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Lauren Drain Kagan  🎗Registered Nurse 🏋🏼Certified PT 🏆Bikini Pro 📚Best Selling Author 👻Snap: LaurenDrainFit 📬Biz: Management@laurendrain.com 💪🏽Workouts↓Meal Guides↓Email↓


When your best photos is the one where you’re complete done, tired & walking away 😔 Captured by @theiobot

Current shape. I’ve been inconsistent with diet and training for the past month due to working and traveling a lot. I am not the leanest or most muscular I’ve ever been but I focus on progress whenever I have time and energy. I used to stress out if I missed meals and workouts. I have noticed a lot of my clients do the same. What I’ve noticed is the body tends to hold onto fat and water weight more with stress than missed meals and workouts. That is why I don’t stress anymore about perfection but I focus on making progress and allow room for inconsistencies. I don’t punish myself for missed meals/workouts. I don’t punish myself for cheat meals instead I allow at least one cheat meal a week. I eat intuitively by making sure to focus on lean proteins such as fish, chicken, beans and eggs, veggies, and low glycemic carbs. If I miss workouts I lower my carbs. If I start to feel tired or workout more, I increase my carb intake. My motto will always be progress not perfection because I believe it’s the healthiest approach both mentally and physically.

Sun kissed 😏

The first step to starting a new lifestyle is learning to let go. Let go of the complaints, excuses, bad habits & doubts 😘
Hotel: @azuliktulum at the #AzulikLuxurySeaVilla

Today at the office 😏 The hubby & I took a quick getaway to @azuliktulum to soak up some rays & explore 🙌🏼 Staying at the #AzulikLuxurySeaVilla & it’s breathtaking 😁
Photo by the hubs: @theiobot
Bikini by: @shopprettyinpinkboutique

What is to be feminine?🤔 Most of what women possess that makes them feminine has nothing to do with aesthetics. Women who are kind, nurturing, confident, empowering, happy, passionate and full of energy to me are very feminine. All too often society wants to put women, men and all of us into boxes and tell us we are or aren’t masculine or feminine enough. Break through the mold of society’s definitions and be the best version of you that makes you happy first and foremost💪🏽
Photo by the hubs @theiobot

Staying lean by getting my sweat on 🥊💦I usually train weights 4-6 x a week but cardio varies from 1-5 x a week. Always dropping water weight with my @sweetsweat workout enhancer stick & belt - use FIT20 for 20%OFF
Song by #kanyewest - Power

Thick 😏 To see all my workout guides & meal plans visit my site, link in bio or laurendrain.com 💪🏽

I swear I’m not posing, this was capture in the moment... on the 17th moment 😏 Poolside on the Amalfi Coast in Italy 🇮🇹 Please take me back 😩
Moment captured by @theiobot

Can you spell “LAUREN” bellow in the comments, one letter at a time without being interrupted by someone else? 🤔 First person to do so gets a follow & a free poster 😘 Make sure you LIKE the pic also 😉
Pic by @theiobot

Pull yourself up 💪🏽

Cable pull through - great for hamstring & glutes 💪🏽 Make sure you drive through your heels & to keep the rope stationary on your hip. Squeeze through at the top of the movement & hold for that 🔥 See more of my glute workouts on laurendrain.com 🙌🏼 #workoutvideo
Song: Havana @camila_cabello

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