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Ari 🔪  Me, I’m tight as fuck


A collection of snacks from today

・Darlin where’s my hat?・ Pc: @davidthestrange Mercy: @trickster_redux Cosplay: @day_the_mole_dude the last of my blackwatch spam for now 🤠
#overwatch #mcmercy #ship #blackwatch #mccree #mercy #cosplay #genderbent #femmccree

・Do you want be a distraction baby?・ Ahhh @davidthestrange did such an amazing job with these photos from fanime! @trickster_redux is the most beautiful Mercy, thanks for letting me sit in on your shoot! Also BIGGEST thanks to @day_the_mole_dude for gifting me his amazing Blackwatch McCree cosplay,I love my talented friends 💓
#overwatch #mcmercy #ship #blackwatch #mccree #mercy #cosplay #yuri

Pink appreciation post bc I miss this color 🌷, This blue got me feeling a type of way tho

🌊 lapis lazuli, you fled into the bottom of the sea 🌊 #whyamilikethis

I just wanted to say hello🤙🏻

Here they are boys; this is going to be my last con with a full lineup because I want cosplay to take a seat back rn. They aren’t in any particular order so it’s just a tentative little look at my ax line up. See y’all there boys

You see this coming at you from a dark alley, what do you do? Pic and hoodie stolen from @day_the_mole_dude #minetacosplay

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