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Laura (Texas) 🌶  Mom of two turtles 🐢 // Texarkana, TX -- MB, SC // CCU // ✝️

Couldn't imagine a life without this Long Island trash. Happy birthday to my bestfriend and partner in crime. It's gonna be a sick one. #youbetter #goforasoda #norules #benderawareness #hideyourlivers #DEFINITLYhideyourdaughtersandmothersandsisters

I killed three fish yesterday.

Haven't figured out why she's still friends with me but I'm okay with it. #openthewindow #norules #freetabs #neverleaving #softsmile

The snow up north got me feeling some type of way.

It's all making sense now

Huge congratulations to my best friend @paige_burten on landing a badass job teaching students with disabilities. I am so proud of you I can hardly stand it. See you in a week love!

Mott is puking right now

I will never forget the day we brought you home about 16 years ago. There aren't words to do your short time here on earth justice. But I know you're up there with chipper and tinsley and y'all are chasing every squirrel in sight. Gonna miss you buddy. I know I'm speaking for leroi too, he's gonna miss his head rest and best pal. Rest easy, spud.

Happy birthday ya nerd. Thanks for letting me be a bad influence. @cassidylanee

Had to check out the cocks this morning. #chanticleer #chauncey #clucklife #eggsaregood

Alright, time to get your britches back to Conway.