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Lauren Laserone  I love PUGS, drawing, photography, the paranormal, Gaia.com, podcasts, handwriting, fountain pens, sushi, Indian food. 🐶👽📚📷🍣


I want my desk back. Drawing on the bed is uncomfortable.

Two of my art pens are missing. Ever since those people helped me clean, I can't find anything. 😕

What can I say, it works.

One of my friends from high school, Nathan, had a heart attack. Please see his GoFundMe page &help if u can. And share! Thx!❤
I will put a clickable link in my profile. #gofundme

7 years ago I posted my 1stv Instagram photo. #iganniversary #igbirthday #instagramanniversary #instagrambirthday #2010

I'm so tired of losing everything... Or breaking it. My favorite bracelet broke! I had originally made that bracelet, so I can make it again if I can find all the beads that scattered all over the freakin place and if I can afford to buy more beading supplies. Yes, I'm that poor. But I lost a really expensive gold horse head ring and I've lost one of my mother's diamond earrings that she gave me, I've lost my favorite pug keychain and I even bought it a second time because I lost the first one, I lost my original rudraksha seed bracelet, AND I lost my gnome!!!
#skull #glassbeads #camelbone #rudrakshaseeds
#skulls #beads #bone #rudraksha #rudrakshabeads #bracelet #handmade #ooak #oneofakind

I love these #bracelets. I made the one in the middle. The one in the middle is camel #bone #skulls with flowery glass #beads. I love the contrast. The one on the left is a #rudraksha seed #bracelet and the one on the right is wooden skulls. I haven't been on Instagram for a while because my main phone, which is disconnected from the cellular network, but I use most of the time whenever Wi-Fi is available, the Nexus 6, was overheating constantly and running out of battery in like 2 hours. So I went through and uninstalled almost every app and am slowly adding apps back. But by uninstalling almost every app, that fixed the heating and battery problem. I suspect it was either the Facebook or the Facebook Messenger app according to Google articles I found. But who knows. #skull #glassbeads #camelbone #rudrakshaseeds

Just came across my bracelet from the hurricane shelter. I want to burn that fucker. I LITERALLY can't get the smell of that place out of my clothes. Took three washings and baking soda. But honestly, I should scotch tape it into my diary or SketchBook.

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My apartment complex.

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My apt complex.

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