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My head is in the clouds on this grey overcast day
I love starting new paintings, but I cannot wait until I get to the real meaty stage when I get to mix paint again. I am really looking forward to the colours I see for these ones!

Saturdays are days to sleep in and let the girls run wild here. I love my bed on Saturday mornings.
I'm almost grateful that it is overcast and rainy today. I really need a day in the studio to catch up!
I'm paying for all the amazingly sunshiny days we've had where I just couldn't say no to the sun.
Looking forward to a full studio day today!

{ photo credit: @soulfulwanderings }

Sunshine lollypops . . .
This song has been on loop for weeks now and an eternal earworm for me ~ thanks to my girls 💃🏻💃🏻
I see much dancing in my near future ~ but first ☕️
Enjoy this beautiful Friday!

How lucky I am to have created something that makes saying goodbye so hard . . . Today I see this one off into the world where it will set down in Beijing and live out its' days.

I recently came across this letter from Sol LeWitt to Eva Hesse that has really inspired me to JUST DO!

<< my latest journal post! >>

Visual meditations after an insanely intense day yesterday . . . a moody detail from a recently completed landscape painting . . . aiming for a much more calm and restful day today!

Beginning a new painting can be pretty intimidating, especially at this scale!
I decided to take over our main floor this weekend to put the first layers of paint on this 8' h x 6' w piece. I'm working horizontally out of necessity 😳
This canvas literally walled off our kitchen from our living room. It's back down to the basement studio for me now ⤵️ With my artificial light 😜
I will be starting two more paintings today as well. All landscapes, but all very different. So lots more to see soon!

'Always' on the walls @duranmashaalgallery
Laura Wood's 'Always'
Oil and Acrylic on canvas
55 x 40 in.
#duranmashaalgallery #montrealgallery #fineart #artist #contemporaryart #oilpainting #fineart #canadianartist #canadiangallery

A detail from 'To Be Free'
Bringing the abstraction to a new level.
I also really love to be able to see the how and the actual paint and method behind the painting...

A space to create...
Yesterday it was my basement studio.
Today it is my living room.
Tomorrow my backyard studio build!
A very distant tomorrow...
Reminding myself to enjoy the process along the way...

#livinginthenow #studiodreams #chasingthelight

#Repost @designsponge
Last week @sofia.tuovinen from our DS team shared 14 incredible abstract artists 🎨 on Instagram to follow (link above 👆🏽). Here's a preview of their amazing work: follow their artwork online via their handles below. #art #abstractart #painters
@viviamar_art @rinapatelartist @nikizarrabi @annafranklinart @roguesandpark @helloallisonart @jentumiati_artist @amywrightstudio @sabatadele @rachelkisersmith @carolinagruner @aliki.k @samanthalouisedesigns

Together is a beautiful place to be!

I have really been enjoying my time off with my girls and my paint. It has given me a small glimpse into a life that could easily be. These little people are becoming actual people. With incredible personalities and ideas. I need to be present for this! I feel if I look away and return, they will have become teenagers 😨

Yesterday we made a massive list of all the things we want to do together. Now if only the skies would cooperate...

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