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L. A. S. H. P.  Los Angeles State Historic Park/LASHP/the Cornfield Tag us 👌🏽

We love this photo of our friends at @castateparkstraining !!! 🙈👊🏽🙌🏽💯
#internationalwomensday Firearms Instructors and participants

We recently encountered this raccoon (Procyon lotor) the other day. This was suspicious occurrence since it was out in the open during the mid day, and wasn't afraid of our maintenance staff that was working nearby. After calling our friends at animal control, we learned that it likely was suffering from Canine Distemper (CD). They informed us that there has been an increase in incidents of infected raccoons in the area. Unfortunately, dogs can also contract CD. In fact all canines are susceptible; members of the Caniformia Order (canines) include bears, skunks, weasels, ferrets, badgers and even seals. If you're worried that your pet can contract CD, go vaccinate them and prevent their chances of becoming exposed to an infected raccoon (e.g. keep them inside over night, keep your trash properly sealed). This virus is nothing new and has been around for years, so there's no need to fret of an "outbreak"... and if you're reading this, you can't get it! :)

Many people think these are fire pits, but they’re actually pits that allow water that’s been collected on the roof to fall and funnel through into the ground. Once in the ground, water is meant to accumulate is the park’s rock gardens, or bioswales! 🌧

Tomorrow’s campfire is cancelled due to unfavorable weather conditions.

This week’s #LASHPDogOfTheWeek is Whispers 🐶 A rescue that was named after her owner’s vivid memory of a whispering willow in a movie. Tag us in your dog photos! Dogs must be wearing a leash to qualify ✨

Next campfire will be this coming Friday, March 2nd! 5pm-7pm, come and roast some s’mores and listen in on a ranger program🔥 This month we’ll be starting something new with our friends at @output 🎶

Field trips are always welcomed 🙌🏽💯🌱

Spring is near! 🤗🐣

“His name is Larry. He is a YouTuber and is going to get married.” - Park Champions Volunteer describing their freshly planted fellow. Have you ever heard that talking/singing to your plants is good for them? It’s true in the sense that it provides concentrated carbon dioxide that will facilitate its photosynthesis! 🌱

Dog of the Week, this gentle giant 🐶Hannibal! #LASHPDogOfTheWeek

Live and invasive. Behold, the brown widow 🕸🕷. #LASHPWildlife

We’re out here today 🙌🏽 Ranger Dandurand is video chatting with a classroom, bringing the park to them! ☺️

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