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Super exciting news coming at you in 8 days!!! Here's a hint... it's "white and blue". Can you guess? 🤔
Super excited in @aloyoga

Favorite place to shoot in Orange Lake ➕favorite @aloyoga outfit = My own yoga magic in Orlando. 😆

One day splits and I will like each other. Until that day... practice, practice, PRACTICE!
Splits against a wall... or am I? in @aloyoga

Loving these @aloyoga leggings in Starburst... definitely found my new Glowga outfit! These puppies will look awesome under the UV lights! .
PS... I will be leading the Glowga class at the @vegasgoneyoga festival this October!!!

To set things straight... just because @minilaurasykora appears in my feed more DOES NOT mean I love her more or that I push my mini-man to the side. I read a disturbing comment on my husband's page about this today insinuating that I only post pictures with my daughter and purposely leave my son out. After 5 years on Instagram I usually ignore asshole comments I read about myself... but don't FUCK with me about my kids. PERIOD. My mini is on here more because she loves acrobatics and loves to be in front of the camera (most days). My mini-man is going on 12... he loves his video games. And although he is super proud of me, as I am of him, he doesn't want to be doing yoga with his mama everyday.... and definitely doesn't want to wear matching clothes with me. 😂 And when I CAN get him into a picture, I damn well post it! I know a lot of you sent me DMs telling me not to waste my energy, but sometimes you just gotta speak up and tell the trolls out there to go stick it where the sun don't shine!
Standing up for myself in @aloyoga. ❤️

My "Mom-Face", along with my "Mom-Voice", was in full effect today while traveling with the minis on our way down to Orlando. 😝
Not to be messed with in @aloyoga

May the path you are on be the one that makes you happy... if it isn't, find another road.
Bowing to each and every one of you in @aloyoga 🙏🏼

Actual proof that I fart sunshine everywhere I go. ☀️💨
Providing rays of light in @aloyoga

LOVE this pic, LOVE these @aloyoga leggings, LOVE my braid bun, LOVE how the girls look, LOVE LOVE LOVE how I can look at a picture these days and see ONLY "positives". ❤️

Shhhhh... stay quiet. If you look really closely you may be able to spot the super rare Yogi-Laura in her natural habitat. Just look how she uses the fence as camouflage! 😂 (Please go back and read that in your best Crocodile Hunter voice!)
Blending in with @aloyoga.
Inspired by my girl @gniehceinalem

I adore this little girl of mine. ❤️
Loving this outfit by @aloyoga.

I'm mostly "peace, love and light"... with a little "go f*ck yourself." - @mysmoonysun ❤️
Chillin' in my @aloyoga

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