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As the summer heat continues, you may see our patrol deputies wearing a slightly different uniform. During inclement weather (over 100 degrees) you may see our Lancaster Sheriff's Station Deputies wearing a Class "B" Uniform. The difference is a soft badge versus a hard badge, as well as the material. Class "B" Uniforms are a cotton blend versus a polyester blend that the usual Class "A" Uniforms are. This helps our deputies stay a tiny bit cooler in our Antelope Valley summer heat.
It's important for our community to know these are fully authorized uniforms and hold the same authority as a Class "A" Uniform. Just keeping our residents in the know!
As always, if you see our guys on patrol, make sure you say hello!

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As the summer time heat continues and we look for ways to cool off, like opening a window or a door, we may be exposing ourselves to become victims of a crime. As most home burglaries occur during the day time hours, Lancaster Sheriff's Station would like to remind you of a few safety tips to avoid being the victim of unwanted intruders.

1. Keep your doors, windows and garage door closed and locked.

2. Do NOT open the door without questioning who is there. Use the peephole before opening the door and if you do not recognize the person, DON’T open the door. Don’t feel obligated to open the front door to a stranger.

3. Consider installing a security system with a panic alarm button.

4. It is not uncommon for burglars to pose as a salesperson or pretend they need help (their car broke down, can they borrow your phone, have you seen their dog). 5. Don’t pretend not to be home. It can create a more dangerous situation to pretend to not be home.

6. Look into getting a dog. Most times, a barking dog will be enough to scare intruders away.

7. Make sure your exterior lights are functioning and turned on.

8. Dowels and/or window locks are an inexpensive way to reinforce your home security.

9. Call our station if you see anything suspicious in your neighborhood.

Your home is your castle, let’s make sure we keep it that way!

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Sometimes you just need to get out there and shoot hoops with the kids.

What Lancaster Sheriff's Station Deputies are all about. As one of the busiest stations, our deputies are always on the go. But Deputy Perez made sure to stop and play basketball with a young man the other day because he knows the importance of making that connection with our youth.
Thank you to a Lancaster resident for sending this in to us!
Things we love!

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Another fantastic job done by the Lancaster Community Appreciation Program (LAN-CAP)! In conjunction with Lancaster Sheriff’s Station Narcotics investigators, Deputies developed information that led to a search warrant at a home in the 45000th Block of Kingtree Avenue in the city of Lancaster. Deputies served the search warrant on Thursday June 15th, 2017 around 1500hrs, and were looking for a specific gun.

Two (2) male adults were arrested at the home and the gun deputies were searching for was located! The gun, a mini 14 rifle with a sawed butt stock was seized along with a high capacity magazine, large amounts of ammunition and surveillance equipment.

The two suspects were transported to the Lancaster Station Jail and booked on several felony charges including an addict in possession of a firearm and possession of an assault rifle. Both suspects are being held on $35,000 bail each.

Since the beginning of 2017, the LANCAP team has successfully served approximately 20 search warrants in their ongoing efforts to keep guns and drugs off our streets.
Great job by Detectives and Deputies!

#LASD #AV411 #LancasterStation

Good Morning and Happy Monday Antelope Valley!

It is going to be scorching week! Today we are expected to reach 109', Tuesday 108', Wednesday 110' and 102'-104' through next Monday!

We take this time to remind you that in this heat, vehicles can reach up to 137 degrees when left in the sun even for just a few hours. NEVER ever leave your children or pets in a locked car. Remember to stay hydrated and don't forget to check on your elderly neighbors to make sure they are staying cool as well!

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Happy Father's Day from our station to all of the awesome Dads out there!
To those Dads working today, an extra special thank you goes out to you!

Happy Father's Day!

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LASD Recruitment Unit is coming to the North County! Your new career can start now. Join us on Thursday June 29th at 9:00am at the University of Antelope Valley!
Written tests usually take place in the Southern part of our county, but we are beyond excited to have Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department written test available locally. With 42 cities, 130 unincoporated communities, courts and metropolitan areas there is bound to be a work location near you. Add a fantastic retirement plan and medical benefits and your path to success is here.

Please apply online at www.lasdcareers.org PRIOR to the test date to get your process started. Recruiters will be on hand to answer your questions as early as 8:30am on June 29th. We hope to see you in tan and green soon!

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Driving into the weekend!

Happy Friday to everyone who has weekends off! To those who don't, we appreciate you.
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Los Angeles County Sheriff, Jim McDonnell has a promise for L.A.’s immigrants. "As Sheriff of the largest and one of the most diverse counties in the nation, I want to assure our residents, and especially our immigrant communities, that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is deeply committed to helping all people in their time of need regardless of their immigration status.

Moreover, I recognize that enforcement of immigration law is the responsibility of the federal government. My deputies will not detain or arrest any individual solely on suspicion of illegal presence in the United States.

We need all these victims and witnesses to believe in us and come forward to help us do good police work. Whether a victim or witness is undocumented is not even a consideration for us throughout the justice process. A vast majority of crimes are solved because someone, regardless of their immigration status, had the courage to step forward and work with police.

I understand that for many, there is a real apprehension of the unknown, but I have enormous faith in the rule of law, and in the great people of Los Angeles County, a place that families from more than 200 countries call home." #LASD #AV411 #AntelopeValley #LancasterStation

In Light of Recent Current Events, Please Learn How You Can Protect Yourself with Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Active Shooter Video.

The 9-minute film, also available on the Sheriff’s Department site, activeshooter.lasd.org, has been educating the public, school faculties and numerous private companies since 2015.

The video provides members of the public with potentially life-saving information on how to survive if they find themselves in an “active shooter” situation. These types of events, in which an armed assailant opens fire in a public place, have become increasingly common in recent years, and a number of high profile events have captured media attention nationwide.

The video has been used throughout the United States and internationally, with law enforcement agencies, organizations, first responder groups, and public and private companies incorporating the film into their employee training programs.
Please be aware this video contains graphic content.


#LASD #AV411 #safetytips #activeshooter

We had the absolute pleasure of being a guest on El Matrero from La Que Buena 96.1 radio show this morning to remind our community of our Townhall Meeting tonight June 14th from 6pm-8pm at Mariposa Elementary School at 737 W. Avenue H-6 in Lancaster! Along with the AV's Monitoring Team's, we will be presenting the six month report. We are excited to also have facilitators from the Days of Dialogue who work with various organizations to design and conduct dialogues on often sensitive topics of interest.

Thank you El Matrero for having us on this morning and make sure you listen for us on the radio! •••••• Tuvimos el placer de ser los invitados en el show de El Matrero de La Que Buena 96.1 esta mañana para recordar a nuestra comunidad de nuestra reunión de Ayuntamiento esta noche 14 de junio de las 6:00pm-8:00pm en la escuela Mariposa Elementary al 737 W. Avenue H-6 en Lancaster! Junto a monitoreo del equipo de la AV, se presentará el informe de seis meses. Estamos muy contentos también de tener facilitadores de los días de diálogo que trabajan con diversas organizaciones para diseñar y llevar a cabo diálogos sobre temas sensibles a menudo de interés. ¡Le agradecemos El Matrero que en esta mañana y asegúrese de que usted nos escuche en la radio!

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When your partner says, "Let's go get dessert!" you do not say no!
Deputy Deciga knows it'll always be yes with me!

Thank you @zerodegreescustard for our delicious custard!

#LASD #AV411 #icecream #yesplease

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