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Laura Grier  Founder, Jetset Collective Media. Adventure Travel Photographer/Writer/Destination Weddings based in LA 🌍 76 countries so far! 📩

Day one of my next adventure through South Africa! @meltrez1 and decided to hike to the top of Lion's Head to be rewarded with this incredible view! We had NO idea what this hike was getting us into, at times having to rock climb and use staples and chains to pull ourselves up the dangerous cliffsides! We saw strange animals we have never seen before and the weather opened up just for us! Such a great start to our African adventure!

Good bye for now @realityisrael tribe! I can't believe I woke up today in another continent, but still getting like 215 what's app messages from all of you! Our bond is real and I cant wait to continue our friendships and collaborations and see what we all take away from this incredible journey and how we will apply it in our own lives back at home!

This is the scene I walked up on when we first got the the Dead Sea with our @realityisrael tribe. Kyle and Evan were first out in the water just floating and having a conversation and the water was like a mirror reflection! These two are incredible men, thinkers, listeners, and full of heart. So glad they were in my #Dreamteam cohort!

Our relaxing time at the Dead Sea was such a perfect way to kick off our last day in Israel with @realityisrael. I cannot describe the family bonds we have all created this week with our new "tribe". Exhaustion, tears, joy, wonder, education, adventure...the roller coasters of emotions go on and on, but I am so lucky to have been put together with an incredible group of storytellers who are passionate, creative, fearless, funny, warm, welcoming, and full of wisdom and life experiences to share and to get to create even more mind blowing memories with them across this beautiful, complicated land we call Israel.

Soooo nice to get all covered in mud and take a dip in the Dead Sea after hiking around the Masada fortress in the heat! There is something so stark and beautiful about this shrinking, salty sea and the colors are just so vibrant! This is the lowest place on Earth and it is so dense and salty since the water keeps evaporating that you just float at the surface and can't sink. It makes hanging out with your beer SO much easier since you dont have to tread water at all!

Hiking around Masada Fortress, King Herod's palace which sits up high on a huge mesa and houses the world's oldest synagogue. Hiking up here is brutally hot, you are in the middle of the desert, and there is no water other than the Dead Sea nearby...but the ruins are worth exploring and it's fascinating to imagine how they lived back then.

Last night was such a powerful experience for me. Spending my first Shabbat in Jerusalem and putting prayers into the Wailing Wall was an experience I will never forget! The women and the men were separated and after I pushed my paper prayers into the cracks and put my prayer energy into the wall, our girls hugged and said a prayer for our female community and for all of the women in our families that came before us and to Mother Earth herself. All religions coexist here in Jerusalem and there is something very real about the power of prayer.
Thank you again @realityisrael for this amazing experience!

Such a heavy history here in Jerusalem, but yet it is one of the most spiritual, beautiful, energetic places I have been to. We have experienced every emotion from euphoria and celebration to sadness and reverence and I feel like this city best illustrates the complexity of history, religion, and human nature. I love how in one photo you can see so many religions represented in one small space.

Definitely was surprised to come across this boy in the streets of Jerusalem carrying a snake. When you are just hustling through the crowd in the narrow old stone walkways, you dont always see what is right next to you! His smile was infectious and his friends thought it was hilarious that it scared some people in our group. @realityisrael

Welcome to Jerusalem! We are here with @realityisrael having the most incredible spiritual, emotional, and educational experience. I did not realize that Jerusalem was the spiritual center for not just Judaism, Christianity, but also Islam. I am loving walking through the streets of the Old city and learning all of this history in person that I have heard of my entire life in the Bible .
📷 photo cred @devonisbleu

I loved the expression of the graffiti art here in Golan was the only way to bear the heaviness of this place. It is surreal to be posting this image right now from the Syrian border. Today we drove Atvs over Israeli military roads to this bombed out building, crumbling and covered in art and then were lectured to on the roof about the geopolitical situation of this region. But I LOVED this advice "get lost alot". Pretty much sums up my life!

It is surreal to be posting this image right now from the Syrian border. Today we drove Atvs over Israeli military roads to this bombed out building in Golan Heights right on the Syrian-Israel border. We sat on the roof overlooking Syria while we were lectured on the Syrian conflict in the middle east and how it all began. I feel so blessed to be here and to be learning all sides of the story, something we dont get with our American media and news.

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