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Laura Henshaw  Co-Founder of @keepitcleaner Law Student Co author ‘A Girl’s Guide to Kicking Goals’ 📖 Sign to the new Keep it Cleaner Program 👇🏼❤️

So we have a little secret hiding behind the coconut 🙈 We have been working on developing a nasties free and delicious protein powder for a really long time and we are so excited to finally be able to share it with you guys 😆❤️ We can’t announce where it is going to be stocked yet (we can in one week)....but you can guess 🙈 They are WPI based and make smoothie soo creamy and yummy ❤️ P.s we have Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Vanilla, Espresso and Berry ❤️ We cannot wait for you to finally try them! 🙈🙈

I wanted to move my body before my flight today and set a goal to do a 30 minute @keepitcleaner interval session. I didn’t have much motivation before I started but I got up and got to the gym before I could think about it too much. And my motivation didn’t come until the 25 minute mark of my run. Sometimes I start running and I feel like I could run for hours and sometimes even managing 20-30 minutes is a huge struggle. It’s not always easy; but I pushed through for myself and how I would feel afterwards ❤️. Don’t give up on yourself when it gets tough; sometimes you just need to believe in yourself a little more and you’ll get there x ❤️

Today was just amazing 🙌🏻 Congratulations to @aiavitalitynz on such an incredible launch. I am so honoured to be able to work alongside their incredible NZ ambassador @jessicaemilyquinn 🥰 She is changing the world and has such an inspiring story. We finished the day recording a podcast together for KIC Pod and I can’t wait for you guys to listen ❤️ Can’t wait to come back to NZ 🙏❤️ #AIAVitalityNZ

Off to NZ today and then to Bali for our @keepitcleaner x @journeyretreats retreat on Saturday 🥰❤️ I can’t wait for some warm weather and to meet all of the beautiful girls coming from our community 🥰 I am only in NZ for a couple of days again this time but can’t wait to get back with @stephclairesmith soon for something special for @keepitcleaner 🥰😆❤️

Got through my first experience in a moot court without totally forgetting how to speak 🤣🤣 It’s so funny I feel pretty ok walking into a room of people to speak but put me in a fake court room with just my lecturer and me....And my nerves are 20000 x. I think it’s all about practise and getting used to it; I used to feel just as nervous as I did in their room today as I did before I did any public speaking but the more I practise the less nervous I have become. The best way to improve at things is to practise them - the first time will SUCK so much but each time from there it will get easier ❤️. The first jump is always the hardest but it’s always such a relief once it’s done and sometimes (I know) you just want to say no but saying yes and throwing yourself in the deep end can sometimes be the thing we need to grow and learn ❤️ x

New KIC Pod episode is out today on bullying and trolling which is something that is really important to us. Thank you to our beautiful community for sending in your stories and helping lead the conversation; it is one that can’t be had enough. We share the dangers, our own experiences and mechanisms to deal with it as well as what we should always be thinking about when we talk to others. We hope you enjoy it ❤️

Oh my goodness it is freezing in Melbourne today 🥶 And yesterday (sort of) felt like Summer 😆 The water was COLD yesterday but I was so sore from our @keepitcleaner workout and wines session I thought the water might help my muscles a little for filming today and tomorrow 🥰 P.s of course I have bather bottoms on (my arm is just blocking) 😂

This is what I call time saving curls (I roll my hair into mini buns while I drive to event) 😂 Also it appears I put blush underneath my eyes where the concealer is meant to go 🤣 I would love to know what the best beauty / hair hacks you have are ?!

Today was AMAZING ❤️ Thanks so much to @jaseandpj @kiis1011 @brasnthings for putting on another incredible Workout and Wines event 🙌🏻 We LOVE being a part of it and had so much fun 🥰❤️ Thank you so much to everyone who came and made it so special ❤️ @keepitcleaner

A reminder that tummies come in all different shapes and sizes, they change everyday and look different at every angle. No tummy is the same (or perfect.) I spent a lot of my early twenties letting my confidence and ‘health’ progress be defined by the definition in my stomach, how ‘flat’ it was, and if any part of it went over the top of my jeans. I was so mean to myself; and allowed my confidence to be heavily affected by something that is so trivial and doesn’t matter at all. Be kind to yourself. Don’t let any voice in your head push down on your self confidence. Speak to yourself with respect ❤️ No specific number of abs or physical trait should affect how others perceive or value us; so don’t get caught up in letting it affect your own personal worth. You are SO much more than any number on the scales or a ‘flat stomach’ x @keepitcleaner ❤️

Every single time we get any feature on Apple we pinch ourselves but waking up to seeing @keepitcleaner as today’s App of The Day is the CRAZIEST moment 😭❤️ We are so proud of our app and are incredible team who works extremely hard behind the scenes and of course the biggest thank you to our community. Without you guys there is no Keep it Cleaner; you make it so special and we love you all so much ❤️ (p.s this is a sneak peak of our new campaign; can’t wait to show you the video ☺️❤️)

Here’s a little snippet from our YouTube video 😆 I was SO nervous 😂 @stephclairesmith ❤️ Full video is on our channel ❤️ @onedaybridal @k.y.h.a

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