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Laura Payne-Stanley; Coach  🌟Certified Business Life Coach & Hypnotherapist 🌟 Wedding & Entrepreneurial Expert 🌟Snap up a Saving 🎁 👇


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It really is all about the journey and not the destination. Whenever things get tough, or you feel like you are going nowhere, remind yourself why you do what you do and engage your inner motivation. Why do you do what you do?

Benefits of a New Beginning -rebranding!

There is a freedom to be found in starting afresh with empowerment, breathing new life into your brand.

As you look at your brand logo, your brand voice and your social media, are you excited in your brand?

Does your brand align with your goals?

Branding, voice and messaging is something that we review in our 1-2-1 work, taking action where needed and future proofing as your business moves to the next level.

Is your brand ready for your next level?

What impact do you want to leave on the world? What do you want to be remembered for?

Not sure why you're not getting what you want in life?

It's time to get clear on your desires and start believing you can really have the freedom, the choice, the abundance and the success you really want.

What do you want to achieve in your business and personal life and by when?

Seek clarity on what you desire, set your goals and intentions for the rest of 2017 and 2018?

Yes it is totally possible for you to achieve the things that you want as you move towards your next level, for you are worthy.
But you have to be an action taker and give yourself permission to get off the sidelines and decide that the time is now.
Post your intentions for the next 12 months and it's time to create them into reality.

Shining a light for my #clientonfire the lovely and talented graphic designer of bespoke stationery Louise Richardson @lrstationery

You can catch Louise in the brand new luxury wedding department store that is @theweddinggalleryofficial in London.

I caught up with Louise just before the launch of The Wedding Gallery and she shared how coaching has impacted her and her business. "Before I started working with Laura, my business had a great reputation but was not focused on who my clients are. With Laura’s help I have streamlined my direction and learned to be more focused on who I target.

She has also helped with Social Media and promotion and advised on how to build my new website and how to speak to my potential new clients on there.

While I worked with Laura, she helped give me the confidence to pursue the weddings I really want by looking at my client profile and defining who that is. And also improving my confidence in speaking to both clients and the wedding industry. Whilst banishing all negative thought patterns and learning to re-wire my brain so as to not jump ahead in my assumptions.

As a result of my work with Laura, my business is now more focused and I am ready to move onto the next stage of my business growth... which is very exciting.

I recommend working with Laura because she can cut through all the confusion and doubt and get to the heart of the problem and then help you to correct common mistakes that you don’t even realise you are committing." Do check out Louise's beautiful work for your bespoke design and stationery needs.

I am Worthy

Say it out loud inside your head. How does this land with you? Does your stomach turn or chest tighten? Is there something in those 3 words to pay attention to, something that could be stopping you from being the best version of you?

Did someone once tell you that you are not worthy?

Take those tears or pain and give yourself permission to handle those beliefs and move forward towards where you want to be.

Start with 3 phrases, 3 affirmations that will shift your vibration on your road to self acceptance and worthiness. “I am worthy of love”
“I am worthy of success”
“I am worthy of abundance”

You will become the magnificent woman you were meant to be.

Rewire Your Brain for Success

I absolutely love combining mindset work with strategies for success, after all our brains dictate not only what we do, but what we achieve.

So why not set yourself up from the inside out to achieve the success you desire?

And let's start by confirming 4 things about your mind:
1. It does exactly and specifically what it thinks you want it to do
2. It is hardwired to move your towards pleasure and away from pain
3. Your thoughts are comprised of the images in your mind and the words you say to yourself
4. It loves familiarity

Taking #1.

If you are telling yourself:
- I'm so tired I need a week off
- I'm overwhelm and I just need a break
- I'm dreading doing a FB live, and would do anything not to do it
- I'm don't know how I would take on any more clients, I'm so busy

You may get a cold, wake with a migraine, attract more requests from existing clients, loose your voice etc.

The mind is answering what it thinks you want to do:
- have a week off
- have a break
- reason can't do a live
- not take on any more clients

It is giving you a behaviour that it thinks you want.

We need to reframe what you are saying.

We need to collaborate with our minds to enable behaviours as to what we actually DO want.

What can you do today?

Get clear and ask for what you DO want.

I want to take a week off and relax
I've chosen to work harder now so I can take a break when I need to.
I've chosen to embrace the challenge and enjoyment of doing an FB Live.
I want to take on more clients

So how much of this can you take on board today and start to tell your mind exactly what you want?

Don't forget sign up for the masterclass, see link in profile

An invitation to change your mindset, to enable yourself to get out of your own way and be ready to start the next chapter.

To learn the high-performance mindset hacks used by top entrepreneurs.

To identify and banish those limiting beliefs that are holding you back from moving to the next level, one full of adventure, freedom, choice and purpose.

Say yes to the invitation and sign up for the Free High-Performance Mindset Masterclass below or see link in profile: http://bit.ly/MindsetMasteryMasterclass

Yesterday's Dream Drive Thrive LIVE event was extraordinary! It is amazing to work with passionate, authentic, ambitious, real entrepreneurs who are stepping into their power and ready to move forward. DDTers and the Boss Lady community each of you are magnificent. Now to think about a next one and get ready to launch Your Next Level Programme.

Failure is going to happen. You are going to fail. Take avoidance of failure out of the equation, and build a healthy relationship with failure right from the start.

Being honest with ourselves as to our relationship with failure will change if we run towards opportunities which include failure, or seek to run away from them.

In your business how has your relationship with failure showed up and how do you feel about failure?

Huge congratulations to my #clientonfire Val Mattinson for hosting her first hugely successful coaching workshop yesterday. And who is not only through to the regional finals of @twia_official as @benessamyweddings but also helped Emmanuel House Support Centre, Nottingham raise over £6000 at their 40th Anniversary Gala Dinner.

It has and is my pleasure to support Val through coaching and she shared these words with me: "Before I started to work with Laura I had lots of ideas and a sheer determination to make both of my businesses a success but I was starting to feel like I was coasting.

Coaching with Laura has given me the accountability, focus and stretch that I needed. My sessions with her have been full of "a ha" or a "hell yes" moments!

I would absolutely recommend working with Laura. She is particularly skilled at helping you to get out of your own way!" Congratulations again @valmattinsoncoaching!

To learn more about private coaching with me, email me using the link above or dm for more details.

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