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Lauren  Figure🔜WPD @prepshop_to 🍴 @fusionbodybuilding ➡️Teamlauren25 @jed_north➡️Lauren15 @themammothmug ➡️ shehu1k20 @kh.customs➡️ Lauren10 @Ironfitness247

In a room full of art i'd still stare at you.
@kh.customs suit
@framingfigure photography

She's a combination of sensitive & savage.

You can't spend the rest of your life being afraid of people rejecting you & you have to start by not rejecting yourself, you don't deserve it. From now on, people can either accept you for who you are or they can fuck right off. 💕 @vasilocity photography

When the sun shines down on me, on me, on me
And breaks my ties you'll see, you'll see, you'll see
That angel's eyes, they bleed, this life I chose
My open wounds they show
That memory lane is like a winding road
Like a winding road

@callowaynycart 🙏 so dope

A little bit of sugar but lots of poison too.
#SanityIsSuicide & #CrazyAreTheLegends
Shot with @vasilocity today ❤️👊

She had that set-the-whole-fucking-world-on-fire-look-in-her-eyes type of badass vibe to her. 🔥❤️

I feel like these storms were simply trying to wash me clean. I'm a girl kissed by wild & loved by lighting. They left so much fire inside of me and I refused to burn alive. I know now, I have the unlimited capacity to make my life anything I want. I don't need to look to you to justify my actions, I live and love by my truth. I'll manifest my dreams with ease knowing I burn with a divine energy that no one could extinguish. This is the year I'll feed my heart and refuse to be tamed. I will never apologize for being a powerful fucking woman. You can't clip my wings or dampen my spirit, baby. An awakened woman is a warrior of the heart. I'm worthy of becoming my best and most actualized self. Did you forget? Wild hearts can't be broken. I've replaced my fear of the unknown with curiosity #StayYoung #BeDope #BeProud // Go after dreams, not people. Quit slackin' & make shit happen. 😘 I love my future wild mistakes. ✌️ Stay true & trust your journey because there are far better things ahead darlin'

Time to ditch those 👠😏 do ya thing b

May all your vibes say:
I got this shit.

Can you tell I'm happy to have arm days back? 😌 feeling' it #turnyasavageup🔥

You gotta own who you are.
You gotta own what you want.

So blunt you can smoke my truth 😉 @hdphysiques
#ironsisters #420hunnys

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