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Laura Stevens  ⚓️Anchored in Jesus 💍Married to my CFO 👱🏻‍♀️Mama & seven-figure earner 🌿Passion for entrepreneurship 🌎Giving back globally DREAM BIG WITH GOD

My boys...a beach day with my gentlemen was just what I needed.
These two treat me so well!
They both open doors for me...
Pray for me when I need a little extra...
Love finding me gluten free food...
Hold my hand whenever they can...
And dance with me whenever music plays.
I never thought I’d love being a boy mom so much, I had no clue how to handle a boy! 🤣 I was 1 of 2 girls, had 5 girl cousins and my first child was a girl. The smells, snot, dirt, wrestling, and interesting humor...I wasn’t sure.
But, with a good Daddy @stevensjm5 to learn from, these two sure know how to make me feel treasured.

You CAN afford a big family and BIG DREAMS too! Disney was once a big wish...a dream that we could “hopefully” afford one day. Very few things motivate me more than going on adventures with this crew, as stressful as they may be at times! 🤣🙌🏻🏰
So, it ended up being one of my biggest motivations to building our #isagenix business. Every goal reached meant a trip with my kids while John was deployed, I set it up that way knowing I would be extra motivated! Those moments brought so much joy...the excitement we all felt is something I will never forget. ❤️
It’s now a huge part of our family traditions in so many ways. And thanks once again to our income from @isagenix, we never have to worry about being able to afford these adventures again! @disney will always be so special to us, it reminds us how powerful our imaginations are, to GO BIG after our dreams and bring fun into every day. It also reminds me of my sweet Papa John Miller “Jack” who loved Disneyland just about as much if not more than I do! 🙏🏻

Day 1 making @disneyland dreams come true! It never gets old...🏰

And one day she discovered
that she was fierce,
she was strong,
she was full of fire,
and that not even she could
hold herself back because
her passion burned brighter
than her fears.
- Mark Anthony
I had fears.
What would people think?
I don’t want people to see me as just another network marketer...
What if no one joined me?
I’m not sure I can fit this into my busy days...
Am I starting too late, did I miss an opportunity?
I’ve never been good at sales...
I put the products in my body, I filled my heart and my head with stories and knowledge and I got to work! I let my passion burn brighter and brighter, my fears slowly faded...and people joined me. A whole lot of people joined me! And a whole lot of lives wouldn’t have been changed if I had let fear hold me back.
This industry is amazing, this opportunity is incredible, DREAM BIG!!! What could an extra $500, $5,000, $50,000/month do for you and your family? There truly is a place for you to create your story too, I can show you how. We only live once, embrace your passion and GO! You deserve to live out every dream God has placed in your heart.

I’m so thankful we were able to celebrate our country 🇺🇸 in such a special place with such special people. Thank you Mom @kathe_gami and Dad for renting this cabin! My heart is so happy. ❤️

What makes you different than me?
I get so so bummed to watch people tell themselves a story that they can’t accomplish what I have, make excuses about how they are different or believe they deserve a hand out or leg up...all because they possibly can’t do what I’ve done in the way that I did it.
I just don’t have time...
I don’t look like you...
I don’t know as many people as you do...
I didn’t grow up in the same way you did...
I don’t have someone to lead me...
I have to work and don’t have as much time...
I don’t have the support you do...
I have crazy kids, you wouldn’t understand...
I’m not placed in a good spot in my business...
And if you tell yourself these stories, you probably won’t succeed or you will continually limit yourself along the way!
There were so many moments I could’ve been negative...there were so many times I could’ve made excuses...but I knew my dreams were bigger than that! All that makes us different is a story you’re telling yourself. Comparison can steal your joy and distract you, so if you need a shift, change the narrative you’re telling yourself about your life and your situation!
Take time to look at the narrative you’re telling yourself and know that you were perfectly created by God to walk your journey, and know that today you can transform your mindset. Throw out negative comparison and excuses...and stay the course, your dreams were put there for a reason and there’s so much ahead for you if you continue to embrace YOUR JOURNEY and the beautiful person YOU were created to become. ❤️

One of my favorite place to be...Life is better at the lake!

11 kids
4 families
$32,500* in weekly income
This my friends is why I do what I do! Helping these 4 beautiful women bring in over $32,500 collectively for their families this past week, in ONE week’s paycheck...11 children’s lives will forever be changed because of the legacies their mamas are building and the dreams they’re watching them make a reality!
Cheers to the best business model, eating the best nutrition, and doing business with the best of friends. I cannot wait to see who’s joining us next! 🙌🏻

Cheering @beaverbaseball on from home tonight and getting ready for the Stevens summer vacation to start! ☀️
Tomorrow we fly to Spokane to spend the next week in the Pacific NW with friends and my family wooooooo @beardsley_mark @kathe_gami and @marielarwin we are coming for you! Thank you Dad for finding a fun cabin in Sandpoint, Idaho, we are so excited. ⛰
Traveling with my crew has always been my dream, we work hard and we play hard and I’m so thankful we can work from anywhere in the time off needed and just know, we can bring you along with us to create your own life of choice too! 🙌🏻

Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but just know all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it! - Andy Rooney
Don’t be afraid of the growth and the climb, we all have to start at the bottom with just one step at a time. One of my favorite things to do is cheer people along the journey God laid out for them, so don’t let another week go by before you take your next step toward the dreams He put in your heart! 🙌🏻

This mama’s heart was HURTING today for many can see why in my Instagram story. 💔
But, I chose to go and cheer on my beloved Beavers and have a date night with Scarlett at the #CWS. We of course packed our #Isagenix snacks because let’s be real, getting gluten free food is almost impossible at any sporting event and this girl will inevitably tell me she’s hungry by the second inning. 🤣
Cheers to fun date with my girl! WHAT A GAME...WHAT A WIN!!!!!!! Go @beaverbaseball! 🧡

Happy Monday...this is me.
A girl from a small town in #Oregon who had big dreams.
For years those dreams were suppressed and I felt very out of control about my life, my finances, my health, and my body.
I woke up 2 months after I turned 30 and said no more!
No more to waiting to travel with my love,
no more being uncomfortable in my skin,
no more eating gluten free treats every afternoon because I was so exhausted,
no more fighting with John Stevens about money,
no more dreading another day of the same thing because I felt so overwhelmed and unfulfilled.
I was done, my kids and my husband deserved more. I knew God created me for more, but I was playing small. .
I quickly realized I was in more control of my circumstances than I had thought! God helped me make our dreams a reality through the best vehicle. A company that not only allowed me to get healthy from the inside out, but a company that helped my dreams come true. #dreambigwithGod
This is a BIG week, you will hear me talk about #Isagenix a lot because I so desperately want to give this gift forward. My transformation will always continue, I know I will continue to change and grow in my life. But as a mom of 4, married to an amazing man I get to work with every day, living in a healthy happy version of me and making over a million dollars a year changing lives....I’m so thankful for how much our lives have transformed over these last four years. And I’m on a mission to bring everyone I know and love with me! 🙌🏻

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