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Marlboro Fairy🧚🏼‍♂️  whack it Prince$sa

Fruity prosecco come back into to my life hunny :( miss you more everyday

Whatsup hunnies have youse a spare smoke ha haha aha ha # not # 4 # u # pal 🤠

If tongues were animals they would be slugs (( open to suggestions though )) o # GRO$$ ; and a nose would be a snail shell !! aka tongues would therefore be nakey snails !!

Stick it out 🤑 I look like a different person in every pic lol whinch one is me # ??? # 🤯

Sugar pie hunny # bumz 🤪

U go hunny shake ya tail feather side note I’m laughing @ my lips also # gimme # them # EYEZ

The most precious, you will be missed dearly little darling

Dress Up overkill ?? bathing in fake Chanel # $hameful lol $hameless

Gudbye & gudluck to my lil sexy starting a new life en España :( first time ever living apart this year, love u love u bye baby bye

Earrings got # wings day 2 u lil darling

Hello reunited with bby, if lani was an animal she would be a rabbit, I’m apparently a peacock but it’s up for discussion still side note I look so much bigger than LaniBanani STILL SUPER CUTE

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