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Laura Maggio  NQ NPCbikini competitor-TeamExuvia Fit Water: Laurafit15 CPT💪🏼

Just a little #humpday motivation from today’s back workout💪🏼🖤
What did you train today?

Do it for yourself⚡️
Find your motivation, set goals and believe you can conquer them!💪🏼🖤

Enjoying the warmth today!🌤NY in the morning and suitcase is full of sweaters, coats, gloves and hats. Won’t be needing any bikinis for this trip!!❄️
📷 @_jcsmooth.com_ 👄@makeupbysamglam

No I wasn’t born like this, it’s not just in my genes, this is lots of discipline, hard work and lifestyle changes. My last transformation photo showed me leaner and needing to put weight on to build more muscle. Some may think it must be a nice problem to have, not all true! My body can fluctuate easily and when I was going out for happy hour, eating out, brunch on weekends and barely making it to the gym it shows. The times I wasn’t eating enough from stress or too busy with work I was under weight and lost my curves and had less muscle. It’s always up to me how I feel inside and out. I’m 100% in control and so are you no matter where you’re starting from. I’ve never felt better since I started my journey. Don’t worry about where you are starting from just start now and before you know it time will pass and you will be proud of how far you have come!🗝

Rise and grind🌤
Wake up determined to keep working towards conquering your goals. Don’t think about yesterday if you missed the gym or didn’t eat as well as you’d like to of. Don’t make excuses and say you’ll start again on Monday. Today’s a new start so get back at it and keep going!!💪🏼💦
@sweetsweat 🙌🏼🖤

These photos are 3 years apart. If you want results you have to be willing to train hard for it! The picture on the left 2015 weighing 112lb, the picture on the right is from todays check in photo with coach @lizmontalbano weighing 124lb.🍑💕 #transformationtuesday

Hello Friday🖤 Who’s ready for the weekend?🙋🏽‍♀️
📷 @lmytless

Stand tall and be brave enough to believe in yourself.✨

Friday pump, biceps/triceps💪🏼
Make your weekends balanced! Enjoy a cheat meal or two but don’t make every meal a cheat meal. Sleep in if you want but then do something active as well. Find that balance so when Monday comes around you feel good and ready for the week!!🙌🏼🖤

Ladies check out Seraglow now from kfmbrands.com! These are a must order and right now on sale!! This anti-aging supplement helps with energy, weight loss, skin, hair and nails!!!💁🏽‍♀️💊 @boldsupplements 💙

I had a wonderful time shooting with @photodepotbyjoe in Miami back in January. I recently posted a throwback video of me training my abs two weeks out from a competition. Just a little reminder I definitely do not stay that lean year round. Off season gains are a must to be health, build muscle and to have a little balance in life.🍣🍫😊
💄 @makeupbysamglam .
📷 @photodepotbyjoe

Rise and grind #mondaymotivation
Ab roller 4X20 superset hollow holds 60 seconds!!🖤

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