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Laura Poole  Mind calm γ€° Life in flow Sharing ways to cultivate inner wisdom, dissolve stress and be of powerful purpose πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Based in Melbourne

"What if this darkness is not the darkness of the tomb, but the darkness of the womb? Remember the wisdom of the midwife: 'Breathe,' she says. Then: 'Push.'" - Valarie Kaur
Art by @suehallart #meditation #change #dailypractice #birthingnewrealities #art

Tribe. Tradition. Grounding. Matrix.
Innovation without tradition stands to lose a deep rooted grounding that stabilises evolutionary action. Tradition connects our 'why' to a longer lasting truth and utilises the wisdom of our awakened elders. Tradition without innovation however, stands to become irrelevant if changes are not made to connect to the hearts and minds of those who seek wisdom. The play between these two is the challenge we face today. And as I always say, when faced with a decision... choose both.
It's upon us as the movers and shakers of this world to lay deep roots in tradition while reaching high towards creative innovation, relevance and embodiment of love. It's a stretch... but it's the stretching process that makes the new paradigm infinitely flexible. And flexibility is the key to perpetual progressive change.
Image from Anodea Judith's new book 'The Global Heart Awakens - Humanity's Rite of Passage from the Love of Power to the Power of Love.' #meditation #dailypractice #change #innovation #tradition #matrix #evolution

Perspective changes alter the mind.

The perfect palette no matter which way you look at it...
#uluru #nature #nofilter


Our bodies.
Stories and memories of times once had.
Like a harddrive.
Cellular connection.
A dance between self and non-self.
In a vehicle of change.
We remember it all.
Somewhere in the subtle.
And our bodies move.
Freeing themselves.
All in good time.
And space.
- LP
πŸ“Έ @sidneybensimon #body #mudra #move #change #meditation #freedom #awake

Just love and love and love.

I uploaded a guided meditation to @insight last week and just got an email saying it's been so well received it's going to be part of the Staff Picks for the month!
I made this recording so everyone can have a taste of what it's like to practice effortless meditation. And I'm hoping it will inspire the taking up of a regular daily practice and the desire to dive deeper into the wisdom of the self.
Shout out to all the insight timer users around the globe for tuning in πŸ’™πŸŒŠ And props to @insight for creating a platform where meditators can connect with themselves, a community and inspire others to do the same. Happy meditating 😌
#meditation #wellbeing #melbourne #insighttimer #dailypractice #heart #flow

Playing with life and letting it all go. Understanding deeper the balance of strength and flow. When you give yourself space and time, the body knows how to move. Through this practice, you tap into flowing intelligence and life becomes a dance.
Let yourself move, by yourself, in yourself and with yourself. Let go and flow...
#vedicmeditation #melbourne #meditation #yoga #flow #energy #mudra #kriya #kundalini

Last night @missfoxmelb with 60+ women from @theleaguewomen we got talking about how self-care is not only good for you... but the best thing you could be doing for your business.
I shared my ideas around service, the need to deconstruct the 'busy-ness of business' and how meditation is key to deep rooted perpetual success in all aspects of life. It was also very special to hear my friend, meditator and owner of @missfoxmelb Victoria, share her story as a female business owner and what she has learnt along the way about the importance of looking after her SELF.
Massive gratitude to all the women in the room who were so engaged in the conversation, to @theleaguewomen and @prue_aja_photography for hosting the night and @citizencacao for the delicious treats! I'll have a blog post and podcast online soon so you too can listen to all the juiciness. And if you're looking for a natural organic luxe day spa to treat yourself (and possibly mum this weekend?) then Miss Fox has got you covered... might even see you there next week πŸ’πŸΌall in the name of self-care of course πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
#vedicmeditation #meditation #melbourne #wellbeing #worthit #selfcare #selflove #leagueofwomen

I've been training some special students to be masters of teaching meditation to kids... welcome to the team @meddyteddy's! These little ones are going to be in high demand 😌 Not to mention they're so damn cute and fluffy!
#meditation #vedicmeditation #kidsmeditation #meddyteddy #yoga #melbourne #newgeneration

Let's bring ourselves back into wholeness and love every part of us along the way.
Learn Vedic meditation next week in 4 x short sessions. Join me 9th-12th May each morning 9:30am-11am in Elwood. Email for more details or head to the link in my bio!
Image from the awesome crew @thebigquiet πŸ‘ŒπŸ½ #meditation #vedicmeditation #melbourne #mind #wellbeing #full #self #here #now

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