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Laura Payne-Stanley; Mentor  Boutique Mentoring for Amazing People 🌍 Create an Empire and Life you Love



Do you have a plan for 2018, one that sets your soul on fire that you know will grow your business as you desire? Are there limiting beliefs that are plaguing your thoughts, stopping you for achieving all that you wish?

You see... Before I stepped into the world of coaching, changes or limiting beliefs would have sent me into a web of despair. But when you align with exactly who you are and what your mission in business is, everything falls into place. -Including launching new projects.
- Including your bank balance reflecting your desires.

It all starts with aligning yourself with what life you are creating, and dumping the LIMITING BELIEFS that are stopping you getting there. It continues on with creating a blueprint for success and becoming EPIC AT SALES.

It is the journey that we will go on at Dream Drive Thrive LIVE on the new date of 11th November at Hotel du Vin in wonderful Winchester. >>>>> Date and location change >>>>>>>> When you say yes, you’ll will:
• Walk away with your own road map to success with your next big action and plan for 2017 moving into 2018
• Network and make new friends with a truly intimate group as we explore dreams, guided visualisations, limiting beliefs and training.
• Have access to hot seat and lazer coaching opportunities to go deep and have your questions explored and answered.
• Receive DDT LIVE packs – not giving too much away, but my love language is presents so you know they are going to be FAB!
• Be invited to a 2 hour optional mix and mingle after we’ve finished, and I am happy to answer any questions.

AND.... Have a private 1:1 coaching session with me remotely following on from the event, so I can support you to make the most of your DDT LIVE experience.

Because we are welcoming the wonderful date and venue change, there is also a 1 day FLASH SALE where you can secure your place at Dream Drive Thrive LIVE for £397 that ends tonight midnight GMT.

Ready to create your unique plan for 2018 doing what you love and smashing those limiting beliefs that are stopping you?

Yes, then it is time to say YES to Dream Drive Thrive LIVE for the 1 DAY ONLY FLASH SALE


Happy Monday....change is coming, and being flexible and receptive to new opportunities those which you seek and those which are not expected, will allow you to make the best of any change.

Doors may open that you never thought possible.

And relax... chilling out after a busy and great weekend and setting up for a week of success. What do you do on a Sunday to set up for the week?

Want to know the fastest way to magnetically attract your ideal clients to you? - Create the perfect marketing funnel......
- Hire an fb ads expert ....
- Design the best lead magnet EVER perfect for your clients....
- Take every marketing course/ webinar/ program you can find

It's not a NO to these BUT you are missing the key ingredient.


It's a simple thing that can be overlooked, and you can be hiding in plain sight by being a cookie cutter/ projected perfection version of yourself.

Your ideal clients are attracted to you, because of you, because of your zone of genius and through a connection with you.

If you are an entrepreneur, one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves that will supercharge your business, is to be more you-ish.

Yes you might polarize and people might not like you.

That's okay.

No matter if you are launching a group program, selling your signature services and products, unveiling your high ticket offers or revamping your branding... put more YOU in your communications.

Unlocking the power within, even if you are not aware that it is there, is my speciality as your boutique mentor.

Spots to work with me one-to-one on my private coaching program are currently full, but you can apply for one of the next spaces when spots open up in late October by PMing me today.

Memories popping up of this time last year visiting Old Faithful Geyser in California, and experiencing the deep energetic connection and power this place holds. As you think back in time or forward locations yet to visit, where are the locations that hold recharging qualities for you?

Love to know in the comments below.

This time last year we were boarding a plane for our first class seats to San Francisco.... such a far cry from years before when we scrimpt together enough money for the cheapest holiday we could find to France.

Being an entrepreneur is amazing, it is rewarding yet hard work. Working from the ground up, no capital investment, no money gifted, no legacy to support us, I know what it is like to create your empire your way through hard graft.

And it is one of the reasons I love doing what I do as an emergent coach, facilitating other entrepreneurs and big dreamers to build their own empires, on their terms.

If you want to get to the heart of what it takes to make you and your unique business THRIVE and leave with a road map to success, join me for my exclusive and highly powerful workshop in October, see link in profile

I love to connect with other UK based entrepreneurs, love to hear where you are and what is your business in the comments below


As I prepare to go away for 2 weeks and emerge from NLP Coach to Master Practitioner of NLP (and I can't wait to share more of the ripple impact of this with once I'm back), I have been taking things back to basics. One of the areas that I have been stripping back on is intention setting.

The process is not complicated, but it unleashes an internal powerhouse of energy that synchronises with the Universe to bring things into reality.

What is it your intention to create this weekend?

Two most dangerous words that we are internalising "not enough". A scarcity culture...
- not safe enough
- not rich enough
- not popular enough
- not successful enough
- not certain enough
- not appealing enough
- not liked enough
- not authentic enough

And at the bottom **I am not enough** What I think is interesting is that when the external representation of 'not enough' comes through, it is often through perfectionism and not daring to be vulnerable and showing real life.

So as you sit listening to these words in your head, knowing that it is okay to be imperfect, to have wondrous failures and to always be a student and keep learning, ask yourself how can you honour yourself today and show up on the world being you, which is to be enough?

"Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations." Environment is SO important, I know that I feel this, when raising your vibration and feeling your energy shift as you move outside of your comfort zone, and create your dream life and business.

What are some of your favourite environments when you are looking to raise your vibration?

The foodies are in for a real treat on Dream Drive Thrive LIVE at Limewood Hotel!

We will be enjoying a sumptuous lunch from Harnett Holder & Co. Angela Harnett is one of the most high-profile female chefs in the restaurant world. Angela worked under Gordon Ramsay at Aubergine, and then under Marcus Wareing where she soon became Head Chef at Pétrus. In 2004 she gained her first Michelin star. In 2008 she launched Murano in Mayfair.

The food at Limewood is just AMAZING and one of my most favourite places to eat, and enjoyed by celebrities on their wedding day such as Jamie Cullum and Sophie Dahl.

A space at Dream Drive Thrive LIVE is £497 and that includes not only the fabulous day on 21st October, but also a 1 hour private coaching session with me (usually £240) via Skype within 2 weeks of the event.

Spaces are still available, use link above to book or pm me for more details.

Come and join a luxurious Live event at Limewood.

**1 Day Event to THRIVE!** Dream Drive Thrive LIVE is here!

Oh yes it is, this amazing LIVE event is for entrepreneurs looking to be inspired, motivated and truly create their desired lives!! I'm all about focusing on your dreams and making them into reality (it's how we retired Mr P from his corporate life in May) AND being surrounded by a high vibration community. Being around likeminded ambitious women like yourself, raises your vibration and that is when MAGIC HAPPENS!

The day is highly personalised to just 8 people (3 spots have already gone), with each member completing a questionnaire before the day so elements can be customised to each individual person.

Dream Drive Thrive Live will be held at the exclusive Limewood Hotel in the New Forest on Saturday 21st October and involve everything from guided visualisations , addressing limiting beliefs such as money mindset, creating your unique road map to success, make new friends/ networking, AMAZING lunch by Hartnett Holder & Co (amazing chef Angela Hartnett) and so much more!! It's going to be a full sensory journey where you can walk about with your next big action and plan to finish 2017 strong and set up for 2018.

And the journey doesn't stop there as accountability is so important, that each live member gets a BONUS 45 minute private coaching session with me within 2 weeks of the event.

So if you are looking to be part of a unique live day with content created exactly for you, have a plan to walk away with, make amazing new connections and leave inspired to live your desired life - get your space today.

HELL YES I'M IN: http://bit.ly/DreamDriveThriveLIVE

If you have any questions PM me asap, these tickets aren't going to be hanging around long!

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