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Interactive Lash Channel  Dear Lash professionals, 💫We do our best to win your smiles😍 ❗ When reposting, please mention @lashlandia and leave our watermarks on 😘


She's been an accomplished lash extension pro but she wouldn't settle for that. Ear piercing, acid cleansing, lash lamination: her competence shows what an amazing multitalent she is!
Now she's fascinated with fibroblast: a relatively new non-invasive procedure that shows great results in skin tightening and removing wrinkles in the facial and belly button areas.
So please give a warm welcome to Inesa Vrublevskiene from Lithuania! She is a master of PUREBEAU FIBROBLAST procedures, a trainer and a woman of great experience: a full pack for a star of the new episode of Lashlandia TV! Enjoy! 🔝🔝🔝#lashlandia #lashlandiatv #inesavrublevskiene #elanasliachovicius #lashlandiainterview #eyelashextensions #fibroblast

Hey hey Ladies and Gentlemen!

The year 2017 is about to end very soon. ⏰

We hope it was joyful and successful. And in the wake of the New Year's Eve we prepared something special for you!

You didn’t think we were gonna leave you without our last interview, did you? 😏

Here it is - an exclusive video where MEN TALK ABOUT LASH EXTENSIONS! (On instagram is a short version)

A year ago we asked random men in St. Petersburg, Russia a couple of tricky questions about lash extension. How does it look exactly? How long does it take? Would they do their own lashes (o-O!)?😂 Well, what have we got? Something really hilarious? You bet!
P.S. Sorry about the video quality, it's pretty old, but we needed a special occasion to post it ;) And see you in 2018. Hope it will make you flourish! #lashlandia #lashlandiatv #eyelashextensions #maleeyelashextensions #interview #funnyinterview

Hello our beloved beautiful lash people!
Lashlandia team wishes you a Merry Christmas! 💝We hope you are enjoying this wonderful time with people you truly love and cherish. This is a well deserved rest before we all get back to work - with renewed vigour, new energy and emotions. 💫We wish you new exciting projects, new clients and business opportunities. May success will attend you in all your undertakings!

It’s an honor for us to be will all of you, bright and outstanding people! Lashlandia team wishes you all the best and hopes you’ll stick around after holidays.

Merry Christmas!🎄 #lashlandia #merrychristmas #happychristmas #eyelashextensions #lovelash #lovelashes #lashhumor

Do you remember these tough times when you had to literally fight for every single client? Brrr... 😅🙈 Yes, being a rookie is painful. If you're at the very beginning and you can't get it right, here's an advice from Lashlandia. Don't give up! Load yourself with tons of patience and keep moving forward. Hard work pays off. One day you will feel that it was worth it all and you'll be on top of the world! 💪💪👌 #lashlandia #lashhumor #lashlandiahumor #lashes #lashmaker #beginner #eyelashextensions

Watch FULL VERSION on our youtube channel, link in bio🌏Nikolay @vinnichevsky , 33 from Vinnytsia, Ukraine is a loving husband and a happy dad of three kids. Diligent and persistent by nature, he was always fond of mending radios and other precision appliances.
He probably never imagined that his hobby would lead him him to a real vocation - lashmaking, which is just as meticulous as mending and soldering. 🦋"I create the beauty which is adored by men", - says Nikolay, who, after two years of work, is having no shortage of clients.

Well, lashmaking sometimes needs a view from the men's side, doesn't it? Watch the inspiring Nikolay's story in the new episode of Lashlandia TV!
P.S. Actually, we'll reveal you a little secret....this interview has been filmed almost 1 year ago, and we know than Nikolay has grown in his career, and now he has his own little studio!💪😎☺ #lashlandia #lashlandiatv #lashstar #lashmakerman #lashmaker #eyelashextensions

Yaaay and this is actually our special prize for the winner of “Sexy Lashes” nomination at @lash_marathon...🏆🍾😍
We really hope that this sexy cup will be a great decoration of @hrynkodaria work place😇😎🌟#lashmaker #lashmarathon #lashlandia #lashhumor #lashcup #eyelashextensions

Hello, guys 😉
As you remember, we had promised a special prize for " Sexy Lashes" nomination winner- at Lash Marathon online competition 👏🎇❤️
And we have our winner ! 🎉 - her name is Daria Hrynko 👏👏😍👌 #lashlandia #sexylashes #lashmarathon #lashmarathon2017 @hrynkodaria

Hello our awsome friends!😍 It’s been a while since our last caricature.. And here we are with a new one🤗😄 Could you just imagine for second what are you going to look like 50 years from now? Do you take care of your eyes and your posture right now?
Young, energetic, highly demanded, prosperous, happy - that's what we imagine when we dream of being successful at work. Unfortunately we are not young forever. So if you working very hard (and we know you do), don't forget to take a sec to take care of your health. 💡Remember, that long working hours become shorter if you have an ergonomic chair and a good lamp! And some years later your eyes and back will be thankful for you👌🏻🙌 These ladies on the pic are gorgeous, no doubt about that. But you're better, aren't you 🤗☺️💋❤️ #lashlandia #lashmaker #caricature #lashmemes #salute #eyelashextensions #eyelashes #lashes #3dlashes #wimpernextensions #przedluzanierzes #blakstienupriauginimas #lashhumor #юмормастеров #наращиваниересниц #юморлэшмейкера

Inspiring story, anyone?🤔🤔 We all can feel down and tired now and then... If so, don't let melancholy take over you, watch
something encouraging instead! Like the story of LAURA KAMINSKIENE, lithuanian lash star who could get the right way to success! She says it hasn't been easy and she worked really hard to achieve it, but she did it!💪💪🔝💎🏆🍾😎😇 Let this video be the cure for your blues. Watch it right now!📽🎞🖨🔛 ⭐LAURA KAMINSKIENE⭐ - MB BEAUTY SCHOOL - president and owner;
- MADAM BUTERFLY - brand founder;
- DELUXE LASHES - production distributor ;
- INTERNATIONAL TEACHER - in the last 1.5 years travelled already 12 countries ;
- MB BEAUTY SCHOOL - student number in the past 2 years are almost 400 ;

INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER : - Lash Artist International - ARIZONA , PHOENIX , USA 2017;
- Baltic Cup - LATVIA, RYGA 2017 ;
- Lash and Brows Queens - MOLDOVA 2017 ;
- Lashmania Challange - POLAND 2017;
-Lash Artists International - ARIZONA ,PHOENIX, USA 2018 ;
- Ultimate Conference - UNITED KINGDOM 2018 ;
- Passion Lashes - MEXICO 2018;
- Nala International Conference - CANADA , TORONTO 2018.

INTERNATIONAL JUDGE : - Frame to Fame Lash Art competition - USA 2016;
- Lash Challenge - CROATIA ,ZAGREB 2017 ;
- Lash Queens - ITALY , ROME 2017 ;
- Lashmania Challenge - POLAND 2017 ;
- Stricly Come Lashes Competition - UNITED KINGDOM,
VULSTER 2017 ;
- Oscars Online Competition - UNITED KINGDOM 2017 ;
- Lash Me Online Competition- POLAND 2017 ;
- Lash Competition - CANADA , TORONTO 2018;

MB BEAUTY SCHOOL - trainers in UK- KENT , UK - MANCHESTER , UK - BIRMINGHAM , NORTHERN IRELAND - PORTADOWN and coming more... MB BEAUTY SCHOOL - acreditated school ;
MB BEAUTY SCHOOL - attending in many new projects like:
DUAL MASTER CLASSES with Jill Heijligers-Peloquin , Leanne Harber , Elanas Liachovičius ;

#lashlandia #lashlandiatv #laurakaminskiene #elanasliachovicius #interview

Dear lashmakers, aren't you already counting the days till Lash Marathon in Prague on the 20th-21st of October, 2017? We bet you are, cause this is gonna be unforgettable! So many fantastic lash experts at one place, including Lashlandia, yay 🙂 - truly a must for every beauty pro.

And while you're impatiently waiting for Prague meetup, you could take part in a Lash Marathon ONLINE COMPETITION! Well, to be more clear - you should, because the winners will take part in Lash Marathon worth €480 FOR FREE! So, send your best works till September, 15 and may the best one win! And we almost forgot….Lashlandia’s got a special Prize for the BEST work of OUR choice at "Sexy Lashes" nomination - the prize will be revealed during the event! It is gonna be truly a special one!

So hurry up, good luck for everyone! www.lashmarathon.com

P.S. Even if you think the Online Competition is a waste of time (we don't blame you ;)), there's still a good reason to stick around with Lashlandia. We've got a promo code for 10% discount for Lash Marathon. Pssst 😉 So, go on and register for the event right now!

#lashlandia #lashmarathon #lashcompetition #eyelashextensions

This feeling when you just can’t turn back time…. 😱🙊🙈😅Sending a message to a wrong person... what could be worse? 🤐😳 But it can happen to anyone. So maybe you'll recall this picture next time you're in a hurry texting to someone. It's always a good idea to check twice who are you sending your messages to ;)☝️📱📲 Btw, have you been in an embarrassing situations like this? How did you recover from that?😄
#lashlandia #lashlandiahumor #lashhumor #nailshumor #browhumor #nailhumor #wimpernextensions #eyelashextensions #lashmaker #lashes #smsfail

Visit our youtube channel for full version! Her smile is charming, her experience is priceless🤗😎💪👏🏅🎖🥇🏆💎
Dear lash makers, this is the interview you would never wanna miss!
Please welcome, our today's lash star is INNA KHARLAMOVA!

Inna Kharlamova is a true inspiration for all of us - just look what she's been up to so far: • Judge of international eyelash extensions competitions
• Speaker on the world conferences
• CREATIVE of the year 2015 (1st National Annual Award «LashEmpress»)
• Trainer at the «Champion`s lash school by Inna Kharlamova» .
• Author and technician of the Lashmaker and Сilmag magazine images
• Organizer of online contest LashArtVision 2016 “The Calendar”
• Winner of multiple international lash competitions
Watch the video to know more about INNA's path to success👉😇😉🎥🎞📺✨ #lashlandiainterview #lashlandia #lashlandiatv #lashmaker #eyelashextensions #lashes #wimpernextensions #lashstar

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