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Get ready for 2019 💫 Boston Lash babes!!!! I will have the honor to host @mrlashextension Manuela Ramírez founder of @lashinternacional and Official Trainer 🖤 She will be sharing Bordeaux patented techniques and so much more. Spaces are limited, don’t wait until it’s too late. Info to register is below ⬇️

Class: Mega Volume Training
Date: March 24th & 25th, 2019
Location: Boston, Mass
To register email:

My Boss arrived at work in a brand new Ferrari.
I told him: “Wow that’s a nice car”.
He replied:
“If you work hard, put all your hours in, and strive for ''Excellence'', I'll get another one next year”.”
🤔🧠👋🏃‍♀️💨 bye..... -
You know what the most beautiful thing about this amazing art we call lash extensions is? You have that ability to grow on your own or with a huge network of empowered women who we have had the opportunity to meet in person or may have only met on social media! You don’t have to be the one making someone else wealthier while you slave away and accumulate vacation and sick time and only take one week out of the year to enjoy life and travel! What is that? That’s not you realize how short life can be?

We live in a world where we are are brainwashed to fall perfectly into the “rat trap” go to school and accumulate credits because God forbid you go to a public event and someone asks you where you graduated from you answer “life university” 👩🏼‍🎓, build credit by getting into credit card debt because you need to show banks you owe money, but can pay it back with interest, now your in more debt, then you have to go spend 50k on a wedding, and pressure your fiancé to buy you a big ass diamond 💍 because all your friends are going to ask you “let me seeeee your 💎” (here comes the judging) oh but wait you also have to buy a house 🏡 , God forbid you don’t get into more debt! But wait all my friends and everyone on social media are traveling the world 🌎 and over injecting their ass and lips, and getting lipos, and don’t forget to work your 9-5 plus over time to pay for the Mercedes you can’t afford, but you have to have a nice car because what are people going to say? Right? .

Okay let’s stop right there! .

How about being smarter? Invest in things that will help YOU (the biggest asset) grow! Once you have done that all the the other things come second! Always remember that! .

Don’t fall into the “trap”


Testing tweezers 👯🖤 using @lashesbyanacarmona CC.07s (to order click link on bio) —
What’s your favorite fanning method?

I don’t know guys, I’m starting to really love taking pictures from this angle❕ .


Its starting to feel like cosmos 🍸 and heels 👠 👯 #saturyay

“They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” .

So I must be insane, because the more I practice my fans, the better they get. It’s like playing an instrument! .

However, if you are not successful at making bomb ass volume fans, try different volume tweezers or try to tweak them (there’s little things you can do to adjust them so they have a tighter sweet spot 😉) Try different lashes and test Volume diameters (you May find fanning thinner or thicker may be easier for you), try making smaller fans first then go for the 8vs and so on. .

👩🏼‍🏫 To learn more about volume technique tips and tricks email me for class info at:

Amazing Volume set by @iam_aylinb using @lashesbyanacarmona CC .07s 🖤

Have you ever wondered what the ACTUAL purpose of our eye lashes is? And no it’s not to make our eyes 👀 prettier ☺️ that’s my job 👯 —
Even though they are often regarded as an emphasis of beauty, their primary function is to protect the eyes from debris and perform some of the same functions as whiskers do on a cat or a mouse in the sense that they are sensitive to being touched, thus providing a warning that an object (such as an insect) is near the eye (which then closes reflexively).

Like all the hair in the human body, eyelashes are a biological polymer, made up of about 10% of water and 90% of proteins, such as keratins and melanins, the substances that give hair its color. And, as all the human hair, they are fed by follicles, located below the skin.

Let’s support each other instead of hating on one another! —
In this crazy world we live in, where us women are so pressured to be able to do it all, to look, behave, speak a certain way. Where us women not only have to have our shit together, be successful, cook some bomb ass food, but don’t forget to be sexy, and smile all the time, look fabulous, never complain, be fit, not ask for much because then you are just needy and GOD FORBID you say the TRUTH about anything! 🙄 —
So please, be kind to one another, in your own way of course! #girlpower #girls

C L A S S I C S on the super sweet and stunning @jordandelia 🖤 #celtics #celticscheerleaders #bostonbabe 🍀 -
Her natural lashes are to die for, I swear these extensions are literally Just coating her same exact length! 😍

Okay ladies let’s be real, no matter how many times lash artists say “it is EXTREMELY important to keep lashes super clean” or giving you specific after care instructions in your after care kit, providing a consent form that says exactly how you have to care for your lashes and what can happen if you don’t. There’s always a good hand full that come in with all sorts of junk and gunk accumulated on lash line and lashes and then question why lashes don’t last as long 🤦🏼‍♀️ and I get it, life gets busy and sometimes we don’t have time. But make it part of your night routine (brush teeth, cleanse face and lashes) or when you shower 🚿 I keep my cleansing brush and foam cleanser in the shower and it helps tremendously because it’s there as reminder. Even if you don’t have extensions your natural lashes should always be clean (I suggest googling “the anatomy of the eye and purpose of lashes”)

Ready to rock the rest of this week! Let’s go! 💕👯#mondaymotivation

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