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lateafternoon  Don’t compare your behind the scenes life with other people’s highlight reel.

Stepping out for tonight’s Florence and the Machine concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall which just happens to be right next to our new place. Watch the night unfold in my Insta Stories. Also I’ve been wearing the @ctilburymakeup Hollywood Flawless Filter as a highlighter and it makes my skin glow even when it’s dark and rainy outside. FYI : It’s my new obsession and this endorsement is not sponsored or affiliated with the brand. I just love the stuff. #florenceandthemachine #dtla_everyday #plantsofinstagram #springstyle

Spent my Sunday shopping for new summer essentials. You can help me decide on what to buy in my Insta Stories. What did you get up to today? #springstyle #whatiworetoday #prettyinpink

All the pretty flowers 🌸 #underthefloralspell

As requested here’s a quick video of me making a bouquet of pink peonies, ranunculus, and the utterly gorgeous ‘Clair de Lune’ peony. To start the arrangement I placed a hydrangea head inside the vase. It works just like chicken wire of floral tape to hold the flowers in place, but it’s a lot prettier. Next I tucked in my statement flowers, the peonies, and filled in the gaps with ranunculus. Hope you enjoy. #underthefloralspell #creativityfound #creativelifehappylife

We are all stardust ✨I wish I could tell you a beautiful story of how Sam and I spent hours taking long exposure shots of the night sky. However I am deathly afraid of snakes and since it just happens to be rattlesnake season no promise of a spectacular photo was going to entice me to hike through snake territory at night. Hard Pass. This was all Sam, I was watching RuPaul’s Drag Race. #underthenightsky #stardust #shootingstars

You don't always have to go around the world to find a place that will enchant you. Our little ranch retreat is only a few hours outside of LA but it feels like we may as well be in the South of France. You don’t have to spend a fortune to fulfill you wanderlust cravings, you just have to get creative because the most extraordinary places are a lot closer than you think. More in today’s blog post. Link in profile. #wanderer #neverstopexploring #visitcalifornia

It was hard to leave our little slice of paradise but I always love coming home only if it’s to start planning our next adventure. #picnicday #visitcalifornia #underthesun #wanderlust

I’m a complete binge reader. I get so caught up in a story, I find myself unable to put the book down until it’s finished. When I buy a new book I have to set aside a full day to read it because once I start I won’t be able to get anything done. It’s like binge watching a Netflix show but with zero ability to multitask. Anyone else do this too? Today I’ve shared my top 5 favorite books over on the blog(link in profile). These are the ones I find myself re-reading over and over. Do you have certain books you find yourself reading again and again? #bookworm

There are places you visit that instantly steal your heart. This morning Sam and I both woke up craving a creative recharge. After spending a couple of hours trying to come up with a new magical place to explore, we looked at each other and knew where we really wanted to go. We hopped into our car and within hours we were at our favorite ranch tucked in the hills of central California. With nothing around but rolling hills and golden meadows to distract us, it’s the perfect place for a creative recharge. Do you have a special place you go when you need a burst of inspiration? #goldenhour #lovecalifornia #visitcalifornia

Spending a beautiful Sunday with my family celebrating Mother’s Day! Hope you all had a gorgeous weekend.

The scent of lilac reminds me of my childhood. It’s truly incredible how a particular smell can instantly take you back to a different time and place. Lilac also happens to be my mom’s favorite flower so I always try to get it for my Mother’s Day bouquets. #lilac #lilachair #loveflowers #whatiworetoday

This Mother’s Day I want to encourage you to create your very own Mother’s Day bouquets. I made this little beauty with ranunculus, fresh mint, and few strands of amaranthus. The mint is the star here. It makes this arrangement and the whole house smell heavenly. I love using herbs like fresh mint, lavender, and rosemary in my bouquets. #mothersdaygift #flowerfriday #flower_daily #mothersdayflowers

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