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Laura Lacquer  Started from the bottom now we here Harvard MD/ Married to MD/ Mama to 3/ UMiami Dermatology/ Creator #mamasinmedicine

Forgot we recorded this foolishness last night!!! Me and Elli’s #inmyfeelingschallenge after last night’s dinner (Ro and Liv asleep in the stroller, Nathan on the camera) 😂😂 #dotheshiggy #momlife #mamasinmedicine

Sharing these big girls and hoping they make you as happy as they make me (impossible)! Tomorrow I take Step 3 (well, part of it) - it’s a 2-day exam, 16 hours, and I’ve been pushing my exhausted brain to the limit trying to remember screening colonoscopy regimens and diabetes drugs and thyroid function test interpretation during pregnancy and treatments for borderline personality disorder and strokes and asthma exacerbations and ALL OF MEDICINE (clearly all very useful for dermatology). Most doctors take this final USMLE exam during their intern year, which I’d highly recommend lol. Unless of course you happen to have a new baby, in which case I’d still recommend it but feel your pain way more. Studying with kids at home is no joke. I’ve done it with 1, and with 2, but with 3 and residency it’s damn near impossible (but fear not, nothing is impossible)! People with no kids legit have no idea. You think you could imagine it, but you literally can never understand until you have kids! And this is no shade at all to my childless folks, it’s just, if one more person compares their having a dog to my having children, I think I’ll lose it. Ok, end rant, I should go and try to cram some more knowledge in while I can. But for real, can use some good luck wishes for mañana, here’s to hopefully only having to take this exam once! 🥂

Melanin vibes 💕 Fave tee via @legendaryrootz + living in these sandals this summer (they go with everything and are so well made) + these cutoffs are an easy go-to (and at under $15 you can’t go wrong)! Use to get outfit info or download the app and screenshot this pic! Let me know if you want me to add direct links in my stories as well! #liketkit #LTKsalealert #LTKshoecrush #LTKunder50

Serving hot rolls every day of the week 💕

“Look for the helpers. You will always find people helping.” I’m all about looking for the helpers and building them up, and I love when I get to partner with companies who are doing it on a larger scale. Today I’m partnering with @tiaa to help honor the Difference Makers of the world! In celebration of TIAA's 100 year anniversary, they will be recognizing 100 Difference Makers with $10,000 (each) to help support the nonprofit through which they are making a difference!!!! Join me by taking the Difference Maker Quiz by clicking the link in my bio to find what kind of difference maker YOU are! PS - quote is from Mr. Rogers (his mom, actually, in teaching him how to deal with scary things on the news) 💕 #ad #DifferenceMaker100

I’ll admit I had a really hard time bringing myself to celebrate yesterday. Maybe it was the big exam I have coming up in less than a week and stress associated with that, maybe it was not being around family (the 4th was always a huge celebration for us because the 3rd is my mom’s bday and the 4th was my abuela’s bday), or maybe more than anything it was the shame and sadness I feel about this country right now. There is nothing that makes me want to celebrate anything about it. But then I looked around, at my three healthy children, my husband and I doing work for our jobs as physicians despite growing up poor and with no doctors in our circle, my comfortable home, all things made possible living in this country. And while I didn’t want to celebrate, I could at least feel grateful. And motivated to continue fighting to actually make America a place to be proud of, a place where in fact everyone can get a shot at building a life of their dreams. And the girls deserved to see some damn fireworks, so we got out of the house past their bedtime to make that happen. Happy belated Fourth of July y’all, keep fighting the good fight 🇺🇸

Kitchen dreams 😍 I don’t even know what I would do with a kitchen this big. Probably just take photos of it and still order Uber Eats 🤣 .
Anyone else addicted to takeout (we’ve actually done really good and restricted ourselves to only Friday or Saturday nights now)! What’s your favorite takeout? I’m torn between Korean or Peruvian I think... or maybe Vapiano’s (incredible handmade pasta) - really just depends on what I’m craving! (Incredible kitchen by @the_brothers_stonington - thanks @teens1085)!

Your Monday morning reminder that you ARE meant to be there. Don’t listen to that voice that tells you you don’t belong. Don’t listen to that voice that tells you you’re not smart enough. Don’t listen to that voice that tells you you weren’t cut out for this. Swallow that fear and own this day! Show up in this moment and every moment like you are MEANT to be there. Because you are. No mistakes were made. Own where you are right now! (This goes to everyone, but *especially* my new interns and residents! Know that every single one of you is terrified right now, some may be a little better at hiding it! But you can do this! Remember you are learning, so be the best you can be but soak up ALL the knowledge you can - you wouldn’t need residency if you already knew it all)!! Tag someone who might need to read this!! 💕

Sunscreen, safari hats, and silly faces 🤪 July you’re off to a great start. Usually cover up and wear loose-fitting tops because I’ve always been self-conscious about how skinny I am and having the tiniest boobs ever, but if my girls grow bodies anything like mine I want them to love themselves so mama’s loving herself a bit more and hoping they’ll follow suit 💕

Wishing you all the blurry photos and cheesy smiles this weekend 😁 PS - check out my stories for info on #keepfamiliestogether marches happening all over the country today!

Isn’t she a beauty? @wendys, thanks for helping ya girl out with this one and offering a convenient AND delicious lunch (AND budget-friendly - I wish eating fresh and saving time didn’t always have to be expensive 😭)! Try their Berry Burst Chicken Salad this summer! 🍓🥗🍓#ad

Real friends hike your boring mom dress up a bit behind the photo to make you look like a cool mom 😂 Missing these queens and thinking back to the incredible weekend we had for my 30th. From surprising me with mimosas in my hotel room to driving a custom cake (in my color palette) all the way from Rhode Island with the air conditioner on blast to spending hours and hours away from a brand new baby (and I KNOW how hard that is), so thankful these ladies make up my tribe! @janice_boston_ @latina_scientist @ari506 #empoweredwomenempowerwomen #realqueensfixeachotherscrowns

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