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Laura Payne-Stanley; Mentor  Boutique Mentoring for Amazing People 🌍NLP Philosophy, Timeline Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Emergent Coaching to create your Desired Life

Choose happiness.

Choose happiness when you show up for your clients. Choose happiness when you are moving forward in your business, challenges and all. Choose happiness when your world seems chaotic and others seem perfect. Choose happiness when talking to yourself.

How can you show up with happiness this Monday?

Hearing, listening and interpreting our inner G.P.S. takes trust and courage. Practice the art of pausing and listen to your intuition. But the magic.... oh the magic, is reserved for those who listen and then take action and follow where there intuition is guiding them.

Enjoying a delicious icecream during Intermission at @popuppictureco .... and if you were to think of July as your Intermission during your movie 2017: Year of Success, how was the first part and what do you need to do to recharge for the second half?

A sunny morning after a night of thunderstorms, clear air and a wave of new energy all around..... for opportunities hover in abundance for the amazing people who reach out to create their desired life. And it can be a joyous adventure or an easy exploration for you. How are you creating your desired life today?

A note on recharging..... a space craft doesn't launch without full fuel cells and a re-entry plan, an entrepreneur traveling has a phone charger and a car needs regular servicing and mandatory MOTs to be legal.... so what about you?

Amazing success and transformational work, is impeded when you do not recharge regularly. The takeaway is to have a regular recharge plan that works for you, planned and scheduled into your monthly itinerary.
Remember to recharge

**Thrive now available** From the days of making perfume in my parents Hampshire back garden, launching my own brand of luxury candle is a little girls dream created into reality!

I'm thrilled to announce that you can now bring a little 'Thrive' essence into your office or home, as my Thrive candles are now available to purchase here or see link in profile:

A calming & warm blend with a hint of exotic spice, our Thrive Dark Amber candle will infuse an air of luxury into your office or home.

If you are buying Thrive for your office or already have one, I would love to hear a "yes to thrive" or your feedback in the comments below.

Laura Payne-Stanley
Desired Life Mentor

After a busy few days fueled with travel, amazing locations and new projects, rounding off the week with private coaching calls, planning and 1st office hours for my new group program Charge Your Worth & Convert. What is on your agenda today?

Tag a friend who would benefit from seeing this message today. Trust your intuition. Focus on the life you desire. Take action. Enjoy the journey.

Good Morning! Business travels this week including Knightsbridge to Devon, and I always love visiting different places. What are some of your favourite places to visit in the UK for work or pleasure?

**Now is a time for exceptional people*** The world of coaching is exploding, with low barriers to entry and new coaches popping up every day. As an established coach or consultant, you might be seeing these 'overnight success' stories and wondering what memo you missed on just how they are doing this so quickly!

How they are managing the perfect work life balance, all whilst growing a business, expanding their coaching mastery and increasing their net worth.

You might be feeling uncomfortable/ or uneasy as to how you grow your business, whilst remaining in integrity. You're happy to explore your own personal development, your own relationship with self and the larger question of "who am I". You have been feeling like a shift is coming and are ready to get curious to experience powerful results, through succeeding and failing (yes it will happen but we just learn). I work with EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE to raise the bar, to get out of FEAST OR FAMINE cycles and create a thriving business, where we look at becoming exceptional in the art of coaching and consulting as well as the business of coaching.

Many great coaches and consultants struggle, but you are far more powerful than you know.

PM me if you are exceptional

Such a happy plate of food at @amanteibiza.....
remembering back to May in glorious Ibiza and fun days with friends. What is it one of your happiest moments of 2017 so far?

And relax.... note to self.
You have enough.
You do enough.
You ARE enough.

Cheers to the weekend to you x

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