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L a u r e n 🌸C a l l a w a y  🦆🌵⚡️run mad as often as you like, but do not faint. -JA

So...sporty time is happening now apparently as LCC is already tick infested and HOT. However, I DID have a really nice hot day in LCC...despite no sleep and very minimal skin from dealing with flooding in my basement. I met a new friend and we did a team alternative send of the classic slab "Feck"...although not quite my personal alternative send goal with that climb has been satisfied (no arete), I'm glad I climbed a hot, scary slab with partial modification for hardness. And then like a BAWSE I came home and dealt with my flooding basement some more. Regardless of the fact that I later called my mother crying to ask for her xfinity password, I feel pretty good about my day. Photo: @nathanwelton

I imported some artwork from France.. thanks @nag.tatouages !!

Ronnie about to snatch that thing!


Alle YOUP!!! Red circuit in Isatis has some hard problems on it...if you don't have to work for it, then I envy you!! Also really good to have my big brother spotting 😂he did so many hard problems this weekend! @organicclimbing @lasportivana #climbing #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #fontainebleau

This slab is approximately v-1 and it was so hard. And horrifying. Oh sheet. @lasportivana 🎥: @jeffrueppel

Mah boy @rjenkins384 🍺🎥 @jeffrueppel

The crew is doing things in Font. Some falling is part of those things. My insta-Snapchat had the full send by Mark (btw he did the big 5 today...). #bawp #wemissyousam

Long time ago 🌖

Happy Sunset Sunday... #hurricave

Just putting in our time at the heavenly chosspile again this weekend... this is my buddy @sav.cummins about to get stupidly close to sending her project!! Nobody sent but everyone did well, and we even saw some kittens and shared some cat videos, so not a bust one bit!! @konakyle

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