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Good morning Friday! Hello Ambrosia Magazine – Volume 3: Brooklyn. Ambrosia explores the lighter side of a region’s cuisine. Through interviews, photo essays, and step-by-step recipes from its great chefs, Ambrosia eats its way through a region, from roadside stands to Michelin-starred restaurants, and pinpoints what sets the region’s cuisine apart and helps you prepare its healthier dishes at home. Volume 3 eats its way through Brooklyn and brings you stories, photos, and light recipes from the New York City borough’s greatest chefs. Now available in our online store (@coffeetablemags)!

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I hope, everyone is okay, on the beautiful streets of London.

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Good morning Thursday! Say hello to the beautiful, redesigned new issue of the travel and style magazine: Cereal – Volume 13. In this volume, they discuss design with John Pawson and Margaret Howell, explore the cities of Sydney and London, and escape to Sri Lanka and Bali. They also sail with Loro Piana, visit the studio of Landon Metz, and tour the former home of Georgia O'Keeffe. Now available in our shop (@coffeetablemags)!

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Good morning Wednesday! Hello Fathers Quarterly – Number 4. It’s a magazine full of timeless content related to the areas of conscious fatherhood, culture, travels and lifestyle. In the fourth issue of Fathers magazine we take a look at various examples of fatherhood. We learn what raising children is like in multicultural Berlin, in a family of artists and in a small Eskimo community. We know no recipe for perfect fatherhood, but we keep searching for it, as we talk to parents that do their best to live up to this challenge. Now available in our online store (@coffeetablemags)!

#fathersquarterly #fatherhood #coffeetablemags #hamburg

Good morning Tuesday! It’s time to freak out: Drift Magazine – Volume 5: Melbourne arrived in our store (@coffeetablemags)! We will send out all pre-orders one after another. So hopefully it will arrive in your mailbox within the next couple of days.

#driftmag #driftmagazine #driftmelbourne #coffeetablemags #hamburg

This is just a picture I took on my last trip to London. But this guy could be me right now, being back from vacation, heading from one place to another and trying to get orders from my shop (@coffeetablemags) out as fast as I can. Welcome back to my busy life!

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Good morning Monday! Hello Lunch Lady – Issue 6. It’s a magazine, where parenting is not taken too seriously but where a balanced approach to family life is. Colourful, thoughtful and full of cheek, Lunch Lady magazine reminds parents to keep things in perspective and have fun. A kitchen keepsake full of recipes, recipes, recipes, real life family stories, photography features, art + cooking ideas for kids and humorous opinion pieces about the ups and downs of parenting. In this issue FOOD: Graham Crackers, Quinoa Brittle, Choc Hazelnut Milk, Cinnamon, Raisin + Pumpkin Seed Bread, Smoothies, Veggie Burgers, Spicy Ginger Cake + Cream Cheese Icing, Oat Walnut + Beetroot Tart … and more. FAMILY: Be an Unfucker, Hey Yum Organic Lollies, Sabine Timm, Dr Ranjana Srivastava on How Death + Dying Bring Perspective, Parenting Around the World, Easy Cake Decorating, Sex Ed. / How to Have ‘The Talk’ with Your Kids … and more. Now available in our online store (@coffeetablemags)!

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Waving goodbye to this wonderful part of the world. See you soon!

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