎈 True friends are hard to come by... If you have someone who calls you out when your wrong, listens to your problems even if they last a year, will brainstorm your projects, drink wine with you through a breakup, and no matter how long it's been always understand.... you have a good friend. Happy birthday @emilykikta I'm so glad you were born. πŸ“Έ @patrickfraserstudio #goodfriends #beenalongtime #lostcount #lucky

I think we all know that we can change our outward appearance with a certain amount of ease. We can color our hairstyles, tattoo our skin, sculpt our muscles, and pierce our ears.... but we can just as easily change our inner virtues as well. We can pursue patience, choose forgiveness, let anger go, face fear head on, and decide to love. You are NOT a slave to your inner shortcomings. They can grow and change like anything else. So if you want to grow in an area, PRACTICE and treat it the same way you would treat the gym. One day at a time. πŸ“Έ @abbeydrucker #practicingbravery #practicingpatience #whodoyouwanttobe

Always trying to come up with the next big idea... If you are constantly in your head, I can sure relate to you! Cheers to all the heavy thinkers out there, I feel a breakthrough might be coming for us soon. πŸ€“ #alwaysthinking #choreography #introvertediscool #beyourself

I believe that we all do the best we can with what we have been given in this life... We have so LITTLE control over where/how we grow up. Hardship hits everyone at different points in life.... So let's practice showing the person that we don't understand love today... Because they are learning at their own pace, the same way we are learning at ours. πŸ“Έ @nisian #strivingtounderstand #humanity #growingslowly #learninglove

Meet my little brother @harrisonlovette πŸ’› he taught himself piano by ear and always has a way of making the world smile.... no matter what hardships may come our way, I know we will always have each other.... and MAYBE if I just wish hard enough, he will come to NYC and play the piano I have in my apartment. Dreams for a Tuesday πŸ™πŸ» #littlebrother #notsolittleanymore #dreams #lovehim

If you are in Chicago and don't have plans tonight, come see @traviswall and @bartonc in @shapingsoundco πŸ™ƒ They are performing at the Chicago Theater 🎭 I will be there and you should all come too! #shapingsound #supportart #supportfriends #liveshowsrock

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