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Laura Sadler  ✈️Full time skydiver at @skydivedubai 🇬🇧 27 years old Adventure/adrenaline junkie! Living the dream! 😎

3 week Yosemite trip is over! Probably didn’t need to do the 6 pitch 5.10c the next day after half dome though 😂 mentally exhausted, what an epic trip... till next time!
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One of my dreams has always been to climb Half Dome.. So when I arrived to Yosemite 3 weeks ago and Simon said we’re going to climb it in a day.. I was skeptical as I haven’t climbed outdoors much, but we trained as much as we could improving our endurance and we did it! Half dome in a day! 😃😃 We started climbing at 5am and we topped out 14 hours later just before sunset at 7pm. What an insane rock.. 21 pitches... We climbed the first 17 pitches in 9 hours, stoked. Simon your a machine for leading it all.. we both free climbed every pitch under 5.11a.. awesome climbing partner!! Third pillar of Dana next before flying back to England 😎
#halfdome #yosemite #yosemitenationalpark #climbing #climb

This morning we climbed the first 4 pitches of ‘freeblast’ on El Capitan.. incredible piece of rock!! Future goal to climb one day! Stocking up tomorrow for the big one, half dome ❤️ #yosemite #halfdome #climbing

Yesterday we climbed at a spot called ‘Drug dome’, oz route with gram traverse.. the traverse was pretty crazy.. thin hands/high feet with straight drop underneath, enough to get the heart going and arms pumped! Finished the day off with a fun scramble up a route called ‘Blown away’. Tuolumne Meadows is a beautiful place!! 79 pitches climbed so far.. couple of rest days now and one more climb until we attempt Half dome 💪🏻
#yosemite #tuolumnemeadows #climbing #climbing #drugdome

Simon and I hiked 3.5hours up to the base of ‘The Incredible Hulk’ in the high sierras.. pretty knackered, looking forward to opening my tin of beans with my new Swiss Army knife.. must of been holding it wrong and slipped, closing the knife on my fingers and taking a chunk of the tip of my index finger 😩 luckily Dr Simon taped it all up! The next morning we got on ‘Red dihedral’ and climbed 9 pitches.. summit elevation 11,120ft, cold and a bit painful on the fingers..But so awesome!!! #highsierras #climbing #climb #incrediblehulk

Today was awesome...climbing serenity crack and then sons of yesterday straight afterwards.. 8 pitches, sick finger pockets!! Was so stoked to take off my climbing shoes at the end though so I could put my trainers on for the repel.. then I dropped one and watched it fall down the cliff 😢 damn shoes were only a couple weeks old!! Still, sick climb!! Perfect end to the first week of Yosemite, tomorrow we’re heading to the high sierras to climb ‘The Incredible Hulk!’
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Reaching the summit of Washington column.. what a sick climb! 11 pitches, mixture of aid/ascending/free climbing, learning a lot!! Totally out of my comfort zone at one point but worth it.. solid work Simon!!
#yosemite #yosemitenationalpark #halfdome

Climbed 3 pitches on Washington column then did some aid climbing on pitch 4/5 which was quite tricky for my first time! Rappelled down to pitch 3 and Slept on ‘dinner ledge’...Such a sick ledge, sleeping under the stars was incredible!! Waking up with some coffee before climbing the rest of the wall ☕️
#yosemite #yosemitenationalpark #climbing #climb #halfdome

9 pitches of East buttress cruised in 4.5 hours, awesome climb.. Descent not so pleasant.. Ants and wasps!! 30 pitches in the first 4 days of climbing, rest day tomorrow 😎

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Half dome!! Can’t wait to send this!! Sick day climbing center pillar of frenzy! Now chill 😎
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A cold 5’c last night in Tahoe, woke up to find all our food gone. It seems a bear was hanging around our tent, Silly Simon forgot to close the bear box 🐻 Slightly concerning as it ate all 24 of my protein bars, that bear is going to be beefed up!!!

A nice early morning 18km run across the Golden Gate Bridge to shake off the jet lag!
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