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Laura Herde | Life Coach  Δ Holistic Health & Wellness ☾ Mindset ♡ Selflove ❀ Vegan ☼ I help stuck females gaining clarity & designing their dream life ↠ Los Angeles

Believe that your future will be bright and the universe will have no choice other than manifesting greatness for you.✨ | Anzeige
I get asked so often about advice for a happier life. My approach these days is simple:
Expect less.
Give more.
Consume less.
Create more.
Talk less.
Listen more.
Plan less.
Do more.
Worry less.
Live more.
It was only when I stopped looking for validation in others that I could find infinite worth within myself. It was only when I stopped caring what others would think about my lifestyle that I would create infinite freedom in my work and personal life. I am free of any judgement of others, because the opinion of others no longer touch me.🕊
This is exactly the reality I always wanted for myself and I feel incredibly passionate to help my coaching clients creating their dream lives as well. There are 2 more spots open in my personal transformation & life design coaching program. Application link in bio.🦋
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Bali throwback: me in my element, sipping on green juice and feasting on vegan soul bowls.🌿
Congrats to 3 years of making amazing food @pelotonsupershop 🎊 | Anzeige
How to build your dream life:
- believe that everything you can imagine is possible
- envision yourself living your absolute dream life - feel into the emotions you would feel if what you imagine was already yours
- act as if your vision was already your reality
- align your thoughts with your emotions and your emotions with your actions
- become the person you need to be in order to live the life you want to be living
- speak what you wish to be brought into existence
- start working towards your dreams by breaking down your bigger goals into smaller action steps - do one thing every single day that is crucial for taking you to the next stage of your life
And there you go - welcome to your dream life.✨
If you need any help / support during this process of taking action, feel free to reach out to me and I am happy to guide you on your path towards the reality you wish for. Simply click on the link in my bio and apply for my intense 1:1 dream life coaching program🌻 #lifecoaching #lifedesign
Today is the 11.11.11 (2+0+1+8), so make sure to write down in detail what your dream life looks like. Happy manifesting, fam!💫
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Some lessons that traveling for 2 months has taught me...☀️
I learned that money will never be as valuable as the time and energy you spend.
I learned how necessary it is to follow your gut feeling and go where your intuition leads you.🐆
I learned that I can trust the vibes that I get from the people I meet and that the energy I feel ultimately determines if I am aligned with someone (or not).
I once again realized how crucial it is to work hard on your dreams and make compromises in order to get to where you want to be.🌸
I learned about how important human connections are for my overall well-being and what kind of features I value most in others.
I learned how letting go of control leaves more room for flow and magic to happen.✨
I realized that I prefer chasing sunsets over security and comfort any time.
I learned how to balance me-time, my work as a coach, blogger and Influencer as well as my social life.
And after all, I learned what it means to be truly present in the moment.💭
What is the one thing you learnt during your travels that you want to share?👇🏽
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This shot pretty much sums up my mood these days...🐒 | Anzeige
Here is my ultimate guide to happiness:
1. Learn to accept, love and embrace yourself exactly the way you are
2. Go where you feel the most alive
3. Do something every single day that makes your soul happy
4. Take care of yourself and prioritize your well-being
5. Connect with people who share similar interests and values
6. Eat food that makes your mind and body thrive
7. Find peace within your own being
8. Be grateful for where you are at and excited about where you are going
9. Realize that you are blessed to be alive
10. Give more
Which of the points above are you going to apply to your own life today?✨
This chick @camilaganon and I stayed at this beautiful villa in Uluwatu last week and had the best time together - I can’t wait to come back next year, I miss you like crazy! Thank you for having us @villagulabali 🌸
I can’t complain though, I have been in CA for a week now and feel as connected to this place as I did last year. Watch my stories to see what I get up to in San Diego and to get more info about the live stream tomorrow x
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Traveling truly is the best teacher in life...🌿 | Anzeige
I get asked so often why I travel that much and the main reason is that I see traveling as an investment into myself.🌸
I couldn’t be a life coach if I wouldn’t invest so much time as well as financial resources into growing myself in all different areas of life: making experiences, getting to know different kinds of people, cultures, ways of thinking and lifestyles.
It‘s the most interesting thing in the world to me.💭
And it‘s the most fulfilling and most satisfying thing to teach all the knowledge I gather and as a result, see my clients thrive in all different areas of life.✨
By traveling, I am constantly learning new things. About the world, other humans, myself and ultimately, how the universe works and why things are the way they are...
My life is a journey of constant growth and deep transformation.🦋
I am forever grateful that I chose to set my priorities this way and invest my time & money into my knowledge, education, making memories and exploring this beautiful world we are living in...✈️
What are you investing your time and energy into?
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I sometimes feel fragile, but then I realize that it's okay to feel this way. 🌬
Life isn't a constant high and I am slowly learning to accept that. Being okay with not being okay, learning to embrace the uncertainty and the confusion. I usually always know where I am heading and what I need to do and focus on next, but sometimes, I struggle with prioritizing all my projects & passions as well as spending time with friends and going out on adventures...🌊
I think what’s most inspiring is showing people how you deal with your struggles, imperfections and life not going as planned.
Being grateful when things are going great and everything is in flow - that’s easy. Seeing the light in dark moments is the real challenge...
I am currently learning to consciously shift my attention towards the positive whenever I am having a hard time.
Gratitude is one of my fave self-care practices for raising my vibration and focusing on the good in life. ✨
I practice it every morning & evening but also whenever I find myself in a difficult situation in order to shift my focus from lack to abundance... This is my intention for this week - what’s yours?👇🏽
📸 @sashajuliard at @pulocinta 🐬
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✦ Real Talk ✦
Back when I suffered from depression, I felt like I was missing out on life because I didn’t go out partying, drinking, dating.
Today, I no longer feel like I missed out on anything 10 years ago.
During that time when everyone else around me was ‚making memories‘, I got to know myself.
I established a proper relationship with myself, uncovered parts that needed healing, I worked on being a person I was able to love. I haven’t always been happy, confident, positive and empowering. I even was pretty much the exact opposite of the person that I am today. Funny how things change.
Instead of making new friends and meeting people, I worked on finding my passions, things that would bring me joy and got in touch with my spiritual side. I inhaled books and started nourishing myself well.
This way, I was laying the foundation for a whole new life I would finally enjoy living. I started from scratch and over time, I managed to design the life of my dreams.
What I am saying is: everything you can imagine for yourself is possible.
Every experience, whether it’s good or bad, is a lesson. The goal is to find that lesson, learn from and apply it to your life in the future.
I am so grateful that I was in this dark place back then because it brought me to a place in life I didn’t even know would exist for me. Today’s reality sometimes feels unreal. I am part of a movement that makes a change. I am connected to the kindest, most inspiring people I could have imagined calling my friends - worldwide.
I have built a life that I love waking up to each and every single day. I built my career around my passions and call what I enjoy doing the most my job. I no longer just exist, but actually l i v e .
Today, I am grateful for every single hardship I went through in my life so far. Every single one that has taught me so many lessons and made me learn about myself.
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When your vision is sharp
and your mindset is strong
the universe will move mountains
to turn your desire
into reality.
It all starts with you believing into yourself.
If you don’t believe in yourself, then why would others do it?
It was only when I found myself in this crazy world
after months and months of digging deep,
that I knew exactly what I wanted my life to look like. 💭
I gained so much clarity and confidence after uncovering who I truly am and finding out what actually matters to me.
I started realizing what kind of people I wanted to surround myself with, what kind of career path I wanted to pursue and ultimately, what my life mission was.🦋
Getting to share what sets my soul on fire with so many people is nothing I would ever take for granted.
Once you start putting off your mask and show more parts of yourself, especially the messy, the raw, the vulnerable ones,
people are able to relate to and connect with you on a way deeper basis. This is what I want this platform to be all about: a safe space of authentic connections, shared values and big dreams.💫
If you want to find your WHY in life, apply for my coaching program on my website x #lifepurpose
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What dreams are made out of...
Ocean views, white bed sheets, good company and deep conversations about what truly matters in life 💭 | Anzeige
I left only 4 days ago and I’m already missing my Bali family...
These 2 days on a beautiful heart-shaped island in the middle of the ocean have been beyond precious.
Time spent connecting, sharing personal experiences and stories, learning from and about one another. I got so much inspiration from this trip and recharged my batteries in between ocean dips, snorkeling, eating delicious vegan meals and laying in the sun. Thank you for this unforgettable time @pulocinta 🐬
LA update: I am so grateful to be here right now. When I booked my flight back to this city, I knew this was a crazy decision. 9 weeks of non-stop traveling are intense and can really get to you, but as long as you make sure to squeeze in time for self-care, it‘s one of the most beautiful gifts as well. Traveling and meeting new people all whilst working on your business is the best lifestyle I could have possibly chosen for myself. If you want to create a life you love as well, fill out the application form on my website and let‘s talk about how we can make your goals become reality. #lifedesign #lifecoaches #dreamlife #girlsquad #vegangirls #travelinspo

Dare to dream bigger.
Aim for the impossible.✨
Raise your standards.
Who you surround yourself with determines who you will become.
1,5 years ago, I would have never thought that this could possibly be my reality one day. Going on weekend-trips to beautiful bamboo houses hidden in the jungle or eco resorts in the middle of the ocean.🌊
Meeting people with a similar mindset, big aspirations and the drive to make a positive change in this world as well.
Hard work, consistency and dedication always pay off and bring you closer to your visions.💫
Working and living alongside those people is what is gifting me with inspiration and even more motivation to make my dreams happen.
Who is you holding accountable for going after what you desire?
Tag them down below and thank them.💗
It‘s only been 2 days, and I already miss you. Never had someone like you in my life @cocosirens 💎
Shot by our talented friend @sashajuliard at this heavenly beautiful place @pulocinta 💭
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These days, I am floating through life with ease and I trust that whatever happens needs to happen at exactly this point in time in order to help me grow and fulfill my life purpose.🦋
Traveling is one of those things that make me feel in flow with life.
Thank you for this unforgettable stay @pulocinta I Anzeige
During my 24-hour trip from Bali to LA, I have been doing lots of reflecting and re-evaluating.💭
On where I am in life right now, where I have been 6 weeks ago and where I want to be at the end of this year.
I feel like this is a non-negotiable, yet quickly overlooked practice that is gifting you with so much clarity and motivation to move forward.🐬
Writing down your achievements and tasks you still want to work on is important when you are setting yourself goals and consciously working towards them day by day. If you don’t happen to write into a journal or schedule tasks in your calendar, I highly recommend you doing so in order to make progress way faster and hold yourself accountable.🌬
Something that also helps is telling your friends about your goals or working with a coach who pushes you to move forward and supports you in figuring out where you want to go on this beautiful journey called life.✨
What is your goal until the end of 2018?👇🏽
📸 @sashajuliard
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Don’t let the world make you turn cold.
Stay warm-hearted, true and open.
Make yourself vulnerable.
Embrace your softness.🥀
Relax into who you are.
Connect with that flow of life.
Attract what you expect.
Reflect what you admire.

Life update: after being up for more than 40 hours with only 2 short naps in between, I made it to LA.👼🏼
I first felt so overwhelmed coming here before boarding the airplane because the past 6 weeks have been very intense and there hasn’t been that much time to properly process everything. I am in a way better place now and feel mentally more than ready to take this 3-week experience all in. I have so many beautiful things to look forward to and can‘t wait to connect, create and flow in this city that instantly felt like home after coming here for the first time 13 months ago.💭✈️💫
Which place feels like home to you?
📸 @cynthias_travels
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