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L-ACOUSTICS  The best sound comes from one source

RCI Systems, working with SYXA Services, chose #ARCSWiFo for two East Coast churches. In these growing churches, both using vonluteer staff, cost and ease of use were the priority.
RCI Systems’ Bob Capotosto notes: “There are just no seams or breaks in the coverage between boxes in the array, either vertically or horizontally, which means that we can very effectively cover the same space with fewer boxes than some other systems,” he says. “There seems to be a perception that if a system has an L-Acoustics label on it, then it’s going be more expensive than other options, and that is simply not the case with the WiFo. And because of the consistent sonic signature across the entire L-Acoustics lineup, everything scales. Between WiFo and Kiva II, both small- and mid-sized churches can have outstanding sonic performance with a markedly similar sound and stay within budget. They’re both very cost-effective options that can cover a lot of sonic ground.”

Google's annual I/O event is happening now, at the Shoreline Amphitheater at Mountain View. Our event highlight is seeing the L-Acoustics sound system provided by @firehouse_productions_inc :

Systems Engineer Ross Kempi explains: "In the air, K1-SB are flown behind #K2, with a pair of #KS28 per side on the floor due to space limitations, #5XT for close frontfills, 2 groundstacks of #KivaII for infills, surround system is #Kara then we hid some #108P in the bushes for a few dead spots right on the side." "The system is literally stunning," said Philip Barrett, sound designer for Google I/O.

Photo courtesy Philip Barrett

Philadelphia-based Bauder Audio Systems has been part of the L-Acoustics family since 2014 with their #K2 system. They've chosen to expand their equipment list, adding #Kiva II, #KS28 and #LA12X to their inventory.
Bauder is one of those companies that does it all:
“Quite a bit of rock and roll, some corporate, and a good deal of theatre and one-offs—the country concert after the Phillies game or the 76ers game where you get three minutes to roll in a PA and have a show, plus a handful of special events,” explains Production Manager Brian Naab. “Previous to this, we were split between a couple of other brands that make quality products but are rarely seen on tour riders. Now, instead of having to explain how what we had was equivalent to what they asked for on the rider, clients hear ‘L-Acoustics’ and we can immediately move on to the next thing on their list. There is never even a question about it."

The sound system at @wearecalvary - Calvary Community Church in Sumner, WA was recently updated to ARCS WiFo by @ccisolutions.
CCI Solutions Project Lead Mark Pearson notes that the previous system of “refrigerator-sized boxes” not only wasn’t up to the task as the four-campus church’s worship style became more contemporary since the turn of the century, but it also created sightline issues due to its bulkiness in the sanctuary. “There wasn’t a high-enough ceiling or proscenium for a true line array system, and a point-source system wasn’t going to cut it there, either,” says Pearson on considering replacement options.
What did work, and worked brilliantly, he says, was a system comprising two L-Acoustics ARCS Wide and one ARCS Focus per side for a flown system that flanks a four-box center horizontal array of four SB18i subwoofers. A pair of coaxial 12XT enclosures is used as monitors for the stage, and all of the L-Acoustics speakers are powered via three LA4X amplified controllers, which are also the primary DSP engines for the system.
“The WiFo has become our first choice for mid-sized houses of worship like this one,” explains Pearson. “The results—the sound and the performance—are always great.”

The @singchina television show finals were held live at the @beijingnationalstadium - a venue renowned for its reverb.
Working in conjunction with Mr. Jin Shaogang and L-Acoustics’ applications engineer Alvin Koh, Rightway Audio Consultants that deployed delays to ensure even coverage of the venue, including an asymmetrical flown delay system to account for the LED screens and provide even cover for Levels 2 and 3. This approach meant that Mr. Jin Shaogang did not have to drive the system too hard, keeping the volume at a level that accounted for the reverb while ensuring good intelligibility throughout.

44 x #K1
30 x #K2
22 x #K1SB
16 x #SB28
9 x #Kara

@christomlin and his Worship Night in America show is trekking through .. wel, America, of course! All through Spring, you can catch him, with FOH Kyle McMahon and System Technician Nick Turner at arenas and performing arts centers with a #K1 and #Kara system from Mid-America Sound Corporation.

Audiopro Latin America is the first L-Acoustics rental partner in Chile and they've already put their brand new #K1 to excellent use for this year's record-breaking @lollapaloozachile !
140k festival goers enjoyed Metallica, Cage The Elephant and more over #K1.
“We had been involved with Lollapalooza Chile Festival for the last four years,” says Jorge Diez, owner at Audio Pro. “When Lotus, the festival’s technical producers, learned of the arrival of our K1 system, they said, ‘We want it for the Festival’.”
With the new L-Acoustics sound system, Audio Pro went from supplying the third stage at Lollapalooza to supplying the Main Stage and third stage too.

Did you know? In the early 90's, when EDM first started taking off in the Netherlands, our partner Rent-All was there with one of the first V-DOSC systems. As EDM developped, so did Rent-All and over the years, L-Acoustics systems became the go-to PA for many of these shows in the Netherlands..... and all around the world.

@emelisandeLong Live the Angels tour hit various stops in the UK and Europe. Adlib - Sound Light and Visual Solutions accompanied her throughout, supplying an L-Acoustics sound system:
32 x #K1
12 x #K2
10 x #Kara
12 x #KS28
4 x #ARCS

The L-Acoustics family grows! Wisconsin-based Intellasound Productions has just added #K2, #Kara and #KS28 to their inventory. One of the first uses for the new gear was Grammy Award-winning trumpet player Chris Botti at the University of Dubuque’s Heritage Center, where the musician was joined by the Columbus Symphony.

Italy's Soundbag has been an L-Acoustics rental partner for a couple of years, but they just upped their game, adding #K2 to their inventory, allowing them to service bigger events in Italy and beyond.

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