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Weighted Bulgarian Split Squats - glute building
4x15 - 20 each side 💪🏽
Few Tips:
- try with body weight first as this is a balanced advanced movement - you may be much stronger on one side versus the other. May need to back off reps on one side or add 5 more reps to weaker leg.
- activated leg knees lined up with toes (not past/too forward)
- squat to or below parallel - slow & controlled, use glutes/hammies bring weight up, not pushing up on bar with arms - keep back leg steady and not too far away
- make sure bench is secure
- this is an advanced movement, not for limited ROM on knees
- may do this with smith machine to reduce impact on knees

Taking my cardio outside today - running by the beach 😏 Check out laurendrain.com for my workout programs & meal guides 😘

Back to my daily grind. Weights. Protein shakes. Cardio. Work. But currently thinking of planning a vacation for late summer. Do you even travel, bro? Tell me your dream vacation! Trying on coverups by @emmaoclothing1

What do you want in life? I hope I can look back on my life and happily say that I gave it my all when it comes towards my dreams, my health, my career, my friends and my family. I hope that I look back on a life full of memories. I hope I help my friends and others believe in themselves, to help them reach their full potential. I hope to always bring a positive force of energy with me that helps builds others up. What do you want to look back on your life and see? What paths are you taking to get you there? Do you gravitate towards others with positive energy and a passionate drive? Do you weed out the negative people and energy in your life? Take a moment and tell me what gives you the greatest happiness.
Lens & Shadow Artist: @michaeloliveri
Glam Wand: @jessicakeehus

Had such an amazing weekend! Thank you @insomniacevents & @edc_lasvegas for having us! Until next time ✌🏽. Time to get back on my grind! @ariannyceleste @anllela_sagra - Check my story for more 💕

I love starting off my day with my @fittea #fittea

Amazing time at #edclasvegas hanging with these beautiful women @buffbunny & @michelle_lewin #fitspo #fitbeauties

Headed to day 2 of #edclasvegas 😜 Getting a lift from @maverickhelicopters to get there a little early & beat the traffic 🚁 #helicopter #edc

I guess you could say that I like to squat 😜 Check out my website for my progressive 3 stage glute building and leg toning guides 💪🏽 laurendrain.com
Lens: Hubby @theiobot
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EDC bound from our amazing suite at the @palms in Vegas 😜 It's 105 degrees out so I figured it's booty shorts festival kinda weather 🙈 #squatbooty #bowling #vegas #palms #idontnormallywearshortslikethis #workhardplayhard

Smile. Be confident. Be the best version of you. You're beautiful & your potential is more than you think. If you ever find yourself thinking you're not as beautiful or fit as someone else, remember two things: someone is looking at you in that same way and hopefully we can all appreciate the uniqueness that makes another person attractive without putting ourselves down. If you desire to be more fit, go after it. If you know someone who is more fit, be inspired. Someone else's beauty or fitness never cancels yours. You are beautiful. So smile! Work hard for your body. Treat it well and the confidence will come. Fall in love with the fact that "beauty" and "fitness" cannot be defined. It's subjective and unique and in my opinion all about progress not perfection. #fitbeauties #sexyarmpitshot #daisydukes #fitgoals

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