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Laura Lacquer  Started from the bottom now we here. Harvard MD/Married to MD/Mama to 3 dolls 👩🏽‍⚕️👨🏽‍⚕️👧🏽👧🏽👶🏽 UMiami Dermatology PGY3 contactlauralacquer@gmail.com


#pressplay and #SOUNDON// A little video/photo compilation I threw together from #AAD2018 (American Academy of Dermatology - it’s only the biggest meeting of dermatologists around the world)! So many stars aligned to make this one of the best meetings I’ve been to in my life. The song is only fitting - God’s Plan. So many twists and turns on this path and times I didn’t think I’d make it to where I am now, but things always work out the way they’re supposed to. I’m a firm believer in that. It may not always be the way YOU planned, but it sure was in the plans. Just keep hustling and keeping your eyes open for the next move - as they say - “luck” is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Also - please tell me y’all saw Drake’s video for this song!?!? I’m so upset because I was working at the undergrad campus (at UM where he shot some of the video) the day right after!!! This is definitely this meeting’s soundtrack. And final thing (if you guys meet and speak to me in person you know I’m the queen of rambling if you let me, but the logical connections are all there in my head I promise) speaking of soundtracks - THE SOUNDTRACK FOR BLACK PANTHER!?!? Oh my gosh. So good. Have been waiting to reunite with the hubby so we can watch it ASAP! No spoilers por favor!!! Also tagging a ton of the incredible mentors and colleagues and soon-to-be-colleagues (that’s right med students from the meeting, you guys will be here so soon) below! @drsusantaylor @drcandriceheath @crobinsonmd @callenderdermatologycosmetics @brownskinderm @drmeenasingh @drmitaleechristman @teawithmd @drshasahu @derm.talk @derm.creative @missdermdoc @dermy_doctor @purelypositivitea @malcolmchelliah @1laurenrenee @yssrasoli @land_air @drkarenk @provzero @kirsnerrobert @dermadicolore @toushai @audmonster @jenledon @_such_is_tia_ @umdermatology // Song is “God’s Plan” by Drake @champagnepapi 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

It’s no secret that many dermatologists are product junkies. I have pretty sensitive skin and despite being a “doctor” and whatever income people *think* that’s associated with (hint - at my stage - not as much as you think lol) I’m always on a budget and actually am scared to try too many new products! Sharing one of my absolute favorite brands @aveneusa - you guys may have seen this a couple times in my story because I had to stop by their stand at AAD twice I love them so much! No, this isn’t a sponsored post, but I wish it was (@aveneusa get at ya girl 😜). This is also a great time to mention sponsored posts. One of the luxuries of blogging as a side gig and having a real day job means I get to be *really* picky about who I actually partner with. For every sponsored post you see on my feed or on the blog there were at least a dozen collaboration proposals I turned down. I truly only partner with brands I already personally use, or have been wanting to use, and would truly recommend to family or friends. I mean that. At the end of the day *this* here page is meant for community and empowerment and just sharing the message that you can have the life you want even if your goals seem unattainable now. You little girl who might not be able to do extracurriculars because you need a real job to help with money or had to take care of family. You young lady who never saw a minority doctor and may not have even had visits with real doctors for your own medical care. You baby girl who could only ride your bicycle in circles in your tiny driveway because the rest of the street was drug dealers and gangs (all these were me by the way). This is for you. Another one of my rambling posts so please tag someone who needs to read this caption 😘 Also sharing all of *my* products I packed for travel (swipe left) - will be posting an updated skincare routine on the blog this week so stay tuned!!

Today was an inspiring day full of meeting people I have looked up to for years without them knowing and meeting people who knew and looked up to me without me knowing. As much as the internet can sometimes suck (let’s be real, sometimes it can), it’s been an incredible tool for mentorship and most of all VISIBILITY. Because sometimes you just need to see someone else doing it. Sometimes you just need to know it can be done. Otherwise it seems impossible. Tag someone who’s helped you see it’s not impossible! Whatever your “it” may be!

Throwback to my Valentine last year 💕 we brought Ro home this day!! This year we’ll celebrate Vday next week - today I had to leave for my flight to San Diego as soon as Nathan got home for our annual dermatology conference! Posting from the plane’s WiFi now! What are you guys up to this Valentines Day??? I want to know! Clearly it doesn’t have to be anything romantic 😘

“Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.” Love is here with you. Celebrating Valentines Day and love (and @owntv’s new series @loveisown) by sharing what Love is to me - what is for you? Make your own Polaroid over at loveisown.com! #loveis #valentinesday #marriage #blacklove #family #partnerincrime #dayone

Looking forward to the memories of right now 💕 If you’re not sick of RV trip pics yet scroll to the left for some of my favorites in black and white. Working on a blog post hopefully soon to answer the questions you guys asked on our RV family picture! And more coming in a few months with @parents and @parentslatina magazine! Check out @GoRVing for some basic info if you’re interested! #sponsored

My Ro. One whole year of those chunky cheeks and those slobbery kisses. You’ve been walking for months and have a full mouth of teeth, you pick fights with your sisters pulling their hair and know when you’re in trouble with those big old eyes looking up like “what did I do?” Love our family. And this photo that actually captures us all thanks to our Miami-style wall of mirrors lol - me taking the picture, Livi and Elli waiting as patiently as possible for cake, and Daddy looking for the lighter in our junk drawer (can you spot everyone?) And not pictured but there were Abuela and Papa on the computer FaceTiming ❤️ Happy Birthday sweet pea 🎂

The kids are finally asleep and I’m doing my usual scroll through all the pictures on my phone instead of sleeping like I should be thing. But man was this a trip for the books. Will be sharing a lot more but for now I want to know - would you ever consider going on an RV trip? What questions do you guys have? Tag someone you want to go with you!! Livi is already asking when we get to sleep in “the van” again - so we’ll definitely be back for more! RV travel really highlights a life lesson I always try to remind myself - that the journey, not just the destination, is something to look forward to (especially for my medical people)! A huge thanks to @Parents and @ParentsLatina and of course @GoRVing for helping make this trip happen!! Check out more in our stories! #GoRVing #sponsored

Of all the incredible animals we encountered yesterday, I think the Watusi was my favorite. I could have sat here for hours watching these giants.

Camping-Safari fashion 🦓🦒🐐🦏
Wide-brimmed hat via our campsite gift shop (sorry y’all tried to find online but no luck) / Sunglasses are @targetstyle / my favorite tinted sunscreen @aveneusa complexion correction shield / lip balm is @aquaphorus with spf 30 / favorite baby/kids sunscreen: @neutrogena pure & free baby (also love @bluelizardsun baby!) / bug spray - deet works best, but I do choose low concentrations (current one we’re using is Repel family dry with 10% deet)

Ro doing a little orientation - to her new stuffed animal friends, to the bed that was just a dining table (even mommy’s amazed), to the sound of lions roaring, and to being ONE!! We took advantage of these 2 little days off (nothing special about this weekend except that we decided to make it special) and rented an RV and took the girls on one of the most fun trips ever! Thanks to @parents and @parentslatina and of course @GoRVing for helping make it happen!! Check out more in our stories! #GoRVing #sponsored

Every one of my miracles in one frame (even though big sisters were off playing in the playroom)! Once you learn all of the things that can go wrong during development in medical school, the fact that it can be “right” so many times is mind-boggling. Every healthy baby has just been such a blessing. And even though sometimes we feel helpless and like it’s up to chance as to what happens, there are steps we can take to have the healthiest pregnancy possible. Trying to prevent infection, staying healthy, taking vitamins, having a health care provider you trust—all of these can help babies have the best possible start. I’m partnering with @MarchofDimes to fight for the health of all moms and babies and #Prevent2Protect #ad

Throwback to one year ago, finishing our SunSmart 5K! Nathan ran it and and then ran back to walk the rest with me - exactly 1 week later I went into labor with Ro! The SunSmart 5K this year is this Sunday Feb 11 (exactly on Ro’s 1st birthday) - if you’re in the greater Miami area you should come! Check out @sunsmart5k for more info. The run supports skin cancer research and awareness. And you know that’s what I’m all about! And my POC - don’t think you’re exempt from getting skin cancer. We might like to joke that black don’t crack, but we are still at risk of developing skin cancer. Did you know Bob Marley died from melanoma? On his toe!?!? Most of my patients are surprised when they hear this. Scroll left for some pictures (shout out to @visualdximages for always having the best clinical images and including all skin types) - EVERY IMAGE IS A MELANOMA. ****EDIT**** guys please don’t send me pics of your brown spots!!! I can’t provide ANY specific medical advice online or via social media. Dermatologists will be providing free skin checks at the 5K this weekend! And if you have a question make an appointment to see a dermatologist! 😘

Alright so I sort of missed the boat on #nationalwomenphysicianday - but one of the first lessons you learn as a woman physician (especially if you choose to have children) - is to be flexible and go with the flow. Holidays get celebrated sometime the week of since celebrating the day of isn’t always possible. It’s not easy. But I have the most fulfilling life I could ever dream of. A pretty damn exhausting life, I hope none of it seems too glorified here (though this is definitely the highlight reel) - but it’s the best kind of exhaustion. On Friday I was wrapping up with a patient in my typical fashion - “alrighty Mr. Jones (obv not his real name), any questions you have for me or anything at all I can help you understand a little better?” He pauses - one of the sweetest old men I’d seen that morning dealing with a really frustrating condition - and he genuinely asks “Why are you so great?” It’s the tiny little moments like that that are so incredibly fulfilling - that he felt cared for and that I could help him through his path. And then this weekend, Livi being the angel that she is, curls up next to me in bed and just proclaims “mommy I love you so much.” And Elli’s laugh, and Ro’s wide open mouth kisses. THE absolute best stuff in the world. And then hubby and how he loves me, and our long hugs before he leaves the house in the morning. I run on very little sleep as a woman physician and mother, but I run on these little moments that make my life just so damn rewarding. And coffee (duh 😂). I am so incredibly blessed, and I can’t thank the women who came before me and paved the way enough for helping make my journey a little easier. Here’s to you ladies, and those who are on the path with me, and those who will come after me, hopefully on a trail even more paved. But it’s the bumps in the road that make us appreciate the smooth sailing anyway 😘 sorry for the rambling, just happy. And thankful. If you made it through this long ass post tag a woman who could use a little inspiration!

Such an incredible day on the beach shooting with @parents and @parentslatina magazine!!! Get a little more behind-the-scenes on my story! I can’t wait to share more from this family project, but for now let’s swoon at these darling @minnowswim suits @jenssmith picked out for some of the day! #dreamcometrue #sponsored #sisters #GoRVing @GoRVing

In two weeks this girl will be 1! She’d rather be upside down, playing with outlets, or chewing on crayons than any “proper” activity. She takes no crap from her sisters (despite the hug *cough* headlock Elli had her in in my stories). She loves giving kisses and cleaning up messes with a wipe, and her favorite is getting thrown in the air by daddy. Oh Ro 😍

I’m Black every month, but it’s February 1st and officially Black history month, so just a little reminder 🎀✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿🎀 (tee via @myprideapparel) I wanna hear what you’re doing this month to celebrate - either to increase awareness about issues that affect us, to bring change, or to just share and celebrate the culture. Comment below!

On Wednesday’s we wear pink 💁🏽‍♀️ JK 😂 This was me trying on these scrubs last week as soon as they came in the mail. I’m not bold enough yet to wear them to surgery/clinic, maybe someday. For now they just make me very happy and I’ll likely continue taking pictures in them 🤣 (just keepin it real lol)! For all of those who asked I put the link to them in my bio! I’m wearing an XS (and still rolled sleeves up) for reference.

Happy Monday - back to grind mode! As they say, the dream is free, the hustle is sold separately 😉 For all my pumping mamas getting their hustle on, today we have something SUPER special for you! .
@Lynzyandco and I are so excited to be giving away a pumping bundle to one lucky mama! The choice to work away from home with a breastfeeding babe is a hard one (and not always a choice at all for some women), so we hope that this giveaway can make things a tiny bit easier for another mama! We’ll be giving away: @Medela_us Sonata Pump with hands free bra, storage bags & bra pads, and quick clean products, a @sarahwellsbags Breast Pump Bag ("Claire") AND two nursing/pumping tops of your choice from @lameremom! GIVEAWAY CLOSED - WINNER WAS ALREADY CONTACTED - congrats @amyfu46!
To Enter:
1. Like this photo and make sure you’re following me and @lynzyandco

2. Comment on this photo with one tip you have for fellow pumping mamas! Help a sistah out!
3. For extra entries you can tag up to three friends in separate comments that have helped you in some way on this motherhood journey.
Giveaway will ‪end Friday Feb. 2, 2018 at 9 am EST‬. Winners announced within 48 hours. This giveaway is not sponsored or endorsed by Instagram. Must be 18 years of age to enter. Open to US entrants.

Yesterday’s whirlwind trip back up to Boston and chatting with med school friends about life beyond residency - fellowships and jobs and where in the country we want to be, got me thinking again about where we’re going to end up after training! Part of me feels like we could stay in Miami (loving it right now, I mean, look at these palm trees 🌴), part of me feels like we could go back to Boston, then parts of me feel like we could go to LA or Philly or Houston or heck, a smaller town in Kentucky or Utah or ____. I want to hear - where do you guys live and what do you love (or not love) about it? Good schools? Cost of living? Great weather? Stuff to do? Let me know!

B A B Y 💕 So thankful we all had the chance to shower baby girl and the parents to be with love today. I hope you guys know how loved and supported you are and if you need ANYTHING we’re all here! Even if it’s a call at 3am wondering if it’s normal for baby to not poop for a week. #babymahal #tialovesyou #somanytias

It’s been of hodgepodge week with a few residents sick or on vacation, so I’ve sort of been all over clinic-wise. And though it’s been busy, it’s been an incredible week and a nice reminder of why I chose Dermatology in the first place. .
Contrary to what you see in the media with Dermatology being all Botox and pimples - we manage SO much more than that. .
This week alone I was doing Mohs surgery (a method of cutting out skin cancers in stages to ensure complete removal of the tumor), normal excisions, diagnosed eosinophilic folliculitis in a patient who turned out to be HIV positive, diagnosed GVHD (graft-versus-host-disease) in a patient after stem cell transplant, cleared up some melasma, biopsied a few likely melanomas, diagnosed a psoriasiform drug eruption secondary to a patient’s antiretroviral treatment, saw erythrodermic PRP, helped a new mom with her baby’s cradle cap, talked a lot of parents through the natural history of infantile hemangiomas, and saw possibly the worst keloids I’ve ever seen in my life (almost full body), still searching through the literature to see if there are any other treatment options we can try for her. And a little bit of Botox and pimples for good measure. Dermatology is the best. Photo’d is my typical biopsy tray if I’m doing a punch (our 2 main types of biopsies are punch biopsies, where we take a core of skin, almost like a cookie cutter, and shave biopsies, where we use a scalpel or dermablade to take a more superficial sample. We decide which type based on where we think the pathology lies). And I can’t lie our new pink tray covers are giving me life.

In survival-mode all week (which means nothing gets done except going to work and keeping the kids alive), and it always makes me miss having my mama nearby even more! Being a mom (of three) is no easy task, but it’s also the best thing EVER! Now that my Ro is turning ONE next month(😱), it’s crazy to think that I’ve gotten through the first year THREE times now! Today I’m sharing a few mom hacks on the blog that I now know work and weren’t just beginners luck 😉———————————————
✨Do you mamas want to share one piece of advice you wish you had for the first year/first baby? Comment below!! ———————————————
This @philips baby monitor is one thing I didn’t have with Liv and would have made life a little bit easier (I’m in love with it for Ro)! Definitely feels like another set of eyes and ears even when you’re on your own. Link in profile! #philipsavent #sponsored #motherhood #momlife #workingmom

We weren’t able to be at the women’s march this year, but we were there in spirit. For all my women, and especially for my WOC. #donttouchmyhair #donttouchmyrights #womensmarch

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