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Alexa: is @Sephora racist?

For the past 2 years, I have been thinking about this. When I didn't Own a brand, that question never crossed my mind. But now it does.
I'm curious to know why #Sephora does not buy makeup from black vendors. And yes they have Pat but out of how many vendors?
They purchase makeup made for women of color from white cosmetics vendors when THERE ARE ESTABLISHED INDIE MAKEUP LINES FOR BLACK WOMEN made by PROFESSIONAL BLACK MAKEUP ARTISTS WHO KNOW WHAT THE HECK THEY ARE DOING. @ajcrimson @danessa_myricks @iamsamfine
So why buy poorly made foundations with incorrect undertones from a white owned cosmetic lines when there are black makeup lines that ALREADY HAVE THE CORRECT UNDERTONES? Why not give these black artists MILLION DOLLAR PURCHASE ORDERS too so they can grow their brands, be able to boost their marketing dollars, be able to take their purchase orders and get investors too.
Every time black people demand something someone white wants to control NOT just the conversation BUT THE BLACK DOLLARS. People wake up!!!!! And some will be mad but if you are mad it's because you never had to deal with your ethnic group being disenfranchised.
If business is all about being efficient: IS NOT EFFICIENT TO BUY RIGHT THE FIRST TIME? The reasons why these foundations releases keep flopping left and right is BECAUSE THESE WHITE BRANDS DO NOT HIRE DIVERSELY. Additionally they don't have people of color AT THE DECISION MAKING ROLES. Ain't it cheaper to hire more people of color and not Bust an entire foundation launch? πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ But Sephora will keep giving them chances after chances to mess up and insult you by making black women feel like a secondary though or AN ONLINE OPTION ONLY 🀣🀣 it's not just about finding your foundation shade, BUT IT'S ABOUT BLACK DOLLARS EMPOWERING QUALIFIED BLACK CREATIVES and creating fair completion. There is an oligarchy going on in this makeup industry at the highest levels and reeks racism, favoritism and elitism. People of color have awesome brands. And some will come for me, but it's okay. Go on the website, go to your local #SephoraStore and do your homework and report back your findings to us.

I have read the comments and some want to make light of the financial consequences that can plague smaller brands when huge brands act draconian and just poach ideas and mass produce them.

Who remembers ? The owner was THE ORIGINAL CREATOR OF THE RAINBOW Highlighter. Then these big brands, most who are sold at @Sephora and @ULTA, started to poach and trademark ideas that were not their own BECAUSE THEY CAN AFFORD TO such as Jerrod of Too Faced who wanted to trademark the word UNICORN thereby excluding many indie brands from competing. Insane. Do your research.
Now do we have any idea what the owner of this brand had to endure. She sat there and watched her business be shattered to pieces while non creative bigger brands reaped MILLIONS from her idea. Enjoyed the umbrella of Sephora. Bought bigger houses and @Gucci for their dogs. Oh @jeffreestar put her own as well.

Stop defending bigger brands who throw their millions around and rob the weak of his/her right to EAT and get Fat from his/her intellectual property.
And shame on @Sephora for never buying from the original creators. @Sephora is to blame for this poaching frenzy. If they bought from everyone people would actually put in some work. Bunch of heathens. And is going through a rough patch so please go show her some love and support her. And if you do some research you will find quickly which bigger brand poached from her. These people are greedy and wicked to the core. I'm so sorry but I have been frustrated for years. It happened to me and I'll share my story soon. And they just destroy your business and kill your revenues. It's wrong. Why can't we live off of our art as well? Like dang!!!

THIS POACHING FROM BLACK MAKEUP BRANDS needs to stop. We as black creators are not here to enrich other ethnic groups and etc. We too have families. We want to be able to sell to the world. We want to fly first class. We too want to eat from our works. It's enough.
I even went on the Sephora website and I found my DIMMA lashes. Straight up jacked up. Let's steal from the blacks after all who cares, after all with my big following who will notice. I had another lady who sell lashes and she was on tv tell others: oh if you want to stay with me in LA you can't work with Lena Lashes. The ugliest hearts in this business belong to some of the prettiest faces. @JeffreeStar brought it up in his recent video. Now it's true that uncle Jeffree has a track record that makes people automatically think of him as the trouble maker. If Jeffree is feuding with someone, everyone blames Jeffree. Jeffree. Jeffree. Jeffree.

I was appalled when I saw that infamous video, but recently he has made strides to promote black brands and he does it more THAN ANY MULTI MILLIONAIRE INFLUENCER, especially white. Go to any other channels of a white influencer and see how many products they use from Black companies. NONE. If you want true diversity from product to ownership, Jeffree is your beauty guru.
So the fact that he spoke on this poaching is sincerely amazing. And others will defend Huda because after all she has 26M and everyone wants to be reposted on her page. You know the sick thing about social media is that just to preserve a relationship or the possibility of a relationship people will stand by and watch others get murdered on social media.

I can't convince any black brand to work with Jeffree; however, think objectively and ask yourself which influencer or beauty guru truly dies his/her job? His ways might be too much at times, but he speaks the truth. When Crayola could have hurt the @CrayonCase he was there to speak on it. Put the weapons down in your heart and encourage him to keep speaking up. I have a lot of admiration for Jeffree. If there is a snake in the grass, he will tell you. He ain't gonna let you get bitten. So please #StandWithBeautyBakery let people know

Approaching this subject is hard because no matter what you say someone will be offended. But at some point, people need to speak up out loud and point out some injustices.
A few weeks back, Huda revealed her baking concept. And when I saw some on the promos I truly thought that I was looking at a @beautybakeriemakeup campaign. And I thought to myself, "I didn't know Cashmere expanded her range" then I read the caption and I saw that it was @hudabeauty.

So I was truly confused. From the concept to the color scheme, it all scream #beautybakerie but yet I didn't hear a voice loud enough bringing these blatant similarities to the forefront.
December 2017, Huda received a HUGE INVESTMENT from #TSGCONSUMERGROUP This the same group that financed Smashbox and Revolve. And you follow @Revolve this company always sends influencers on mind blowing trips. But a few years ago, they were broke and busted the house. The p

Yet companies beautybakerie and other black owned brands are always self funded even after they achieve growth, recognition and more. And additionally black brands can't even get meetings with investors or if they do their brands' valuation is so weak. And yet black women display wit, creativity, ingenuity. And so many of our brands are underfunded, not valued, and our ideas are stolen.
If you go to @Sephora, I asked you to count the number of brands that are owned by black people? NONE. And yet we have amazing artists such as @ajcrimson @denessamyricks so when a smaller black owned brand comes out with a company concept and a other brand comes and takes it all the way down to the color scheme: IT IS WRONG. Yet, a white or Persian or Arab brand can copy from a black person and get a deal with Sephora. And this why we need to support @ulta because Ulta buys from all vendors.
I even read Huda's explanation and she can't even bring herself to acknowledge similarities? She can't even bring up the other company's name fear of bringing exposure to her? But these will be same people who will tell you all about #GIRLPOWER
THIS POACHING FROM #BOMB BRANDS needs to stop. We as black creators are not here to enrich other ethnic groups and be ignored. PART II next.

To all of my #LenaLashes babes.
I wanted to extend my sincere apologies about the delay in shipping, ladies being disappointed with the customer service, and other complaints that I have received.

I heard everyone. I read all the comments and I'm truly saddened by the fact that I disappointed my ladies.
I'm truly sorry. I haven't posted in weeks because I didn't even know what to say or how to say it. And I was so frustrated with myself.
I'm going to work on improving SO MANY THINGS in the upcoming months and I'm also going to make another post soon explaining a lot of the issues and how moving forward I intend on fixing them.

But I'm truly sorry. To better experiences and to better memories. And may the Lord be my strength.

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Lash: Bijou.
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Invisible band mink lash
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We have introduced 16 new mink lashes. XO #LenaLashes @makeupbytaren

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#Repost @realjohngray
Savior. Lord. King. Immigrant. // Trust in the Lord at all times. Let His Praise be upon your lips. I pray for infinite blessings for anyone going through such a situation. I can't even pretend to know what it feels like. About 3 years ago, I went through a custody case. I could only see my son once every two weeks. I cried. I cried. I couldn't eat. I had lost so much weight it was disturbing. I stopped recording YouTube videos because I didn't want my followers and my family to be alarmed. I was down. I was so down. It was beyond awful. There are things in life you can't even wish on your worst enemy. I went to court one day and witness a mother lose her child in less then 10 minutes. It's the most evil thing to rip a child away from a parent or parents. And if this is you today, I pray for you. Let the Lord be your balm. The Bible says: weeping may endure for a night BUT JOY COMETH IN THE MORNING. God has not forgotten about you and your situation. Be blessed. Receive His favor. Amen. Everyone who reads this post, leave a comment of encouragement and blessings for those who desperately need to hear words of hope and faith. 😒 My heart is in mourning.

Thank you to everyone who has been reaching out via DMs. I will be mailing you something beautiful within a week. You did not wait to share. Someone messaged me thanking me for using my platform to speak up; and I told her: NEVER FORGET THOSE WHO DID NOT. Everyone wants money from people of color until it's time to become an ally of our causes. They will fly Latina women to push new products but won't speak up when your youth is being abused and tortured and traumatized. And for anyone affected by this, my prayers go out to you and your family. Never lose faith in God. πŸ™πŸ½

These children could be us, our children, our nieces and nephews. Everyday we live, we must stand for something. We must stand for human dignity. The hate and the lack of humanity needs to stop. And we all have a part to play in this. If anyone has been directly affected by this, I apologize. I don't even know how to take these images. Never thought I would witness this in America and in 2018. Wow! This is too much. This angers my soul. And as a mother, I can't even imagine. If you know how we can take action, please leave a comment down below.

Love this close up of our #YoleneLashes by @samysweetpassion πŸ’œπŸ’œ

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