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Kendra Schirmer  Flower farm + design studio• Sunset, SC 🌿•Naturalist floristry: Consciously sourced + Lovingly arranged• Contact:•

A gorgeous (humid) June day. A crazy scary storm delayed my arbor setup but cleared away just in time for this sweet couple's ceremony. Can blush hued wedding dresses be more common?? So good. Photographer: @angzion_photographer Planner: @lovelyeverafters Venue: View Point at Buckhorn Creek.

Introduction/biography time since a few of you asked how I got into this gig in my stories query. I was born and raised in rural New Jersey (Appalachian trail was a few miles from my house- NJ isn't just a garbage dump like everyone thinks!), transplanted to Nashville after graduating from Bard College (oh hey debt!) in 2009. Moved to SC with my guy Sam in early spring of 2014 to start his vegetable/beef farm dreams @eastatoeecommunityfarm and accidentally discovered my love of cut flowers.
A tiny patch of rather stunted zinnias 😆turned into some little bundles sold to @swamprabbitcafe in late summer 2014. People started asking if I did weddings so I watched lots of videos on bout/corsage making, spiraled stem bouquets, and started saying yes to weddings in 2015. I just jumped in feet first and still kinda can't believe how brazen I was.
This was when my life really changed, the joy of nurturing plants from tiny tiny seeds and making them into works of art brought a satisfaction I never expected. If you'd told me 5 years ago I'd be a florist I would have laughed in your face. When I realized I was quickly memorizing Latin names of everything I grew, and couldn't stop thinking about color palettes and wanting to make arrangements for practice I knew I'd stumbled upon my real passions. {••••••••••••••••••••••}
I studied photography in school but something about a career spent on a computer editing (I'll miss you college dark room!) didn't sit right with me. Getting to be outdoors listening to birds, or communing with a room full of flowers (and getting paid for it!) and turning them into art is such a gift. {••••••••••••••••••••••}
It's been officially one year of self employment after working part time as a restaurant server while growing Laurel Creek Florals for those first few years, and I'm still pinching myself. So thank you my trusting clients, and loyal flower buyers, without you I'd still be a server while also juggling the many balls of farmer florist life which was beyond exhausting. I'm still exhausted but at least I get to eat when I want to and go to bed before midnight!

I'm not crying you're crying 😭😆Katie looking like a fairy princess...swoon. Photographer:
Seeing new galleries come back from spring weddings all full of that human life connection sweetness have me all over the moon with emotions. My own wedding is april (13!) and I just realized I need to start planning for real. I've got floral ideas and my dress/hmu on lock down of course but all the other stuff, agh. We are going to have it in our front yard, so low key because tbh I hate the stress of a party and that feeling of meh when it doesn't go as perfectly as planned so I'm keeping my expectations under control early on. 😅Also, budget. I get it. I'm here to help you plan yours too. If you're planning for spring 2019 get in touch before I'm swamped delivering my sept-nov weddings and working on fall garden prep! 😽

The only place I want to be this time of year is in the river too! 😅Congrats to Katie and Mark. Brave souls who got married in late July in South Carolina, lol. She gave me complete control over colors and flower types, just wanting 100% locally grown and I relished in the task. Can't wait to share more of these cuties. Photographed by and she captured so many cute giggly moments and beaming smiles it's hard for me to choose my favorites. 💓😊#loveissweet #flowercrown #mountainwedding #yeahthatgreenville #greenvillewedding #ashevillewedding #farmerflorist #slowflowers

Still plotting my Fall centerpiece workshop deets! If you're interested in 10% off DM us your email address asap! Design with dahlias-the queen of fall, and much more - we may or may not include foraged grape clusters like last fall's shoot with two of my faves: @kmgphotolove and @eventswithshelley 😽
This was right when the garden took its last breaths before frost swept in. The fungal diseases and browning leaves. To the untrained eye flaws, to mine- just more textural detail to embrace as a celebration of the death that comes before winter cleansing. I love that melancholic nostalgia that comes with Autumn. After being fried in August heat I'm so ready to see everything (mostly the jungle of grass and horse nettle and morning glories that 80% of my fields have become this season of rain and ankle injury😫)turn to crispy brown, so I can get cozy by the woudstove with kitties all winter. But at least two months of hard work before we get to that season, plus holiday markets and a few winter weddings (with California flowers, not mine!). So stay tuned on how to share in my late season garden bounty and learn how to make a lush centerpiece before the long winter sleep.

If there's one crop that's happy about this season's never-ending downpours it's the shrooms. These sunshine hued oysters are so cute I would steal them for my design work if there were enough that Sam wouldn't notice. 😆They are the first small flush of some logs Sam and Anderson inoculated in late winter. Beyond our still young cultivated patch (pictured) Sam has foraged well over 15 pounds of chanterelles this summer without even straying too far into the woods. 7" last week. Rain gauge said 3" this morning (I emptied it sometime over the weekend). Over 13" in May and at probably over 10" in June. Soggy soggy soggy. 😫My ankle sprain in early July plus the rotten or stunted crops due to lack of sun/fungal overload is finally catching up to me and my harvests are pretty paltry until dahlia season really starts. At this point my ankle still aches from a half workday and I'm just happy I don't have to wake up at 5 AM for big harvests because it's 90+ highs every friggin day, sweat-drenched before 9 AM humidity. 🙄Already excited for next spring, it'll be here before we know it right?? Farming in the South really is for a special breed of hardass, don't forget to support your #localfarmers amidst the flurry of back to school etc. they're needing your support more than most years right now bc every single one I talk to is having a tough one.

Drop dead gorgeous Erica and Ron looking like movie stars. 😍From June at the also gorgeous venue @mybelovedhomewood shot by @laurenwilliamsphoto

So glad the sun decided to come out this week. Hoping I don't start to see too much new disease pressure in mainstay fall crops like my dahlias but we got about 7" last week. 2016 was the crispy year of wildfires licking only 4 miles away, then 2017 and 2018 have been the years of fungus and rot/monsoon weather. 😅

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100% locally sourced late July bouquet. Dahlias courtesy of north carolina's higher elevation/happier plants. 😆I've been scheming but I am waiting to announce any dahlia centerpiece workshop until I see how my new field (with slower draining soil) fares through the 6" (and counting) of rain since Tuesday. Farming you sure are a rollercoaster. 🙄

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You may think the dahlias are my favorite here but really it's those hand painted-looking phlox with the freckled foxglove that steal my heart. Thanks @blueridgeblooms for the majority of the gorgeous blooms for this portrait bouquet that I couldn't dream of having happily in bloom in my swamp ass buggy July garden, it's insane what a difference elevation can make in growing conditions but it's real.

Bouts are so easy and dependably not going to wilt when it's strawflower + lisianthus season. Going to attempt to kill some weeds in the garden today before another potential week of multiple inches of rain really makes the grass and fungal issues take off. They might win the battle this time😑

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