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Laura Le Chatelier 🇳🇱  📍 The Netherlands 📷 @lauralechatelier_photography 🔜 Building the @chatelier brand 📩 - ⬇️Check out my 2nd vlog⬇️

Check out my second vlog! Link in bio 📺
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I was 18, just about to become ‘a grown up’, leaving high school behind and off to college.
- I felt like an einzelganger, though I was surrounded by enough people, I always felt misunderstood and different than the crowd
- I was always afraid people would only see me for my looks, so I felt a strong need to constantly prove people wrong
- So I became very much a non-girly girl, but still felt a constant urge to prove people I was more than just looks
- So I decided to study Chemistry, to wow people and get their appraisal, even though deep in my heart, I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur
- Wrote my first business plan, to set up a second hand flight ticket website - trip trader-, but didn’t think entrepreneurship was accepted nor a place where I would get my appraisal
- Went to college, following the rest of the crowd, only to make the worst financial investment in my life -> €60.000 college debt
- Had a side job as a dental assistent during my studies, which I thought was amazing, but only to have people think again I was not intelligent
- Got picked on during my Chemistry studies by my co-students, because I was not nerdy enough to fit in
- Had a big identity crisis, as I felt unheard, unhappy and misunderstood
- Decided I was adapting my life way too much around how people would see me and started to move away from that
- Started focusing on all the things that I thought of myself, instead of what others thought of me
- Dropped out of college and started working in a startup company, as entrepreneurship was my deep down desire
- Became the happiest version of myself, feeling like I was finally on the right path, without having to proof the crowd anymore
- Put all my energy and love into the company and started receiving all the appraisal I always wanted, but now didn’t need anymore
- Started to realize how ironic life can be and became a big believer in always doing the things you love and never ever let other peoples opinion decide who you are
Now I’m 28, quit ‘a grown up’, leaving my identity crisis behind and off to flourish in the right soil.
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- quit eating animals and dairy products
- started eating super healthy whole food meals 3x a day
- quit smoking
- quit partying
- went to the gym 3x/week
- scored myself an amazing boyfriend 💗
- read 30 books
- listened to 100+ podcasts
- learned 20 new recipes
- sold everything excess, became super minimalistic
- did a public speaking course
- grew my Instagram growth business 600% by personal referrals only
- saved €10k to start my skincare business
- worked really hard on @chatelier which will launch in 2019
- started vlogging which will be on YouTube from January
- gathered myself around only positive people
- got up everyday at 06:00
- mastered my morning and evening routines
- started logging 3 things I’ve been grateful for every day
- became a much better version of myself than ‘17 Laura
Thank you so much for the growth 2018, so excited for you 2019 🥰
Wish everyone an amazing NYE and much success in 2019 🤗💗
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Have not been posting any new stories lately 😵😊 sorry for that! Have been so focused on other things :). Got some exciting news coming up! Have started vlogging the past 2 months 😻.From next month you can check out my vlogs on YouTube 🥰😻😍☺️ I’m so excited!! Will probably post a bit more on Instagram as well from then ☺️☺️
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Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget 💗 my sweetest baby @la.scho 💗

Lately I’ve been buying so much time.

I think time is the most valuable thing in the world and I always like to be efficient with every minute I have in a day. Lately I’ve been so busy with time management and I figured out a few things in my live I was able to do in order to buy more time :D

1️⃣ I’ve bought a package of IPL hair removal for my whole body @avedaNL, which cost me about €200 once off and saves me 52 hours per year of shaving for the rest of my life :D Best deal ever!!

2️⃣ I’ve decided to get my morning juices at the juice bar @smoothiecompanyNL instead of making them myself, this costs me about €15 more per month and saves me 9 hours per month! Uhm, Yes please! Easiest decision ever. I was prepping juices 2 hours on my Saturdays and now I have the privilege and luxury of getting them freshly made for me every morning, for a really small price to pay :)

3️⃣ I’ve decided to get a dishwasher, that will cost me about €150 euro every couple of years and saves me 120 hours every year!

Assuming I will become 90 years old, just these 3 changes in my life bought me 17,112 extra hours for €13,220 euros, that’s €0.77 per hour! Biggest bargain ever to pay for an extra hour of life :D ⏳
I love to think about stuff like this <3 now contemplating if i should stop painting my nails, as it takes up 30 minutes per week, that’s another 1612 hours in my life i could spend otherwise 🤓😛

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The books I’ve read in 2 months time:
1️⃣ TED TALKS - Chris Anderson
2️⃣ Grit - Angela Duckworth
3️⃣ The 10x Rule - Grant Cardone
4️⃣ Booksummery of How to Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie
5️⃣ The top 100 best ways to market & make money with YouTube - Ace McCloud
6️⃣ The discipline of Innovation - Peter F. Drucker
7️⃣ Emotional Intelligence - Daniel Goleman
8️⃣ Charlie Munger The Complete Investor - Tren Griffin
9️⃣ Legally Branded - Shireen Smith
1️⃣0️⃣ Extreme Ownership - Leif Babin
1️⃣1️⃣ Permission Marketing - Seth Godin
1️⃣2️⃣ Crush it! - Gary Vaynerchuck
1️⃣3️⃣ I will teach you to be rich - Ramit Sethi
13 books in 2 months time! 7,5 books per month! That’s more than 1 book per week! I’m in the sky!
My whole life I wanted to be able to read many books and bought many hardcopy books, but I was never able to stay focused and sit still and go beyond page 30. I really didn’t enjoy the process of reading. This discovery I made of audiobooks, thanks to @scribd, is changing my life!
My goal for 2018 was to read 10 books, I wanted to give myself a very realistic goal. 1 book per month should be possible right? Well, with audiobooks I’ve aced this goal in just 2 months! I’m so in love and so grateful for this technology 🧡
I listen to at least 7,5 hours of audio per week during my morning routine in the gym, so it’s also the most time efficient way to consume the books. Getting fit and smart at the same time! OMG, loving the life! 🤪😻🙏🏻
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😳 Tonight I will give my first speech ☺️☺️😻
Your first speech with @toastmastersinternational is called your icebreaker speech. There are 7 things that will be looked at in this speech:
1️⃣ Clarity of spoken language
2️⃣ Vocal variety (tone, speed, volume)
3️⃣ Eye contact with audience
4️⃣ Physical gestures
5️⃣ Audience awareness
6️⃣ Comfort level
7️⃣ Interest (engaging the audience with interesting content)
I choose a story I wrote about earlier on my Instagram page and started the beginning of this week.
I have then practiced the beginning, middle piece and ending separately for multiple times and even recorded myself on video. I have practiced in front of the mirror and in front of a friend and later today in front of my mentor. I have used all feedback and worked it into my speech.
I’m so excited for tonight.
If you followed me for a while, you’ve read in one of my first posts that public speaking was one of my long term goals and how my Instagram page was just a start to get out of my shell :)
To be honest, back then I didn’t think I would be giving a speech already this year in front of an audience. I’ve grown so much, because I kept my eye on the goal and didn’t lose focus. I am very proud of where I am today.
I hope you guys are also reaching all your goals :) and if you have any tips for me, please let me know!
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♥️♥️♥️ love you so much ♥️♥️♥️ Happy mothersday @bswapenaar ♥️♥️♥️ Thank you for always loving me and for supporting everything I do 💖💖💖 you are the best 💖💖💖 #loveyou #mothersday #bestmotherintheworld #♥️

Do you remember when you first got your drivers license?
Do you remember how much focus you needed to provide in order to drive and use the stick and look in your mirrors and remember what the signs meant and make sure you didn’t hit anyone? How overwhelming all those actions at once felt? The focus and anticipation it took..
After years of experience you can now drive on autopilot, without feeling any overwhelm or stress, you can even easily do other stuff while driving; speaking to other people in the car or thinking about what to make for dinner.
That’s the experience I’m always reminding myself of, ever when I get overwhelmed or feel like I have a lot on my plate. I trust the process. I know it will become automatic in my subconscious if I just keep doing it. That’s what I’m going for with all my routines. I know that I’m putting a new ‘super power’ into my subconscious (that’s how it feels to me 🙈🤪). Once the overwhelming, stressing new thing I’m working on becomes automatic, once it’s incorporated into my subconscious brain, I grew as a person. ‘I upgraded my operating system’ 😍🤤. I just love that stuff. Just upgrading and upgrading the whole time. It’s so exciting and fulfilling. I always love to grow 😍☺️.
I know if I want to keep upgrading myself my whole life, I will always need to coop with overwhelm and stress, so I needed to change my perspective on those feelings and I did. I now embrace those feelings, as I can be proud of myself that I’m stepping out of my comfort zone, being active in the growth zone ♥️. So stress and overwhelm? Yes please, I’ll take it :D, I’m not afraid of it, it will not make me feel bad, it will make me feel powerful and it will remind me that I’m upgrading myself :D😍🙏🏻. I’m so happy I now have positive feelings about stress 😍😊☺️😎🤩.
Do you relate to the story? Do you recognize the process? Do you also have a growth mindset? Let me know in the comments! ♥️
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