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Laura Poole  Mind calm γ€° Life in flow Sharing ways to cultivate inner wisdom and be of powerful purpose πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Vedic meditation teacher based in Melbourne


My favourite place to YOG - outside barefoot in the earth under the trees as the sun sets. Uluru you were so good to us.
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One of the many perks of teaching people to meditate is meeting incredible humans from all walks of life. This is Deb - a mother, artist, educator and lover of life. Deb came with us to India this year to learn Vedic meditation and take a journey with her best friend Pam in the motherland. An incredible experience in itself! And since then we have shared many more deeply nourishing moments talking all things meditation, art, life, nature and where to get the best chocolate brownies. You never know where life is heading... that's why it's always best to stay present, be open and never say never. Deb is a beautiful reminder of this and her presence and smile says it all.
If you want to learn Vedic meditation I have an evening course running next week - June 27th-30th, 6:30pm-8pm each evening in Elwood, Melbourne. It's an incredible daily practice to open the heart and get you into the present moment so you can really enjoy life and live it to the fullest. Email hello@laurapoole.com and I can send you all the details!
πŸ“Έ of @debdw by @_alexanderklein_ in a new portrait series of meditators we will be launching soon πŸ’ͺ🏽
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Knowledge becomes a belief system if we do nothing but believe in it. Where as knowledge becomes embodied perpetual wisdom when we put it into practice.
PRACTICE everyday and BECOME what you KNOW.
Today, practice seeing yourself as part of the whole - an individual as well as a collective. Feel yourself as the same one source energy that everyone and everything else around you is. Let go of the rationalising intellect of your mind and allow yourself to have these experiences. You naturally do this when you close your eyes and meditate, allowing all the boundaries to dissolve. Why not do it with your eyes open all the time? Be open. Let go. FEEL. Know through experience.
This is the life of infinite becoming.
#vedicmeditation #dailypractice #eyesopen #selflove #awake #weareone πŸ“Έ @_alexanderklein_

Just can't get enough... ocean photographer @lloydmeudell. Cultivating the space in between 🌊
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Melbourne in coming! But first... a quick (deep) meditation πŸ™ƒ
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Current vibes here in Byron loving the constant flow of water nourishing the roots deep within and without.
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Sharing stories, experiences and wisdom by the open fire... a wonderfully uplifting and life altering part of our Vedic meditation rounding retreat. Many realisations were had over the weekend and plenty of laughs too! Keeping it real, uncensored and full of love is key when doing deep self-work. It creates the perfect space to simply BE which in turn allows our inner wisdom to flow.
#byronbayretreat #vedicmeditation #selflove #dailypractice #wisdom #grow #learn #love

What a team! And what a weekend retreat πŸ‘ŒπŸ½ THANK YOU to these divine beings (plus the two mamas who had to leave early to get home to their families!) for an incredible weekend of meditation, wisdom and pure love. The commitment, openness and support of everyone for everyone made this experience a pure joy to facilitate.
Retreats show me how there is such power in group work. They really amplify the transformative effect of inner self-work and nourish everyone on such a deep level. Gratitude is flowing forth like the torrential rain that graced us all weekend!!! JAI GURU DEVA πŸ™πŸΌ
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BYRON HERE WE COME! Our long weekend 'Essence of the Self Rounding Retreat' starts this Friday where Vedic meditators from around Australia will be gathering together for 4 days of deep self-work and rejuvenation. There will be plenty of yoga and meditation happening, alongside daily Vedic wisdom sessions, Ayurvedic meals cooked by @_alexanderklein_, fire ceremonies and long walks in nature!
If you're a Vedic meditator and are interested in experiencing an advanced rounding retreat then send me an email and I'll put you on the list for our next one in 2018 (TBC) πŸ‘πŸ½
#vedicmeditation #retreat #meditation #yoga #byronbay #rejuvenate #dailypractice πŸ“Έ @sidneybensimon

If you're a parent who has learnt Vedic meditation and want to get your kids involved, there are some upcoming classes this July in Elwood, Melbourne! Kids can start from age 5 and these classes accommodate up to age 15.
A specific 'Teens Meditation' course is happening for kids age 13-15. If you're a parent who hasn't learnt but want your teens involved, you can also learn Vedic meditation the same week and get the whole family onboard. Those age 16+ can join the adults Vedic meditation course.
Email hello@laurapoole.com for all the details!
#meditation #melbourne #vedicmeditation #kidsmeditation #dailypractice #wellbeing #future #generations @meddyteddy

SUSTAINABILITY - a topic I'm super passionate about especially around the mind & FASHION. I was lucky to study with some of the best teachers of sustainable fashion design in my years at University. I also got to intern in NYC with one of the pioneers of sustainable fashion and zero waste design @studyny. This book is an amazing resource created by thought leaders Timo and Holly to help people see the importance of making sustainable choices when it comes to FASHION. I was honoured to be asked to have one of my final collection 'zero-waste' pieces featured in this book, alongside other incredible zero-waste fashion designers.
Creating zero-waste fashion to me became like a maths equation, a challenge to defy the status-quo and create new ways of living a more sustainable life. But I didn't carry on working in the industry. I saw the importance of people pioneering zero-waste design, but I also saw the need of getting people to actually see that importance in the first place. I knew the only way to do that would be to change people's minds. And I also knew from personal experience that meditation was a great way to do that. So I changed vocations.
I still think it's ludicrous though that we are creating things in this world that don't take the full lifelong impact of that thing into consideration. We are still designing things to have inbuilt obsolescence, rather then designing for life-long use and easy disassembly/recycling/upcycling at the end of its life. There are those who have taken on this challenge and are creating amazing alternatives! Now we need more education on what's out there and how we can have a better impact. We can't be thinking in small timeframes anymore. We need to think bigger. See the affect we have on everything and remember how powerful our actions are! Consuming less. Reusing more. CHANGING OUR PERSPECTIVE.
Want to get inspired? Then watch the doco series THE WAR ON WASTE @waronwasteau tomorrow night, Tuesday 8:30pm Melbourne time on ABC. It's the final episode where they tackle (non)sustainability in the fashion industry 😢 Time to change our perspective on fashion, consumption and creation! πŸ‘πŸ½

At home in nature...
If you're looking for some good local hikes, look up 'The Eight Best One-Day Hikes in Melbourne by Concrete Playground' to get inspired! πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
Why get outside in Nature? We become and are moulded by what we see, what we experience and who we hang out with. Always good then to spend time in Nature and allow her to remind you of your innate intelligence, power and interconnectedness. She teaches through her being. All you have to do is be present and listen.
πŸ“· @_alexanderklein_ in Hepburn #nature #melbourne #hikes #meditation #listen #awake

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