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Laura Poole  Mind calm γ€° Life in flow Sharing ways to cultivate inner wisdom, dissolve stress and be of powerful purpose πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Based in Melbourne

There is power in surrender and grace in letting go.
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When darkness comes
Embrace it with open arms.
When the shadow is revealed
Bring it into your light.
The pain in our hearts
Is the feeling of realisation.
That possibly we’re not as free as we once thought.
And this feeling is a reflection of movement
As that which no longer serves us
Is offered up.
The pain
Expressive of growth.
Is offered up.
The fear
Of stepping into the unknown
Is offered up.
When you feel this
Know you are expanding.
Know you are doing the work.
The only thing that dissolves the dark
Is light.
The light is your awareness.
The light is your heart.
The light is other's sweet presence.
Don’t feel like you have to hide any part of yourself
Shadow or light.
Include it all into the presence of your self.
Love it all.
Feel it all.
Be it all.
The ocean is in every wave.
Art by @tinamariaelena
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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 🌷

"....To live fully is to always be in the unknown, to experience each moment as completely new and fresh. To live is to be willing to die over and over again." - Pema Chodron
Let go of who you think you are and become what you are right now. Do this again and again and again.
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A snapshot from our weekend of 'Rishi Training' where this incredible group of humans are learning and unlearning, studying and questioning, expanding their perception and stretching the limits of their brains! Daily meditation is one part of the process - the other is shifting our passed down belief systems on how this thing called life works and what our role is in it. And this is what Rishi Training is all about.
Massive gratitude to each of the committed humans taking the course this year! What a mind-bending, heart-opening, full-body HELL YEAH experience of Veda truth bombs 😜
Sound intriguing? If you've learnt Vedic meditation and want to go deeper with your exploration then this course is for you. Rishi Training plays out over 6 x weekends each year. The next one starts Feb 2018. If you're keen to jump on board send me an email!
Jai Guru Deva @thomknoles for your wisdom and flow
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Morphing into autumn... and as the seasons change so do we. Following the age old wisdom of Ayurveda, Autumn calls for more warming meals, daily hot oil massages, slow flow yoga and lots of ghee! These lifestyle practices (along with twice daily meditation) help counteract the excess movement and dryness of the season by keeping the body oiled and grounded.
Balance is key. And true balance means the ability to shift, change, be flexible and adapt to the environment. Just like these stunning little red leaves that were shining green only a few weeks ago! You'll notice that if you move with the seasons, your mind and body will love you all year round.
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Quiet the mind and the soul will speak... Along with the ten thousand other thoughts that are also vying for your attention. But that's OK because in Vedic meditation thoughts are a part of the practice. So if you're good at thinking... then you're going to be great at this.
Join me next week to learn the effortless practice of Vedic meditation over 4 x 90min sessions, 25th - 28th April. Email for more details or head to the link in my bio!
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Hello @peppermintmagazine! Feeling honoured to be sharing the @1giantmind story and starting the evening off with a mass meditation at the first ever PEP TALKS in Melbourne!
It'll be happening at the Allpress Studio on Friday 16 June 2017. After the 1 Giant Mind meditation session there will be Kemi Nekvapil - coach, speaker and raw beauty expert - sharing her story, along with John Elliot, the Australian managing director of life-changing shoe brand TOMS. Join us as the pages of Peppermint come alive! Tickets available through @peppermintmagazine website πŸ’ͺ🏽
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Thank you. To this community. For showing up each week and sharing yourselves with each other. Doing the daily work. Enquiring deeper and facing the fears. Making the space for each individual to feel part of something greater. Supporting and nourishing the whole. Laughing, loving, realising and being super real. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
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"If you think that to be a yogi you must give up sex, why don't you also give up eating and sleeping? Yoga and meditation have nothing to do with giving up these things; it's only concerned with transforming their purpose and meaning." Swami Satyananda Saraswati
Our weekly group meditation and knowledge talk is on tonight for all Vedic meditators as we discuss new ways of being in modern relationships.
If you're wanting to learn Vedic meditation then come along beforehand at 6pm for a free introduction where you can hear what this style of meditation is all about. Link in bio for details πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
Art by @tinamariaelena
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"The purpose of the festival is to show the urgent need to SHAPE ALTERNATIVES NOW. Ways must be found because of the violent, acquisitive, alienated, industrial society which now poses a threat to survival. People have for centuries searched for equality and the right and ability to determine their own development. Individuals must accept responsibility for themselves. Personal happiness and equality, as much as a good society, depend upon self realisation. The most vital factor today is a sense of true identity. The starting point must be the "will to be the self which one truly is." - Jim Cairns, 1976 from the manifesto of Confest.
Returning from a weekend of nature and nurture in the Australian bush with dear friends. We pay our respects to the Wamba Wamba / Wemba Wemba people who are the first traditional owners of this land. Deep gratitude to this wildly inviting who's presence and aliveness has relaxed and healed so many. And now, onward we go with the daily work of being ones true self, realising deep happiness within and radiating it for all to enjoy.
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MELBOURNE CREW - Come join us in two weeks time at the new @greenfieldsalbertpark for a morning of yoga with @dbrownyoga, blissful beats by the mellifluous @josh_blau_yoga, a big community meditation session and then a shared breakfast so we can simply be and eat together πŸ‘ŒπŸ½Tickets are online! Head to the @greenfieldsalbertpark website for details.
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