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Lauren Drain Kagan  🎗Registered Nurse 🏋🏼Certified PT 🏆Bikini Pro 📚Best Selling Author 👻Snap: LaurenDrainFit 📬 💪🏽Workout/Meal Guides↓Email↓


My Summer Kickoff Challenge is here 🤗 See link in my bio for details 🙌🏼 We had such great results & so many transformations last few times that I'm excited to do it again (see last few challenge video results) 🙌🏼 If you're going to do a challenge, take someone's advice and ask them for help - why do it with some who doesn't have a transformation of their own and can't relate to you? 🙈 Many of you have asked what my workouts are, what do I eat, how often do I train and etc… this is your chance to workout just like I do. This 6 week transformation challenge starting 5/21/17 with limited availability and the winners takes home $3,000 in CASH & prizes. Contestants get the following:
🔹Meal plan designed by me
🔸Workouts modeled after my own
🔹Custom Macro & Calorie calculation
🔸Facebook Support group access
🔹Weekly Facebook Live q&a with me
🔸Photos & Videos of workouts
🔹Live Chat via KiK Messenger
🔸Weekly Check-Ins with me
🔹Win $1,250, $750, $500 & other prizes
🔸Ability to ask me questions
🔹Your own transformation
🔸Worldwide entry!
🔹Male & Female plans
🔸Vegetarian, Vegan & Fish options
To enter simply go to the link in my bio:

How I get my makeup done with @jessicakeehus - welcome to my life: with everything I do, I try and do it enthusiastically in order to make others laugh or smile. Or quite possibly, it's just my ADHD 😂. What's one querky characteristic about you?

Who's ready for my next 6 week challenge? See link in my bio for details or 😘

Do you ever feel like you're settling in life? Do you ever wonder what life would be like under different circumstances? Do you genuinely hate the job you're currently in? If so, seek out other methods of income that you feel more passionate about. Are you happy in your relationship? If you aren't, don't stay in it if it doesn't give you back as much as you put in. Are you happy with the body you're living in? If you aren't start working towards a new one now! It's never the perfect time to start or restart. After I lost my entire world back in 2007, my mother, my father and my three younger siblings along with a shattered faith and a sense of self, I made a promise to myself; I would NEVER be half assed about anything I wanted in life and I would never take for granted the good blessings that come my way. Every day since then, I seek happiness, passion towards my career, and I push myself towards uncomfortable goals that constantly make me better. If you think you're settling in life, you are. Life is about living it to to the fullest and getting the most value from what you have been blessed with. Don't ignore the huge red flags showing you that you need changes in your life for the better. If you've ever lost a loved one, you know the pain and struggles of crawling back to normality and sense of happiness. It is possible. Baby steps. Forward progress! 😘
Photo: @steiner.creative
Makeup: @muaxsally
Stylist: @jessicaarmstrong_style

Getting ready for a workout 💪🏽 I've been drinking my @fittea to help curb any unhealthy cravings #fittea

Day 1 video of my competition is up 🙈 See link in my bio or 😘

All smiles 😊

I'll be honest, I'm actually day dreaming about pizza here vs trying to look sexy 🤤 Make sure you check out my website for my diet & meal plans 💪🏽

About step onto the Pro Stage with @lauraivetteg 👯 Wish us luck 😜
Coaching: @n8fitness
Posing: @toby.harrison
Bikini: @ravishsands
Glam: @jessicakeehus

About to hit the pro bikini stage with my bae @lauraivetteg
Custom Swarovski 👙 by @ravishsands
Glammed out by @jessicakeehus

Getting ready for stage, follow my SnapChat & YouTube for more content from the show: LaurenDrainFit 😘

WISH US GOOD LUCK! That moment you and your bestie ( @lauraivetteg ) cannot wait to rock the pro stage today! We met 4 years ago at our first show and we've never looked back! Through all the travel, sickness, cardio, emotional setbacks, missed cheat meals & these past 15 weeks: let's do this!

Training: @n8fitness
Posing coach: @toby.harrison
Glam: @jessicakeehus

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