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WHEN YOU PLAY THE GAME OF make crystal crowns! Though somehow I'm guessing Cersei wouldn't choose pink.

Morning coffee the French way. A bit nicer than guzzling a 20 oz. dark roast and stuffing yourself into an underground box filled with sleepy, frowning commuters

Dug up stuff from my youth as an amateur music journalist. This is one of my favorites from a pre-Dresden Dolls @amandapalmer set in Chicago. Sadly, I found out there's room for only one Cameron Crowe in the world. [For NERDS ONLY: untouched exposure, shot on LC-A+ toy camera w/orig. Russian Lomo lens and 35mm Ilford B&W low-ISO film]

Good Morning -- look at the valedictorian, scared of the future while I hop in the Delorean [sunrise over the 3rd arrondissement]

Paul is officially the pettiest person to write in to @rollingstone Rolling Stone. He's that person who rolls his eyes at everything you say, talks throughout GoT about every plot point "that never happened in the novel", and loudly corrects people who refer to 'Radiohead' in the singular.

The Internet tells me that one doesn't say "Happy Bastille Day", happy 14 juillet, and enjoy your jour chômé. I cropped out my terribly misspelled 'Rue de Sévigné' to spare myself further embarrassment. (Hint: my American brain was thinking of a certain actress/model Chloë, married to Harmony Korine)

I have 2 photos of Notre Dame, 1 photo of Place des Vosges, and 20 photos of dirty Paris alleyway street art

Flashback to fond memories of surfing the Pacific in Maui with dis gang @mauisurfergirls and eating gluten-free, fresh food at the crack of dawn. I've gained 10 lbs (4.5kg) since returning from Paris, where I happily subsided on gluten-full bread, cheese, Orangina and red wine, and physical activity mostly in the form of vigorous shopping

Everyone who travels with me (or tries to) knows I can't stand tourist traps, unless I can go for free and sans the Disneyland lines. The Anne Frank Garden [here] is on a hidden 'street' behind my Paris flat (near the equally unmarked Jewish art & history museum). It's desolate, free, and open to the public! I can also attest that this bench pictured is good for an afternoon nap.

I never did college study abroad - partly because I didn't want to study, but mostly because I manage/prefer to learn new things and make new friends on my own time and terms. Merci à tous et À BIENTÔT @jcastets @vinc_dul @dianethomas75 @charles__selrahc et al.

So this must be what it feels like to live in a Restoration Hardware showroom aka a normal person's apartment in the Bastille [shot w Nikon D40 55mm]

Still don't get what the hype is about Colette, but enjoyed buying this 30€ candle for curmudgeonly irony and a meme. (It actually does smell pretty nice.) I shall display it conspicuously when cool people come to my apartment which is about twice a year

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