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Laura Izumikawa  mama to joey marie choi 👧🏻

Found this picture of me and I thought it was Joey for a second!

A day without laughter is a day wasted. - Charlie Chaplin #childhoodunplugged

⚠️Caution: Baby on Board⚠️
Tube socks by @pridesocks
#skatelife #skatergirl

He didn't realize that love as powerful as your mother's for you leaves its own mark. ⚡️ - J.K. Rowling
📷: @jamschung

When she woke up not sure what had happened.

Behind the shot: We had some @rekindleflorals left over from Joey's party so I thought I'd do something with them before they wilted away. As always, Joey wanted to taste everything. It's so funny how babies try to interpret things by tasting them first. The curiosity of children is so fascinating to me. Watching Joey and our friends' babies use all of their senses to discover new things is such a fun thing to watch. I think that's why it doesn't really bother me at all when she gets a little dirty discovering new things around her. I know I was really sad about her turning one but I've suddenly grown a new excitement about watching her understand more and more things around her every day. I'm thinking about filming her while introducing her to new things so she could watch it when she's older. She might get a kick out of it. Wonder what I should try first. 🤔🍋

La vie en doze 🌹😴

There's nothing like the joy you receive from simply giving to others in need. We're so happy that with the help of our friends and family we were able to donate Joey's birthday gifts to @olive.crest. It wasn't anything big we did at all but we wanted to do this so that Joey will know blessings should be shared and never hoarded. Praying this will inspire Joey to love others IN ACTION and also inspire others to do the same. Thank you Olive Crest for all you're doing for children & foster families every day! #fosterlove #fostertoadopt

Hug someone today 10 seconds longer. It will make all the difference.

Today’s entry for the #JoeyWorldProject comes all the way from #Morocco 🇲🇦! Our new friend Amina who lives in #Taroudant, a little city in southern Morocco sent us this beautiful jabador which is one of many traditional outfits from Morocco. Joey actually loved wearing it even after she woke up from this nap! She continued to wear it all day and kept touching the soft fabric and looking at the embroidery. My favorite are the pink shoes with the pom poms. Thank you so much Amina for sending us this treasure from Morocco. I’m embarrassed to say that I knew very little about Morocco other than remembering it from the film Casablanca. So I did a little googling. I found out that the arabic name for Morocco means “the extreme west” as it is the westernmost country in the Arab world. Another really interesting thing I read was that in Moroccan Berber culture (pre-Arab culture), it is in the liver, not the heart, where you find true love. Why a liver? Because it is believed that a healthy liver aids digestion and promotes well-being. I actually really like that cuz I’ve always been a liver, not a fighter. 😉 BTW, thank you to everyone again for sending us these stunning traditional costumes from your countries. Allen and I have been learning so much about each country so far and it's been truly a blessing to read your letters and have in our home a precious part of your culture. I'm hoping to make this into a book someday so we can share how beautiful and unique every country is and somehow bring the world a little bit closer. Thank you for being part of this world-bound journey with us!

Monday mermaid. #coldshells #littlemermaid

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