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Laura Scott MD  Started from the bottom now we here. Harvard MD. Married to MD. Mama to 3. Dermatology resident. 📍Miami 💌 Link in bio👇🏽

Thank you @fsorlando for making an average 2-day-weekend for a harder-than-average week feel like a 5-star trip around the world. Minus the jet lag and passports. Check out more on my stories while it’s still up! And I apologize in advance for probably posting weekend pictures all week... but I’ll be in scrubs at the hospital taking care of patients and not taking pictures so 🤷🏽‍♀️

This morning I got the phone call I’d been expecting but dreading for the last few weeks - my aunt died. My aunt, my dad’s baby sister - who helped raise me, who was one of my biggest fans and never missed a post, who is leaving behind 2 high school children and a loving husband and so many family members and friends who will miss her and her spirit and her scrunched up face when she laughed (my favorite). My aunt who took me on my first trip to Disney (we didn’t grow up with much money, so the first time I ever went was to help her out with her twins the summer before I started college)! Tonight we’re driving to Disney (it’s been planned for months) and though I’m sitting with a heavy heart, her last text to me keeps repeating in my mind - “xoxo the girls for me.” My life has been filled with constant reminders of how precious life is, with loved ones plucked away from me by domestic violence, gang violence, cancer, strokes, and more. And while I could let this harden me, or make me bitter, or even scared, instead it reminds me to hold on tight to the people I love. To make the most of every day I have with them. To not sweat the small stuff (and to realize that MOST of it is actually small stuff). I hope these painful reminders may help you too. Realize that a test or bad grade or drama with some stupid person is all small stuff. Don’t let that get you down. Life is bigger than that. This post is for you Auntie Taara, love you forever and ever.

Your reminder that superheroes come in all shapes and sizes and abilities. ✊🏽 Liv was straight up offended that I thought she was Superman and not LIVI (never made that mistake again lol). Who is someone that’s a hero to you?

Busy week on a new rotation (VA chief) but had a quick spare moment to post some fun from Sunday - as they say a Sunday well spent brings a week of content. So so happy this week - the VA is one of my favorite places to work as my vets (yes I realize I don’t own them) are one of my favorite patient populations! Though I know (just like with my kids) I’m not supposed to pick favorites... don’t tell anyone! Also, taking family pics is really hard lol. We do the best we can 😂 Any tips for getting everyone to look/smile at the camera? Also, if I still have you reading, scroll over to see our hocus pocus margaritas (love my hubby and his desire to do mixed drinks with me) and me letting my baby attempt picking up a pumpkin much too large for her 🤣🎃

Leave a 🍒 if Ro made you smile!! I can’t pick a favorite part - those arm rolls, those lips, those cheeks, or that little bun 😍 #obsessedmom #sorrynotsorry .
.PS check out more fun from #asahdturns2 in my stories - we had so much fun - happy birthday @asahdkhaled!

Cannot WAIT until tonight to reunite with my man!!!!! 😍😍😍😍 It’s been just over 2 weeks and the longest we’ve ever been apart and despite FaceTiming daily I miss him like crazy! .
.How many of you are in (or have been in) long distance relationships? I know there are SO many of you out there (especially my medicine and/or military couples) - share your story below and connect!! And happy Friday!!

My wish for my girls:
That you feel confident and powerful in any situation, even when your mind may tell you otherwise. .
That you feel supported to come to me for ANYTHING. Know that I’ll never ask “what did you do to deserve it.” Know that I will always believe you.
That you feel loved unconditionally. But know that I will check your behinds. .
That you realize your worth and don’t feel the need to make yourself smaller to make yourself worth loving. .
That you find your passion and find a way to uplift those around you. That you use your power to empower, in whatever way that may be. .
For ALL of my girls reading this, this is my wish for you, too, not just my daughters. Today, on international #DayoftheGirl, I want to remind you how powerful girls are. And how much more powerful we are with an education. And remind you that around the world more than 98 million adolescent girls are not in school. And that we can change that. Joining @michelleobama to highlight the @globalgirlsalliance - a program to empower adolescent girls through education. And swipe over to see mine and Michelle’s thoughts on boys (at least the silly ones 🤣)! Yeah I’m acting like we’re girls, we are in my mind 😂 #girlcrush #globalgirlsalliance #girlhero #girlpower #motherofgirls #girlmom #mamasinmedicine #girlsrule .
📸 by my incredible girl @latina_scientist and soon-to-be girl mom (and bad ass scientist, Harvard PhD at that, winning awards left and right)

Why medicine? Too many personal experiences with disparities in medical and mental health care, too much love for science, too much passion and desire to help others. I didn’t know any other way. . .
Why dermatology? Not gonna lie, when dermatology first popped up on my radar, it felt like a “sell out.” Like I, as a woman of color, with African American and Puerto Rican blood, and bilingual, was more “needed” in primary care, or some other field on the front lines. But then I realized, there are disparities in care in EVERY field of medicine, and *certainly* as you get to the more specialized fields. The higher rates of melanoma mortality, the need for better treatment for black hair loss, the differences in cutaneous T cell lymphoma outcomes, the increased severity of atopic dermatitis in black children, the psychosocial issues associated with our skin in general... I could go on and on. I can do important work in a field I LOVE with all my heart. So young premed or med students thinking of what fields you’re interested in - don’t cross off dermatology (or ortho, or rads, or ophtho, any of it!) because you think you can’t serve your community. Don’t cross it off because you think it’s too competitive. You can do it! Sadly there are disparities in care in almost all fields, so we need doctors of all backgrounds in all fields! Immerse yourself in your learning and find what you’re passionate about then find a mentor! Scroll down a bit to the picture of me cheesin’ in my white coat in front of pink shelves for more of my tips on finding a mentor.

Couldn’t NOT put this one on the feed 😍. Being out here and watching the girls pick dandelions and run freely trying to catch bugs (well... anyone catch that video of Elli and the bugs?😂) really makes me think hard about where we want to settle down. I go back and forth between a city with everything we could want nearby but relatively limited living space, and suburbs/country, like here, where all the houses have huge yards and patios and basketball hoops and play areas for the kids... but not much to do otherwise. Do you guys live in the city or suburbs (or country), and what do you love/hate about it?

Caption this (OBSESSED with this picture 😍😂🚜)!

I volunteer to be in charge of cookie decorating E V E R Y night if someone else does the dishes 🙋🏽‍♀️ On the blog now are all the details from our kid-friendly spooky sleepover! Including the best frozen pizzas, sugar cookie dough, and more hacks (after all, I love spending time doing fun things with the girls, but let’s be real, don’t have time for pizza or cookie dough from scratch)! Link in bio 👻

My girls 💕 SO incredibly thankful to have had them through the years. Through breakups and new relationships, exams and graduations, weddings and baby showers, every time we reunite I’m reminded how incredibly blessed I am for our friendship, that the girls have all these amazing tias, and now more babies to add to the girl gang: Olivia AKA Liv, Elliot AKA Elli, Rowen AKA Ro, Amelia AKA Mia, and our newest girl addition (@latina_scientist’s yet to be named)! Swipe to see more + tag your girl gang! #itsacelebrationeverytimewelinkup

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