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Excelsior  Anyone can slay a dragon, he told me. But try waking up every morning and loving the world all over again. That's what takes a real hero

Baby or puppy? Scientists can't tell.

Mood? Aesthetic? Both?

I have cute friends who I love and need an appreciation post

I wake up with my body binding my soul and my heart plastered on my skin
Skin that traps everything I want to be and could be behind the doors of someone else's making
Making me wish that they could all see the colours that I have painted on my soul
Solely to remind myself that I am valid
Valid enough to exist in this skin and be free of judgement

Sorry I didn't have a picture with you Emily, but I'd say it was a good weekend???? ❤✍🏻

I'm feeling happy and ready to write (a book)

Yes I tagged myself but I thought it was important for everyone to know which build a bear monster I related to. Also a huge Shoutout to my entire bikeathon team for making my final bikeathon awesome. 🍿(@__jami @kiara.mackenzie @emilyde_c @tristan.f.murray @gayhoneyfuck @ryanjlennon @itsthatcoolassdude @tubularical and @charlie.stephen

Last show tonight. Orchestra for the past two years has definitely been stressful, but getting to share it with some amazing musicians and friends has made it so memorable. I may not play everything right, but at the end of the day I'm glad to go through all the horrible key changes to be able to have these three days to show for everyone's hard work.


What could it bee..? Just a couple of physics kids. One more Diploma tomorrow with my fellow Physics nerds. You guys made a cool class even cooler.

Dont go into
the woods
tonight// beyond the fields or past
the old oak trees// dont go to the
place where the fog covers the
world// where weeds are overgrown
and thorns poke out
everywhere// dont go into
the woods
tonight// I'm scared
you wont come home// Caption by the one and only, mega talented, super beautiful person @caudreyb

It's the series finale of Sherlock tonight and I have accepted my impending death. I have been watching this show since grade eight wow that was so long ago and now the show is ending and I'm graduating and holy moly. If you haven't seen the show it's a 10/10 recommend. 😂😭 Also hey this is a really good book if you like trees at all

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