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La Semilla Food Center  Fostering a healthy, self-reliant, and sustainable food system in the Paso del Norte region of southern New Mexico and El Paso, Texas.


Please consider making a donation to La Semilla today, on El Paso Giving Day (bit.ly/lasemillaEPGD). Your gifts directly impact our programs and enable us to increase our school garden reach, educate many more children and families, and reduce food insecurity for so many area families. Thank you! #epgivingday

Coming together with partners from across the country to cultivate heathy communities for families and children by advocating for health equity in public policy #healthierkids2017 #healthyfood #americanheartassociation #robertwoodjohnson

Exactly one day away! Find us in the Health category on the El Paso Giving Day website or just go to bit.ly/lasemillaEPGD #epgivingday

El Paso Giving Day is November 15th, but early giving starts November 8th! Don't miss your opportunity to make a difference in our community by donating to La Semilla. Visit bit.ly/lasemillaEPGD #epgivingday

First Saturday for fall Raices youth. Early-morning transplanting, saving cempazuchitl (marigold) seeds, and tasting kiwano melons. This bucket of marigold seeds smelled just like a cup of te de manzanilla. ❤️

The farm and our plant relatives are our teachers. The change in seasons amplifies and reminds us of the cycles of life and death and the profound beauty, gifts, sadness, and joy found within these transitions. Creating a community altar at the farm has allowed for reconnecting across generations to do exactly what this #ancestralwayschallenge has so beautifully facilitated the past 10 days. “Share and celebrate the wisdom of our indigenous and ancient ways - whether we have practiced them for generations or are reconnecting with them after usurpation/diaspora.”⠀⠀⠀ Thank you host, mentors, and sponsors!
@alifeallah, @asiaamanzi, @rajla_, @rowenwhite, @tasteofn8vcuisine
: @asiaamanzi, @hoodhealth, @kemeticnubian, @lizhoover ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#ancestralwayschallenge #plantrelatives #earthstewards#knowyourroots #thankyouancestors

#ancestralwayschallenge Day Nine practice GRATITUDE. Grateful for all who share their gifts, time, passion, creativity for healthier bodies, spirits, and communities. Thanks for sponsoring this challenge @tradicionessanas. @decolonizeyourdiet @rajla_ @hoodhealth @rowenwhite “Indigenous story traditions are full of cautionary tales about the failure of gratitude. When people forget to honor the gift, the consequences are always material as well as spiritual. The spring dries up, the corn doesn’t grow, the animals do not return, and the legions of offended plants and animals and rivers rise up against the ones who neglected gratitude...Gratitude is our first, but not our only gift. We are storytellers, music makers, devisers of ingenious machines, healers, scientists, and lovers of an Earth who asks that we give our own unique gifts on behalf of life.” Robin Kimmerer.
https://www.humansandnature.org/earth-ethic-robin-kimmerer .org/earth-ethic-robin-kimmerer

Day 9 of the #ancestralwayschallenge. Student gardeners in Elizabeth Turner's class at Mayfield High School channel their love of the garden into beautiful seed murals that won five blue ribbons and two red ribbons at the Southern New Mexico State Fair! @tradicionessanas @rowenwhite @lizhoover

#ancestralwayschallenge Day 7: It's important to take care of your mind, body, soul & spirit and to do the same for others. La Semilla recognizes that in order for us to take care of others in the community and provide the services that we do, we also have to take care of ourselves. Staff take time to learn Tai Chi, practice yoga, connect with nature, eat & prepare meals together, and enjoy each other's company. #staffwellness #earthstewards #igchallenge

#ancestralwayschallenge Day 6: A fun activity for our Edible Education teachers to do with students in the garden is nature bracelets! Students explore the garden to create their bracelets which helps hone their observation skills and fosters ownership of the garden. With the help of great teachers like Ms. Valencia, we hope to not only grow veggies, but also future stewards of the earth! @tradicionessanas @rowenwhite @decolonizeyourdiet

#ancestralwayschallenge Day 5: Claiming spaces for voices to be heard and respecting the wisdom of women - promotoras take their stories and wisdom to the Las Cruces City Council to advocate for the health and wellbeing of our communities. With a packed room, the city council agrees to proceed with funding a Healthy Food Financing Initiative to support local individuals and small businesses in getting healthy food access into communities that need it most. Women of color leading the way. #wisdom #policy #beingthechange #localfood @tradicionessanas @hoodhealth @decolonizeyourdiet @alifeallah

Using ancestral knowledge La Semilla youth are turning native plants (chaparral, gobernadora, hediondilla) into medicine! Slide over to check out the finished product! #ancestralwayschallenge @tradicionessanas @rajla_ @hoodhealth #farmfreshbus

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