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LaurenAdamsChoreography  Lauren Adams Choreographer | Faculty @24sevendance | Visit @dancefrom5th to enter the #doublepirouettefrom5thchallenge Let’s Go! 💪🏆

Had the most MAGICAL day in the most MAGICAL place with my boys. @chrislhale thank you for making the time and braving the most horrific event of the year #santacon aka #creepacon to spend a little quality time. I’m so glad we got one more @sarabethsofficial brunch under our belt before #lord&;taylor closes #ripl&;t #endofanera I love you more than I can express. You’re the best friend a girl could ever wish for. And my husband made my Christmas dreams come true tonight by getting me a gift I have wished and hoped for...for 3 years now (a very special painted pig from an enchanting store, not a baby y’all 🙈🤣). It is a long story. A follow up is in order for sure. He also took me to my FAVORITE restaurant in all of New York @palmanyc The food, the wine and the service never disappoint. And I have never seen a more beautiful space in all my life. We’ve always gone in the summer for our anniversary, but the Christmas decor made me so happy I could’ve cried. #bestnightever #nyc & my guys have #myheart #chancepinnell ❤️❤️❤️

I always love my time with these young artists @danceconnectionaz 🙏 Looking forward to seeing the evolution of this piece we made. #dancewritingtuesdays #ilovethesoundofcreakingfloorboards #gratitude 🎼: @sebastianplano #hearthismusic #makesmyheartsing

YOU’RE WELCOME. 🤣🤣🤣 THIS NEEDED TO BE REVISITED. I don’t know if he’ll let me keep this up here for long...but I miss @jasonvparsons so much. #myhero #myrealitystar #whenyourlunchorderisart #performanceart he don’t eat #focacciabread no more #prollynotthepimentocheeseneither #glutenfree #gf

It’s a little unfair to post videos from so early in a rehearsal process, but this post is not about that. I want and need to show @dancersedgecsa some love and respect for their consistent work ethic, unwavering positivity and all around profound approach to class, new movement styles and long painstaking rehearsal processes. There was not one trace of ego or attitude between these walls and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with these teenage ladies (their average age is like 14). I don’t say any of this lightly. I say it with love and with honesty...Sometimes being the only adult in a room full of kids can feel lonely and it is often challenging. The pressure that is sometimes placed on us (and in my case also intensely self imposed) can certainly elevate us, but it is also hard on the mind, on the body and most painfully on the soul. To be blunt, I’m not always having “fun.” And that’s ok. It is my job, and jobs are not always fun. No matter what, I’m always grateful to have the chance and opportunity to generate and coach movement. And even when it feels like work, I always and still want to do good work. But with these ladies, I had fun, and for that I want to give thanks and shine a light. I had to ask these kids to stop dancing full out, multiple times—because they literally tackled the moves full out, every time the music played (I leave my music on loop, so you can only imagine). And also because half of them were literally vomiting the day before with the flu. They didn’t make excuses, they didn’t roll their eyes at me, or pout because they weren’t featured...they cheered for each other and they lifted each other up-literally, not just figuratively. I am so inspired by @brandy_rev & @_brookenapier YOU two are incredible directors, mentors, coaches and educators. You and your kids are the real deal and I’m just so darn lucky to share time and space with you. Thank you. THANK YOU. 🙏✨💜

@lucy_vallely y’all!? I’ve been a fan of this beauty since I first adjudicated a group piece she was in 5 years ago. She was a star then and she’s a SUPERSTAR now. She brings character and glamour and all things #magick (spelled with a k on purpose). ✨✨✨So fun having you out with us @24sevendance! #🎶: @sharonvanhalen #dancewritingtuesdays #♠️

How do I love @kailyn_rogers & @jwadeee_ @24sevendance #letmecounttheways -Working with you both is my sincerest pleasure and brings life to my heart, my mind and my bones. 🎼: @thisissigrid #minicombo #laurenadamschoreography #24sevendance #lyrical #contemporary #dance #church #dancewritingtuesdays

I love a bird and I love a blade. Love these hard working ladies @inspireschoolofdanceil. 🕊#birds #competition #dance #largegroup #lyrical #yall 🎤🎼 @maggiekoerner @campanooskie

Giving my old neck whiplash with @dylan.peyton working with the fabulous juniors of @spotlightdanceworksmi 🤣🕺#fragglerock #whiplash #iwhipmyhairbackandforth #wegotthemes🏆💣DP🎥: @franniedoodle

Is this a lyrical combo? Either way...I love lyrical dancing-it was my first passion in this life. And I always love putting moves together with @nicolehenningtonn I adore this music by @theboxerrebellion. 💜🙏

Making moves for fun with @nicolehenningtonn this morning. A morning spent creating is the best kind of morning there is. Dreamy tunes by: @sharonvanhalen 🙏💜 #muse #thelowestplie #thefiercestbraid

Inspired to share these tear-jerking sentiments by @iraglass. Thank you @keithmichaeldenlinger for sharing. Gosh darn it—this is all really striking a chord with me right now. I needed to read this the most. For the record: I fear I might always feel like a beginner, but maybe that’s ok...💜🙏 #iraglass #create #art

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