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Lauren 🖤  I hike stuff. I climb stuff. Scottsdale, AZ

Note to self: Purchase Hand-warmers

Trying my best to get through this week (and this here slot canyon) #throwitback #weekendwhereareyou

You can look at these climbs in one of two ways: An ordeal....or an opportunity. Adjust your perspective and it’ll change everything #attitudeofgratitude 💙

Photo Cred📷: @ortiz8401

Hangs on Aylor’s Arch while playing on Palomino.

The Four Peaks Motherlode. All four peaks in a single day. If you don’t like to climb and you’re afraid of heights, stay the heck away from here. #sosketch #sorrymom #dontlookdown

Feelin’ that Friday flow #flowitback

Forget your waterfall whatever. Here’s some water, it’s Wednesday. Iceland rocks. Astral projecting myself here #brbfolks

Hangs near rapids are way healing. Huge fan #somuchzen

Dear Monday,
Go jump off a ledge. This canyon has plenty of em’. Love, Lauren.

Mile 95.5 of the Colorado offers a pretty stellar rapid, Hermit...which is a name I relate to on a spiritual level #introvertlifechoseme

A rare pic of me in something other than work out gear. Brb tho, out making stories for Monday🖤

New trail, same old love.

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