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The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.
This handsome, strong man and I had some breakthrough in our marriage in the past few weeks! We’ve realized we are very good at communicating on a day to day basis about life things.
We don’t fight about dishes much anymore.
We don’t argue about who is helping do what with the kids.
We really make a great team!
But we left no room in our days to really COMMUNICATE...
About dreams, doubts, fears, concerns, heart issues, joys, frustrations, our love and more.
@stevensjm5 is my best friend, but I let life sweep me away this Fall leaving little room for us. Our counselor recommended setting aside 15 minutes a day to just talk to one another with no kids, no phones and no tv. It’s crazy that it’s felt hard to do! But we’ve seen a difference already. ❤️
So take it from me, try it, be intentional with your relationship and I promise you that even with just 15 minutes...the investment of time spent together communicating will start to pay off!!! I’m also open to any tips or ideas, what works in your marriage?! Share away! 🙌🏻

Did you know that laughing...
Lowers blood pressure,
Works your abs,
Reduces stress hormones,
Improves cardiac health,
And trigger the release of endorphins?
So basically I’m an incredibly healthier version of me after spending a few day with these beauties! 🤣🙌🏻👯‍♀️ Good friends, sisters, @Junkstock and girl weekends are so good for the soul...from Texas to Idaho to Oregon, I’m so thankful they all chose to fly in to spend time with me. It means more than you know. ❤️ Let the memories continue!

It’s the quality of ones convictions that determine their success...not the number of ones followers. #truth
I created a term, well sort of, that I came up with to describe something that was one of the reasons I feel I’ve been so successful in Isagenix...”conviction statement.”
You see, from day one I KNEW “Isagenix will be the vehicle that helps me pay off all of my family’s debt.”
I had watched one of my closest friend have success, become an Isagenix millionaire and I knew that when I set my heart to something...I would make sure it happened! I was tired of fighting about money, having to say no, and living a very financially stressed life due to that debt.
And every single time I shared our opportunity with people...I confidently and excitedly shared that conviction statement. Whether they asked me about our opportunity or not, I KNEW where I was going to go and I wanted to bring them with me!
Do you have a conviction statement when you share an opportunity or company you love? Not a paragraph, not a full story...a STATEMENT! They are powerful and convey confidence and conviction, and confident people join confident people. You can guess my conviction statement came true, so I kept creating new ones! “I know Isagenix is the vehicle that will give my husband a choice in his career.”
“Isagenix will allow us to see the world and live a life of travel we’ve dreamed to live.”
“We will continue to create as many six and seven figure earners on our team as we can.”
“Isagenix will allow us to give forward to this much to an organization.”
✔️Yes our debt was paid off.
✔️Yes John had a choice in his career.
✔️Yes we are able to give over six-figures every single year to God and other organizations.
✔️Yes we are helping other families now do the same.
Mix a ton of hard work, a strong conviction and the correct vehicle and gosh you all can run to your dreams too! What is your conviction statement??? I want to hear!

Say hello to my favorite girl gang, thank you @kelleydickerhoof and @jeanandjune, these shirts are the best!
These gals are super fun,
a little crazy,
they make me laugh,
many days I feel like I’m failing them,
but many days they bring me the most joy
and most importantly they have taught me what’s most important in life in these last almost 9 years since I became a mama!
God has this way of humbling us by becoming a parent, doesn’t He? Of reminding us how much He fills in the gaps in our lives, in our parenting?! Especially as a #girlmom! 😳🙏🏻
Sometimes I forget that raising these girls isn’t all about me. It’s not about me achieving the goal of perfect parenting. God isn’t keeping a checklist and hoping I’ll end up doing more good for them than I do harm. My job as a mom is less about what I do and more about Who I’m pointing her toward.
I will continue to fail as a mom.
I will continue apologize often.
I am FAR from perfect,
and I continue to need Jesus on a daily basis.
That is what I hope my girls will see in me, and Who I hope they will turn to in the years to come, just like I have. I want them to remember they are the “Daughter of a King” and created PERFECTLY in His image! I pray this over them every night. We are perfectly imperfect right?! YES! 🙌🏻
So cheers my friends, to failing forward in this whole parenting thing together, to relying on our Creator to pull us through and to creating the best little “gangs” we could ever create! ❤️

In between goals is a thing called life, that has to be lived and enjoyed. ❤️
Kicking off this December enjoying a weekend with this crazy crew, freezing rain and all!🎄

I sat in the sun yesterday by the pool with a massive smile on my face. 😎
You see, while standing in line for the rides at @Disneyland with my kids, I had a few people glare at me as I “worked” on my phone. One woman even rolled her eyes as I was on my phone most of the wait. My kids entertained themselves, totally happy, and they knew what Mommy was doing!
Mommy was helping people.
From Disneyland. Am I always on my phone? Heck no! But this was an exciting week.
We had 140+ people join our Isagenix business while at Disney and I excitedly helped three fabulous gals personally enrolled by me rank advance in their own business!
I didn’t have to ask for time off...
We could afford a last minute trip...
And I can truly work from anywhere!
Jumping on my phone during a few lines allows me to live a life I never dreamed we’d be able to live. And help even more people!
Did I have to pick up my phone?! No I truly didn’t have to. But I did want to help, so into my mobile office I stepped when I had a few moments. So remember, you may get judged for doing things differently, some may not understand your drive or desire to work hard...but I can promise you, pair passion with the pursuit to help as many people as possible in this lifetime...and incredible things truly can happen!
And let’s all work on judging people a little less too in the process. 🥰

12.5 miles of walking in the last two days...
3 performances...
A beautiful Christmas parade...
Two moments of tears...
Countless Christmas trees...
A trip to the pool...
13 rides...
And tons of special memories!
On this giving Tuesday, we had so much fun making plans to give this forward...more to come! Adventuring with these three has been so memorable. Many have said I’m crazy for doing this alone, but without baby V and a stroller, this Disneyland trip has been easy! Soaking up the California sunshine for one more day...☀️

I know God wants to use me even more on this earth and I want to live a long life for my family...if I can help it. I also love gluten free treats, going on adventures all over the country, shoving a million things in last minute and catching up on sleep over going to the gym. 🙊
After two days of some terrible sickness, I’ve made a choice to take care of myself a bit more this holiday season. I haven’t been the greatest with that this Fall, anyone else?! 🙋🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
So...I am gifting my body a 20 detox this December!
Bye visceral fat.
I’m excited for more natural energy!
Bye toxins.
I look forward to managing my sugar!
Bye crazy anxiety.
Cheers to better adaptogens and more calm.
Bye residual effects of gluten.
Cheers to new cells and reset digestive system.
I’ve done this before, I know what to look forward to! But now I have a tribe behind me to anchor me into my goals and help me even win some extra holiday cash.🎄💸
Join me, I’m always up for extra accountability...AND there’s some exciting cyber Monday deals today only to help! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

T-4 days until we decorate...sneaking in a quick @disneyland trip tomorrow for a few days with the big kids as long as everyone is feeling ok! (The flu hit us hard 😬) 🙏🏻
Are you a real 🌲 or fake 🎄 tree family? I know we are missing the traditions but gosh fake is so much easier. True story, @stevensjm5 and I weren’t sure if our marriage would make it past Christmas the day we tried to get a real Christmas we do fake all the way! 🤣
Happy decorating friends.

All prepped and ready to give my family our nutritious smoothies every day this holiday season! Convenient and full of vitamins and minerals, this nutrition continues to bless our lives along with SO MANY others we know and love.
Incredible savings available TODAY ONLY, with free shipping as well! Let me help you, risk free, to redirect your grocery budget and get your family on track too. 🎁

It’s fitting this special day of Thanksgiving is also a day we get to celebrate this beautiful lady...happy birthday to my mama @kathe_gami!🎂
She’s the mom that never missed a sports game...⛹🏼‍♀️🏐🏃🏼‍♀️
Drew fun pictures on my lunch bag every single day of school until I graduated...🖍
Stays so beautifully young at heart people often think we are sisters...💕
Sends thoughtful cards and gifts on a regular basis...💌
Is an amazing example of living out health and wellness...💚
Still wins senior softball tournaments...🥎
And has come every time I gave birth to snuggle newborns through the night! 👼🏼
You are the matriarch of our family and we are all blessed to be yours...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! ❤️

There are rare people that show up at the right time,
help you through the hard times and stay into your best times...
those are the keepers. And let me tell you, these two beauties shine brighter then most and sure are keepers!
How blessed am I that two of my closest business partners also happen to be my sister and one of my closest friends?! 🙏🏻✨
People don’t really know that @marielarwin actually joined #Isagenix with @kelleydickerhoof about 18 months before I did! I was unsupportive, a bit judgmental, hugely skeptical abc very pregnant 🤣😬 wasn’t my greatest sister move to be honest. So she fell in love with the products, but quickly stopped sharing and ended up shifting to another network marketing company for awhile to support her family by working from home.
Little did we know 18 months later, God would shift my heart and I would be open to see what Kelley and Marie had seen all along! I hate that it hurt my sister in the process, but I joined Kelley and jumped in full force to change my life. Thankfully Marie started talking to me again 😬, ended up actually joining me in Isagenix as I was running for a big goal and now what just named the #5 income earner for October out of 48,000+ people on our team!
These two are fiercely loyal, care so deeply and always seem to find me the best gluten free goodies! Thank you Kelley for proving how life changing this journey could be and thank you Marie for trusting me...being with you both last night at the @shineyourlightthetour was truly a dream come true. ✨

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