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Dream Drive Thrive LIVE event will feature a guided visualisation. Have you ever experienced the power of a guided visualisation and what are the results you've experienced?

You do know that whatever you are dreaming of you are more than that, don't you?

Just found this behind the scenes from my personal branding shoot with the fabulous @hannahduffyphotography of @luxepersonalbranding bringing back memories of such a fun shoot, even when if like me you don't love being in front of the camera.

Personal branding shoots allow you the opportunity to create professional images that up level your brand and portray your story.

What values do your current brand images say about your brand?


Seeing past the present and being able to position yourself at a point of time in the future when things are different.

The most common area that I people stall on is how to see past the present, and identify and dream as to what it is they want in the future.

Not just the next client or getting through the next month, but what does your Desired Life look like in 6 months, 12 months, 2 years, 5 years from now look like.

Not just how to pay and hire my team members, but what do you want your best average day to look like?

Well, much like the house renovation that Mr P and I are half way through, you have to see through the parameters of what exists and see the beautiful potential that lies within.

The parameters in question in the second image included this being two rooms, load baring wall and with the original yellow Formica kitchen still in place. 🙈

The first image is the vision coming to life.

The distance between the present and the VISION can seem too great.

Here are my steps to gaining clarity on your vision: - STOP and take time to dream.
- Chunk UP, go big picture and what you want your Desired Life to look, see and feel like. - Capture Vision - through vision boards, anchoring or guided visualisations that you can return to as you wish
- Chunk DOWN - time to get a plan, a road map to turn that vision into reality.

What are you doing today to move forward to create your vision?

Do you know where you are going? Know exactly why you are working so hard, for what purpose?

I'm holding a free training tonight 7pm BST over in my free group on "Creating Your Future.....Starts Today" to share insights on just these things.

During this free training you will learn how to get into alignment and create a future that is right for you.

You will learn how to put into place the action steps to take you from where you are now, to the future that you desire.

Put it in your diary and if you know anyone who would love this, tag them and comment below.

Join the group here or see link in profile; https://www.facebook.com/groups/BossLadiesBuildingEmpires

Empire Building Entrepreneurs Live - mapping out what such an event could look like, more to come shortly on this. What would you like to have covered/ what would make this a dream event for you/ what would make this 1 day live event a MUST ATTEND?


I love September, always been a month for changes and adventures. This time last year saw our adventure back to California to spend time in some of my favourite places, full of high vibration and inspiration.

What adventures do you have planned for September?

Can you remember a time when you felt limited by what is possible for you? Can you remember a specific time?

What if you could dare to dream about creating a business empire that allows you to relocate to stunning Switzerland (complete with mountain views from the balcony) and then head over to Paris for a 5 figure celebrity wedding commission? That is exactly the life that my awesome client Emma Wilson @storyofyourday has created for herself, family and Harry the dog. If you'd like to connect to see how coaching the LPS way can facilitate you creating your dream life, book a catalyst call using the link in my bio.

Back at one of my favourite locations, set in the heart of the New Forest @Limewoodhotel to discuss all things luxury weddings and brand building

Is your truth to live an extraordinary life but your stuck in ordinary? ... how deeply did that question resonate with you, maybe even feel uncomfortable, because as we acknowledge our truth to be and live extraordinary, fear and unease can flood in.

And that truth can extend to accepting to be extraordinary, we have to become unstuck from the step of success we have reached.

What is keeping your stuck on your current step of success, the one challenge that if released would enable you to rise again?

The moment before transformational change happens, where subconscious belief change meets success strategy can be raw, it can be messy, it can require courage to stretch our wings and believe in ourselves to fly.

In private coaching I've worked with entrepreneurs from start up to established, and there is a truth that marketing tactics aren't the problem.....limiting beliefs, fears, upper limit problems, unconscious narrative scripts all play a role in keeping someone stuck.

If it is your time to fly, what mindset or beliefs are stopping you from doing so?

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