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Lauren Lovette  Principal ballerina with the New York City Ballet | Choreographer | Vegan | For business inquires contact

I haven't had a 5 show week @nycballet in a very long time! Here is what's on the menu • "Rubies" by George Balanchine tonight 7:30pm • "Stravinsky Violin Concerto" also Balanchine Wed at 7:30pm • "New Reisen" music John Adams Thurs 7:00 pm Fri 8:00 pm • Carousel a dance by @wheeldony Saturday at 8:00 pm • Come to the ballet! 💓 we can't wait to dance for you. #nycb #fullweek #idonttakeitforgranted #grateful

Today is my dance partner @gonzalogarcia79 first show back after 9 long months away! His delight and passion for dancing is infectious in every possible way, and we can't wait to perform Rubies this afternoon at 3:00 pm for you all on the @nycballet stage in Lincoln Center! Thank you Patricia McBride for coming in to coach us. Thank you for showing us the joyful and effortless energy behind these spectacular dance steps. The Ruby is powerful, flirtatious, effortless, and witty... it's been a tough year... Let's dance it out!♦️ 📸 @cdugganphoto #firstshowback #welovetodance #rubies

Tonight I wrote a whole speech about why I love @groovewithmeinc and why we started the "Lovette Scholarship Fund" but I just ended up speaking from my heart instead.... work ethic, talent, and coordination are all hard enough obstacles to face... If a young girl has the raw talent to get into a major school but can't afford the tuition, how will they ever see their dream through? I hope to bridge this gap in whatever way I possibly can so that every girl can have a real shot at becoming a ballerina despite their family's income. If you would like to give money to our cause please go to @groovewithmeinc and click the donate now button. I will soon post a direct link in my bio, but until then, please check them out! #giveback #lifteachotherup #myultimatedream

Nobody is flawless.... carry on. Better your being. Live your truth in the best and most authentic way you are physically able... I wish I could say life is predictable or seamless, but it plain isn't.... its turbulent and too often crippling. We have to know our honest north above all else! Nothing short of it can (or will) ever fulfill anything less... and if we don't know what north is, we must fervently seek to understand ourselves until we do. So I'm digging within through heartache, memory, and dream until I find that what my inner soul has known all along. Myself.

If you are a woman who desires more respect and opportunity in this world, start by giving to and supporting the other women around you....We are stronger as a whole by lifting each other up! I think this to be feminism at its finest. Encourage one another. ❤️ real strength is refining yourself.... Not bringing your sister down. Love to the ladies! Thank you @patrickfraserstudio for the photo #feminist #lifteachotherup #powertotheflower

Webster's definition of a ballerina: A woman who is a ballet dancer....My definition of a ballerina: A human ballet dancer who possesses extreme strength under pressure while performing with graceful technique, authority and elegance on pointe. 💪🏼 Ballerinas are STRONG. We can endure incredible obstacles and transform them into effortless beauty every time... we shall continue to transform ourselves over and over again, because that is why we do it... We do it because of an inner calling to make ourselves, and ultimately the world, a more beautiful and unified place to exist within. The environment of ballet is positively transforming, but one thing I believe will always remain. The ballerina's strength. Photo credit @nisian @puma #timetoreflect #graceunderpressure #istillbelieveinballet

I don't want to ever take for granted the visceral freedom I get to feel each day I step foot in a dance studio....I am the MOST alive when unified in flesh, rhythm, mental intention, and personal emotion...Ballet has gifted me the opportunity to give back what the universe has granted me in this physical form... I don't want to miss a single day of this devoted responsibility to make the most of it. Excited to be in @greisen3 new ballet with @prestonchamblee Thank you @lsweaters for capturing this moment.

Sometimes when the waves are the strongest the integrity of the heart feels the most centered... Know who you are....Know it with every cell in your blood. Photo credit: @henryzw

Change. Bravery. Courage. Heart. Faith. Honesty. Love. Freedom.... Can we fully possess any of these virtues independent from the others? 💔 Often times I would like to believe yes, but in my heart I have to say no....So I'm setting this personal journey free with every virtue I can muster within. "If it's meant for you it will return to you." -just something my mother used to say

Rest In Peace Peter Frame...You were the bravest teacher I've ever known. 💔

I hope that when you feel like giving up you keep going, that when you look in the mirror you see a fighter, and when your whole body is screaming "I'M SORE" you decide to show it who is the boss! 💪🏼 Press on! @nisian #pumagirl #feeltheburn

Waiting in anticipation to dance tonight for an audience of 10,000 people! Mexico City you ROCK and your passion and respect for this art form is an inspiration. Let's do this!! 💪🏼 @despertaresmex @visitmexico @soulartsproductions @inbamx @mexico_mx #keepwalking #keepdancing #visitmexico #thisismexico

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