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Throwback to 7th grade. I used to hate this picture. I thought I looked too young, etc. I wanted to be like the popular girls (this was suddenly a "thing" since I came from Cuba where no such concept existed in my life). My attempts are clear... blush, and glittery chapstick. I think I look so cute though! My eyebrows all fuzzy and my pre-braces look. I look so innocent and hopeful lol. Glad I was a normal 12 year old and not one day older. Whenever I think back to my younger self I realize I'm the person in charge of making it happen for her, making it all worth it, and
making her happy. If you ever feel down or like giving up... you create ur future and u are taking your younger self by the hand. The present is where all your hopes and dreams went. You're depending on you. #tbt

Happy international Women's Day to all the beautiful women in my life. Each and every one of you inspire me in some way and I am grateful to be able to look up to so many amazing women. From different cultures and different age groups, we are one. I learn from you and you have made better. Let's celebrate the savage feminine spirit capable of conquering anything and which nurtures this world. Let's stay soft and tender, let's stay strong and determined. We flourish and shine together. #internationalwomensday #women

Really missing this view which gave me so much serenity and stillness inside. Though this time was one of the most difficult challenges, this place will be unforgettable to me. The little hummingbirds, the iguana that would munch on the pomegranate tree outside my window, and all the random goats were little happy surprises in my day. Missing watching the sunrise and sunset and even the loud dogs and island Christmas music that often frustrated me. Now I feel that I was cradled here... don't know what would have been of the last two years had i spent them elsewhere.

How beautiful it will be when the person you choose also chooses you. How beautiful it is that opportunity is born when your world collapses. How beautiful that we take all our love and experiences with us wherever we go. When everything is said and done, we've lived in a complete surrender of our hearts. To feel is to live.

Lazy days when I don't feel like driving to the gym... but would rather take selfies and feel accomplished. πŸ’ͺ🏻

My study buddy 😍lol! #mycutie

How to stay beautiful! Miss having my chicas 😘@suad_trs @xxnatalie33xx Nat took gangsta to another level... you about to stab someone πŸ˜‚ #gangastaspa #chill #girlsnight #tbt

Messy hair βœ… Sweatshirt βœ… Step 1 studying has officially begun. πŸ“š β˜•οΈ #USMLE #Step1 #MD #thrilling

Nom nom nom nom...Making up for lost time #food #yum #flavor #delicious

New Year new selfie! Have a wonderful 2017 everyone! Resolutions or not... you have a fresh start to kick ass every day 😘😘have a wonderful life and an Amazing New Year !πŸ˜β€οΈπŸŽ‰ #selfie #newyear #2017 #smile

OoOo how I missed you 😌😚 🌢 #Mexican #HotChocolate #Marshmallow

Merry Christmas all !! Let's reflect on the priceless things and appreciate the love and intention behind every gift and every message. I hope your hearts are full of love and joy today and always. I hope every day is as playful as today and may we always be close to our loved ones in spirit πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸŽ„πŸ·

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