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i ❤️ the @jimmydiresta icepick!
but it doesn‘t fit my tiny girls-jeans-pockets...(why do they make them like that?!)
so i made a shorty, i just cut of about 10 cm.
now i can carry it all day every day like the proud owner of an icepick that i am ⚡️⚡️⚡️
#icepick #edc #shorty

i just uploaded my new video! i produced 10 of my zippo bitsafes on a cnc maschine. be quick if you want one. the first 5 sold within 10 minutes ⚡️⚡️⚡️

i think he is having a good time...
#adiletten #flens #smudo

best beach bikeride
#smudo #fanø #bicyclelicious

we had a great day walking along the beaches of fanø, denmark today.
#recharging #smudo #takingabreak

that means smudo is taking over my account for this week :)
happy smunday!
#smudo #smunday #vacation

just uploaded a new video!
i built this staircase in 8 hours...incl. one big time fail :)
check it out on my youtubes.
happy sunday everybody!
#fail #stairs

today i had the pleasure of joining a paneltalk at the @lbeachfestival together with @raketerei @tanjavieth and annie heger.
thanks! that was a lot of fun

just got this wonderful present by the incredibly talented @karolinehinz from #propshopberlin
dude! this is soooo rad!
it will get a super sweet spot in my new shop for sure ❤️❤️❤️

it‘s smunday!

that is when its monday but you wish it was sunday and smudo is allowed to sleep in the bed...
happy smunday everybody!
#smunday #smudo #beststartintotheweekend

just uploaded my new video
it’s a keyring with an integrated bitholder that also works as a lock to attach your keys to your belt. and all that is super cheap and easy to build. its the addition to my zippo bitsafe...
#makersedc #edc #keyring

i wanted to call the video “quick and easy stairs”...
looks like i will have to change the name to “way-too-steep-to-walk-stairs” 😂
#startagain #stairs #fail

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