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lauren  Rodan & Fields Consultant

We won! Byrdie named Rodan + Fields ENHANCEMENTS Micro-Dermabrasion Paste “Best Exfoliant for Combination Skin” in the 2018 #ByrdieCurated Awards! Find out what sets this beloved best-seller apart here:

NO photo filters needed when you use Rodan + Fields. 😍

Does your daughter or grand-daughter cheer, dance or perform?
Is she obsessed with wearing makeup?
Do you cringe at the damage she's doing to her beautiful face?
Does she know it will clog her pores, cause acne breakouts or aggravate sensitive skin?
We have the Perfect solution!
Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid.

It's not makeup ... it's a derma-cosmetic and it's actually GOOD for your skin! It does NOT clog pores and does NOT cause acne. It DOES provide protection from the sun and the environment and lasts up to 8 hours! You can put on lightly for a bit of radiance & glow or you can layer it heavier if they have acne that affects their self-esteem.
Confidence and protection for your tweens, teens,,, and even YOU! It's good for all ages and comes in 6 blendable shades.
Money-back Guarantee!

Summer is coming!

Have you looked in the mirror and noticed some sun damage from our harsh Aussie sun?? No worries...I have what you need!!!!
#ReverseTheDamage #RFTrulyWorks #CleanTheSlate

What could an extra $x,xxx do for your family each month?
If you have bills and wash your face...YOU NEED THIS TOO!!!! #BlessedBeyondBelief #BeYourOwnBoss #ItIsSoWorthIt

Real results that come from products that work!!!!And yes, this is the same person and it has been verified!!! Let’s see what your skin and lashes need!! #SkincareThatWorks #RF
*she does have eyeliner on as well in the after pic.
**Reverse lightening and Lash Boost not available yet in Aust**

3 New Products available TODAY!!!
☀️Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid which is surprisingly good for your skin! ❤️Makeup Remover Wipes & 💙Eye Makeup Remover!!
Haven’t got your sample yet to find your Shade? Try our Shade finder (on my website below) and let me know which Shade you would like to try!! Click on this link to go to shade finder and upload a picture and it will show you how to match your color!!
I will post link in comments! Text or message me with any question!

Why is eye cream so important? -The skin around your eyes ages faster than the rest of your face! -Your eyes age the most between the ages of 20-50! - The skin around your eyes is 40% thinner than the rest of your body, so it doesn't bounce back as quickly! -Eye creams and Serums hydrate the skin and improve its softness and elasticity! ⭐️MULTIFUNCTION EYE Cream - tackles fine lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness!

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