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Laura Poole  Mind calm 〰 Life in flow Sharing ways to cultivate inner wisdom and be of powerful purpose 👉🏼 Vedic meditation teacher based in Melbourne

"I love you.
Not the concept of you.
Not the perception of you.
Not what you will become.
Not your prospects.
Not your need to be loved.
I love you today.
Right now.
Just as you are.
- A.K
#love #lovers #selflove #loveeveryone #youarelove --- Painting by @tinamariaelena, words by @_alexanderklein_

In 2 weeks we return...
“None of your knowledge, your reading, your connections will be of any use here: two legs suffice, and big eyes to see with. Walk alone, across mountains or through forests. You are nobody to the hills or the thick boughs heavy with greenery. You are no longer a role, or a status, not even an individual, but a body, a body that feels sharp stones on the paths, the caress of long grass and the freshness of the wind. When you walk, the world has neither present nor future: nothing but the cycle of mornings and evenings. Always the same thing to do all day: walk. But the walker who marvels while walking has no past, no plans, no experience. He has within him the eternal child. While walking I am but a simple gaze.” ― Frédéric Gros, A Philosophy of Walking
Photography by @_alexanderklein_ of our last trip into the Valley of Flowers #india #travel #photography #meditation #retreat #walk #within

To ALL my NYC FRIENDS - I highly recommend heading along this Sunday 20th August to @thebigquiet's biggest ever group meditation and community experience at Madison Square Garden! Run by two awesome humans @jesseisrael and @laurenbille this is going to be a wonderful evening of deep communing and FUN. There's no better time to show our unity, solidarity and love of each other then now. Tickets online - head to the @thebigquiet page for more details. Love to you all! 🤗
#meditation #nyc #community #vision #inspire #togetherwerise

If you've been wanting to make meditation a daily habit then come along to my private studio in Elwood for a tea and a mind opening chat 👋🏼 I'll be talking about the effortless practice of Vedic meditation, it's many benefits and how easily you can learn.
Monday 14th August
Private studio in Elwood
Open to everyone
More details - > link in bio!
Photo @_alexanderklein_ #vedicmeditation #melbourne #mind #love #wellbeing #yoga #photography

over the years
i have found
that taking time
to be alone
is a wonderful experience
gifting insight and perspective
to see beyond the waves of life
to submerge into the depths
to ask 'what do I really want?'
then to breathe for a while
in this state
communing self-to-self
nowhere to be
nothing to do
palpably experiencing
that your awareness
deep inside
is the same lively awareness
that is everywhere outside
and i am playing
like the rolling waves
like the quivering leaves
full to the brim
bliss intoxicating
this sweet little body
oh to be alone
is not so lonely
for how can you be alone
when awareness is everywhere?
and you too are that?
as you look around with curiosity
'ah ha!' the world says
I've been waiting for you to be here
so very pleased to meet you.

Them holiday vibes 👌🏽 Loving every moment of this hot tropical island as the days seem to stretch longer then the horizon. I'll be away from teaching for the next few weeks as I take my own personal retreat and recharge before our India Pilgrimage. Thank you always to the beautiful Melbourne community for your continual support and love. I'll see you all in August... hopefully with a tan and less mosquito bites then I have now 🙃
Art by @blancamiroskoudy #vedicmeditation #holiday #retreat #lookafteryourself #love

Full house this week for the two Vedic meditation community events we held with my teacher and master cogniser @thomknoles. It was an honour to host these two events and see the powerful flow of Vedic wisdom inspire and uplift the already wakeful crew of 120+ meditators on the night. Everyone's eyes were dilating with bliss after!!! So looking forward to more of these knowledge, love and connection filled experiences in this wonderful city of Melbourne.

If you want to hear more of Thom, you can check out his new free podcast 'The Vedic Worldview'.

Huge thanks to @greenfieldsalbertpark for the stunning venue, @citizencacao for the chocolate goodness, Tracey and Tristan from @superfluid_ and @yoga_of_the_kitchen for the vegan treats, all the VM initiators, volunteers and to @_alexanderklein_ for the chai and all round awesome skills. We couldn't have done it without you all!

#melbourne #vedicmeditation #meditation #wisdom #community #love #thomknoles

"We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time." T. S. Eliot
The biggest learning of life? There is no where to go but here.
Thank you @_alexanderklein_ for capturing the deepest truths of the moment and being so HERE. I love seeing the world through your eyes.
If you want some new portraits for your business, family or home, reach out to this man @_alexanderklein_ for 35mm film photos full of pure love. You can also check out my new website for more of his ace photography.
#melbourne #vedicmeditation #photography #35mm #portrait

This week I'm playing around with different therapies to keep this little body engine of mine firing on all cylinders 🤸‍♀️Meditation is key for the mind and deep relaxation of body - however I find extra little body pick-me-ups along the way really help... especially when there's lots of activity being engaged in on a daily basis.

And so far, soaking in a bath filled with 500kg of magnesium salts for an hour has definitely had a calming and deeply nourishing effect on my body. My naturopath suggested magnesium supplements... so I thought why not soak half a ton of it in through the biggest organ I have? 🙃

Verdict? I always feel a deeper relaxation take place in my usual meditation sessions compared to float tanks, however the effect of the magnesium on my body has been greatly appreciated and I'll definitely be back for more 🙏🏼 〰
Stay tuned for tomorrow's therapy... one I'm excited and kind of nervous about too! Any guesses? 😜

#melbourne #bodywork #relax #recharge #meditation #float #resthouse

JAI GURU DEVA! Today we celebrate Guru Purnima - the full moon night of honouring all the teachers in our lives who illuminate our minds and awaken our hearts. I am forever grateful for the support and transformative Vedic wisdom my guru @thomknoles passed on to me, which he received from his guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, which he received from his guru, Swami Brahmananda Saraswati and so on back to the beginning of time.
Gratitude to ALL the teachers in my life... to Amma, to the ocean that flows with wisdom, to my mother who was my first teacher. Jai Guru Deva Namo Namaha!
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi spoke about Guru Purnima and I'm sharing his words below...
“Purnima means fullness. It has to do with the full moon, but also fullness of the heart. Guru Purnima is the day of infinite correlation, the day of Supreme knowledge, the day of Brahman. It is the day of Guru. Guru Purnima is the fullness of Guru Deva, the fullness of guru, the fullness of pure knowledge.
Guru is the expression of enlightenment, pure knowledge, the field of all possibilities. The field of infinite correlation. In that supreme awakening, in that supreme awareness, in the state of supreme knowledge we have wholeness of life. Absolute value of Being. Pure infinity. Pure eternity. Pure immortality.
Guru Purnima day is structured in pure knowledge. It comes year after year to bring you awakening of totality of life. It unfolds the full potential of knowledge and brings to fulfilment the master-disciple relationship. It is the master-disciple relationship, and that expresses itself in its totality. Full potential of all possibilities. It is a very special day. It’s a very special day for us.”- MAHARISHI MAHESH YOGI
#vedicmeditation #melbourne #gurupurnima #fullmoon #honour #respect #awaken

Learn Vedic meditation July 11-14 6:30pm-8pm each evening in Elwood, Melbourne.

Over 4 x 90min sessions you'll learn to become a confident 💪🏽 and cruisey 😌 daily meditator with a new found tool to decrease stress ⚡️and increase flow 🌊

There are a few spots left for next weeks course. Details through the link in my bio or send me an email 🙏🏼

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