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Laura Seed  LAURA / 25 / 🐈🐈🐈. We will move with the oceans 'till we're inches from home 🌱. πŸ’Œ

Copper sparkles in the inner corner for a belated birthday lunch with @mrs_laurabutterworth. Thank you for a lovely afternoon πŸ’›.

What a great post day to be female. Beautiful pots from @potyertitsawayluv x @thefaketitfund and @leahpettifor. I also have a parcel being redelivered to the post office and I THOUGHT it was my lady vase but she arrived this morning so now I have literally no idea what it is and have to wait to Monday to find out. I swear, if I have been sleep shopping again, yes really. #bbloggers #lbloggers #reallifeandstyle #shinyhappybloggers

My absolute boi πŸ’œ. I love you @tropicskincare.
#bbloggers #crueltyfree #tropicskincare

From a few weeks ago but wanted to show my support for all things pride with some rainbow eyes (and apparently a wrinkly head and dirty hair) 🌈. If you want to support beyond a bit of bright coloured eyeshadow, check out my previous post. #bbloggers #lbloggers #shinyhappybloggers #pride

I hope everyone celebrating in London today had/continues to have a wonderful and safe Pride. @asos have teamed up with @glaad to release these shirts to raise awareness of the LGBTQ+ community with a percentage of proceeds being donated to GLAAD so that they can continue to do the fantastic work they do, promoting acceptance, and encouraging everyone to live the life they love. You are all bloody incredible, keep doing you 🌈
β€οΈπŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ. #shinyhappybloggers (p.s no ad, I just think it’s a really great thing to see fashion giants standing up for important issues. As a side note, I am also chuffed to see that Asos are using wheelchair users on their site now. Come on the rest of ya, keep up!) #pride

His and hers from @urbanoutfitters. Gonna stick some cat grass in them for the boys I think. #bbloggers #lbloggers #shinyhappybloggers #reallifeandstyle

When the only bird you have a hope in hell of catching is already dead.. 🌚. #curiosities #oddities

Ok, so the @jeffreestarcosmetics Thirsty palette is gorgeous! Used seven of the matte shades today and they’re beautiful. No brows, base, or lips because I’m just playing around but I am over the moon 🌝. #bbloggers #lbloggers #jeffreestarcosmetics #shinyhappybloggers #reallifeandstyle #crueltyfree #thirstypalette

How many eyeshadow palettes is too many eyeshadow palettes? Dunno, ask me tomorrow 🌝. #bbloggers #lbloggers #shinyhappybloggers #reallifeandstyle #thirstypalette #jeffreestarcosmetics

I know some people are gonna find this dead lame but my new @posca_uk pens arrived and it’s honestly been the best part of my day β›±. #bbloggers #lbloggers #shinyhappybloggers #posca #poscapens

I feel almost guilty putting my usual filter on this picture because the beautiful colours deserve to be shown off. I ordered a print a little while back from @bearcubs (the pink nuddie ladies fyi) and what arrived a few days later absolutely blew my mind. I’m just sorry it’s taken me so long to share! It was what can only be described as β€˜a carnival in an envelope’. My hall walls are about to be turned into a lovely gallery full of prints and I’m so proud to own these as part of my collection. Please please please support smaller, independent artists, businesses, and so on. Bobbi Rae is a prime example of why. Thank you again @bearcubs, you wonderful and talented woman! πŸ­πŸŽ‰β›±. #bbloggers #lbloggers #shinyhappybloggers #reallifeandstyle

My @milkmakeup goodies that I picked up the other weekend are so bloomin’ good, guys! @tkmaxx know what’s up! 🍼 #bbloggers #lbloggers #shinyhappybloggers #reallifeandstyle #milkmakeup #crueltyfree

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