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RIP to my old pal Rhett. We'll forever miss you. You were a great dog to my grandma and to all of us. We love you so much. Back to 4.. 😪🐶💔

Happy Valentines Day!! I'm doing nothing special today lmao, I am gonna watch my Tuesday lineup of TV and eat Moes and lemon bars so that's that! ❤😍😘 love you all very much 😊 btw- Parks and Rec is the funniest show I've ever seen

#flashbackfriday missing my 2nd home more than ever right now 😭❤😢💗☀️

Myles and I are happy that the Falcons are winning!!! 😍🏈👏🏻❤

2 years ago today my grandma dragged my mom and I up to Tennessee to get this dog so we could foster him for a week until someone from her camping group could pick him up. A week turned into a month, and a month turned into forever. I wasn't fond of him at first, I was so negative about him for that first month we had him but then I learned that he wasn't so bad and that he fit in perfectly with the family. These past 2 years with Myles have been a rollercoaster. He brings so many smiles and laughs to our faces everyday. Yes he does get on our nerves a lot but he means the world to me. His birthday is really in October but his adoption day happens to fall on the same day as my parents anniversary. My dad wanted to keep him so I like to think of Myles as my parents' anniversary gift :) I love you so much my big boy 💗😭😘❤🐶

I feel so incredibly proud of myself today. It's my dads birthday and I wanted to make him something special, so I made him a spice cake football themed cake! I did it all by myself 💗👏🏻🎂

hey guys!!! it's my best friends 18th birthday today!!! I love you so much Jenn 💗 I hope you're having an amazing day 🎉😘🎈

Okay. Today will be a day that will go down in history. I'm proud to be a girl! I have never seen anything like the marches that were going on pretty much everywhere that I can think of! I so wish I could've gone to the Atlanta march, my grandma wanted to so badly. I kept updated through Twitter and Instagram. Aja and Alfred are 2 of my many celebrities I'm a fan of who went to the marches and stood together with their fellow citizens. This is our time for our voice to be heard. It's been 1 day and we have so many more to come. It won't be easy but I know we can come together, just like we did together and fight back. I feel like I didn't explain what I'm thinking well enough... But with that being said, I'm proud of what went down today. I've never seen anything like it. It's inspiring and I hope to be apart of something like this soon. 👏🏻💖 BTW- This is the only picture I saved because if you know me, I forever have no space on my phone :-) #womensmarch

THIS. This is what a girl group looks like. THIS is how a girl group poses. They did PHENOMENAL last night at the PCA's!!! I can't wait for this year. I'm so proud of them ❤️😭👏🏻 #FifthHarmony

2017 is their year. I'm so ready!!! #FifthHarmony #LaurenJauregui #AllyBrooke #NormaniKordei #DinahJane

So my girl and I @mariana_galarza_, made my grandmas birthday cake today! Took us 5 hours, 2 batches of frosting, 2 different flavours of cake along with a layer of brownie and a container and a half of strawberries to make the cake!! It's so good. I'm so proud of us!! It was in my head and I couldn't go to sleep the other night until I had it drawn out. If you put your mind to it, it might just come true. ❤️😍🎂🙌🏻

Thank You. My favorite family forever.