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Laura Payne-Stanley; Coach  🌟Certified NLP Business Life Coach & Hypnotherapist 🌟Mindset, Wedding & Entrepreneurial Expert 🌟 Let's have a conversation 👇

It is a grey weekend and instead I'm focusing on heading to Mallorca in 1 month today.

And I'm opening up a space to work with 1 person on a VIP Accelerator Day on 1st May.

Accelerator Days are tailored to each individual and can include breaking through limiting beliefs, hypnotherapy in a BEAUTIFUL setting, my signature Imagineering process, comprehensive strategy design for short and medium term plans and we aren't done yet!

Following the day we will have at least 1 follow up session to review progress and see how the transformational change is now experiencing in your life and business.

This unique day on 1st May also includes 2 night accommodation in your own inspiring room with a view at the modern luxury villa location of our VIP Day and all your food and refreshments!! There is nothing quite like an in-person coaching experience to see rapid transformational change 🙌

This is your opportunity to step out of your business to work on you and your business for £2500.

Get in touch or book a call on how to join me in Mallorca on 1st May.

Heading over to Toronto for the first time in June for business, and never been to the city before or even Canada! 🇨🇦 Love to hear your recommendations for things to do, restaurants and places to visit?👇

Why 'busy' is leaving your burnt out

Ever start your day with a HUGE to do list, and your whole goal is to get it done........ BUT that doesn't actually bring you money, clients or drive your business forward?

If you are so busy in your business now, how and why would you attract more clients and work, as you are stating to the Universe that you are already at max capacity.

Instead make some shifts to see dramatic results:
- remove 'busy' from your dictionary as this can be a place of inertia, keeping you stuck. Instead replace with affirmations for an abundance of time PLUS review your productivity. - if you wish to attract new clients, work out NOW in your calendar where they would fit, and schedule in 'new client' time blocks. - realign with your goal. Focusing our energy on where we are going, not where currently can provide the fuel to move away from busy toward productivity, creation and making space for life.

How many times did you say you were busy in the last 24 hours? 👇

Supercharge your Self-Confidence starts today!

I'm pumped this Monday and so excited about starting my 5 day mini training series today on supercharging your self confidence

If you haven't already signed up, there is still time as the first live training is tonight at 7pm:


It seems like everyone’s talking about confidence and mindset!

And maybe that has you wondering... what’s all the fuss about?

You’ve done confidence work before, and how is this different?

Could this really make an impact on my business?

Well the truth is - nothing in business is easy.

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it and having crazy successful businesses that allow them all the free time they desire.

However what I can tell you is this... People worldwide are getting amazing results doing this work.

The people getting results are just ordinary people like you and I.

They are normal, everyday people, who’ve built their businesses from the ground up and are now making their goals reality.

If you are curious to know how supercharging your self confidence can work for you, sign up below to my free 5 day training series, as I said we start tonight! (see link in profile)

It would be my honour to work with you to help you go from frustrated and overwhelmed to super confidence and in full control.

Expecting great things for you
Laura xx

Quieten those voices whether in your head or external opinion, telling you that you can't and that you shouldn't.

Because as I know you already know.
You most certainly can!!!

With unlimited self-confidence what would you achieve?

Join me tomorrow as we start 5 days of free training in Supercharge your Self-Confidence, sign up in profile.

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely. As you grow as a person and in your business, it can feel tougher to connect with people around you.

All too much in business I see people competing with each other, needing to divide rather than connect.

And hands up I've done it too.

Yet it is time to become MORE connected than ever before. To support each other.

It's why I created my community over on Facebook, It's why I encourage people to reach out to me via DM, and It's why my VIP clients love to connect and support each other.
If you are craving connectivity, reach out either to me or someone else, or find a tribe as CONNECTION BEATS DIVISION and people rise together.

🌟Supercharge your Self-Confidence🌟

You’re an expert in your field, more than qualified, but your lack of self-confidence is holding your back. You're probably sick of getting in your own way.

Everywhere you look, you see people less experienced and less qualified than you having the success you crave but you can’t seem to push through the constant negative chatter in your head to achieve your goals.

You’re not taking the action you need to and you’re missing out on opportunities as a result.

In business, you need to come across as confident as this builds trust. Nobody’s going to hire you if you seem like you don’t know what you’re doing

If you want to be successful, you must develop your self-confidence!

You need a way to manage this and Supercharge your Confidence so that you can:
- Finally launch a new business or project
- Raise your rates with confidence and ease AND get clients
- Stop comparing yourself to others
- Be able to stand up for yourself and set boundaries
- Stop worrying what other people say about you
- Let go of self doubt and increase self belief leading to exponential success
- Break through fear that’s stopping you from speaking, going live, presenting your idea or asking for the promotion that you know belongs to you
-Overcome negative thoughts that have hindered you for far too long

Supercharge your Self-Confidence so that you can get hired for dream jobs, raise your rates with ease, book and work with amazing clients or finally quit your job and turn your side hustle into a successful full time business.
Join my 5 day free training series, starting Monday! Click link in profile to register your free spot!

See you there 💪

Last week's Accelerator Day is this relaxed yet inspiring location was amazing. We get brave, we deal with and banish any limiting beliefs with deep coaching and we get down to the strategy, mapping out an exact plan for how to bring those plans onto reality. I always say that you will feel like king or queen of the world at the end of the day, and absolutely shattered!! That is what happens with HUGE energy and belief shifts as a new world of opportunities and big dreams coming into focus. 💪 If you'd like to explore what an awesome Accelerator Day of your own could look like, get in touch 🌟

Name a book that changed your life 👇

Before celebrating a day for all the amazing mothers including my own, I wanted to send a shout out to the others. Mother's Day is not an easy day for those who have lost their mums or women who will never, or who have yet to become mums and those who have lost children. On a day celebrating women, remember those women too and send them a note and good vibes to brighten their day.

I'm delighted to be heading down to Brighton today for a coaching Accelerator Day. To hold a space for one tenacious entrepreneur, who has dedicated time to step away from their usual environment is one of the highlights of my work.

Accelerator Days are tailored to each individual or group and can include highlighting and breaking through limiting belief patterns, visualisatin and Imagineering of their future, comprehensive strategy design for short and medium term plans and hypnotherapy for confidence based work.

There is nothing quite like an in person coaching experience!

What are you doing today?

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