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One of my favorite pieces ever written about being a woman, by a Kween about another Kween. @rashidajones @michelleobama “Michelle Obama embodies the modern, American woman, and I don’t mean that in any platitudinous or vague way. Rarely can someone express their many identities at the same time while seeming authentic. My female friends and I often talk about feeling like we’re ‘too much.’ We’re complicated; we want to be so many things. I want to be a boss and also be vulnerable. I want to be outspoken and respected, but also sexy and beautiful.
All women struggle to reconcile the different people that we are at all times, to merge our conflicting desires, to represent ourselves honestly and feel good about the inherent contradictions. But Michelle manages to do this with poise, regardless of the scrutiny. That, to me, is the best thing for feminism. Her individual choices force us to accept that being a woman isn’t just one thing. Or two things. Or three things. The position of first lady is, unfortunately, symbolic, and that makes it fair game for media analysis ad nauseam. But no think piece can fully encompass a real woman.” #internationalwomensday 👸🏾

Denim on denim, rugs on rugs on rugs

Guess how many times I said "oh my stars"

Peace Corps Guinea just got a little bit brighter and a whole lot funnier 🇬🇳 I love you both so much and can't wait to watch all the incredible work you do! Bon appétit! #therearenorules #sachetpolice #worktheroom #nomerci

These are two of the last photos I took in Burkina, in my family's fields. When I got home from training that day I asked my little brother to walk with me and check on our cashew trees. On the first night I spent with his family, he had smuggled me a little piece of paper with his name on it and had been my favorite ever since. I had planted the cashew trees weeks earlier with my host father and my oldest host brother in one of our peanut fields. When we were done we stood around picking peanuts right out of the ground, eating them, talking and laughing. This is one of my favorite days from this summer because I finally spoke French well enough to have these kind of candid moments and Zoro truly felt like my home. But this is also one of my favorite days because I knew the planting of these cashew trees would provide a sustainable income for my family after I was gone. My host parents are older and still have several young children to raise. These trees will help bring money in when it gets harder for my parents to do the labor intensive farm work they've done their whole lives. *My American family has decided to skip Christmas this year so we can focus on sending gifts to my Burkinabé family that took such good care of me this summer. If you're looking to give as well this Christmas please let me know and I will tell you how you can help! ❤️

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And on October 19th, we all lived in Ash Cram Land (trademark pending). I've had the best weekend celebrating you. Peep the last pic of us ending it with Scooty snugs - one week as roommates and he's already sick of us.

Coping 102: Snorkel with Sea Lions

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