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👧🏻Aliboo🍦  U probably wouldn't like it. I’m sensitive and I like to party. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 🌙🌿 strange magic.

I fckng LOVE this photo @spanjo_kazooie grabbed of the @indiangoatband show last night. And you know why? Because I’m right in front, with a huge smile on my face, watching my man do what he loves. And to the right of me? Are like ten of my closest, most favorite humans. Every show is a party, and we always have a blast. Living our best lives ♥️🤙🏼🍻🐐😍

Super proud and excited to announce that THREE of my embroidery pieces were chosen for this! Come hang and enjoy 🙆🏻‍♀️💃🏻💜

Did I miss Man Crush Monday? Shoot, well this ones mine. Those baby blues, I’m telling ya, they kill me. Not to mention the countless ways he supports me, provides for me, teaches me, pushes me, has my back and just makes me a better person. I’ve never felt so beautiful and respected and SEEN by my partner and that’s fucking cool, you know? 💙💙💙

Sometimes you gotta be your own sunshine ☀️

Still my favorite drummer 😍🥁🌲

Happy birthday big sis! I can’t imagine trying to do this life with anyone else. You make me a better person. I love you times a bajillion. You’re the best mom, and you’re welcome for all the hands on training I gave you ♥️🎂👩‍❤️‍👩

Family photo 👩‍👩‍👦

I had to get professional headshots done for work and this is by far my fav “outtake” 😘

Re: my ongoing transparency about my ongoing mental health issues— This is like the cheesiest, stupidest, most millennial instagram selfie I could take and it’s also how I feel most of the time, silly, happy, like a snack (literally and figuratively), always down to poke fun at myself. But there’s a flip side to that. The part that is so achingly insecure that I don’t trust anyone or anything around me. I’m Chicken Little and the sky is ALWAYS falling. My friends have been pushing me for months to go back to therapy and my boyfriend has felt helpless trying to make me see myself how he does. I had a counselor once tell me that the worst panic attacks, the most crippling anxiety, comes AFTER the bad thing. You can’t panic while you’re in the middle of saving yourself, your sole goal is self-preservation. But once things have calmed down, your brain totally freaks. My life has never been better than it is right now, and my anxiety has never been worse. It might seem counterintuitive, but it’s true. And I finally realized I can’t just force myself back out of it. And I finally decided that bad men did a lot of bad things to me, but the worst thing they could ever do is take away my ability to have a healthy relationship with a truly good man because I’m too busy beating myself up and assuming the sky has fallen. So I made an appointment to go back to my therapist. I cried a lot. I got scared. I felt embarrassed. But I did it. Being healthy is ONGOING. There’s no cure, there’s no end. There’s just constantly doing the work even when you don’t want to. Even when you wish you didn’t have to. But if half of my days are spent wishing I could be anybody other than me, that I could make my brain STOP, that I could just get it together, it’s time to bring in the reinforcements. And shout outs to my team for always rooting for me.

Saturdays are for the boys, or something ♥️👶🏻

Birthday was a blur and I don’t think anyone really took photos, but my sister and her BFF came and that was the best gift 💙👩‍👩‍👧

HBD2ME🎉 Like before, but more chill and filter freeeeeee. Which is a metaphor for life. Like a fine Italian wine, I just get better with age. 33 was the tits. I got a promotion at work then said fck this noise and peaced out to my dream job. I haven’t been in the hospital ONCE. Which is prob bc I’m dating the self-proclaimed anti-Crohn. And yeah, I’m in the best relationship I’ve EVER been in. God he’s so dang cute and talented and on my damn level. He’s my wolf. I stopped giving shits about ppls opinions—if you ain’t feeding me, funding me or fcking me I don’t need your input. And for the most part I handle all 3 just fine on my own. If you don’t agree with me, it’s ok, I’m strong as hell, always have been. I don’t have time for 90% of the bs I used to involve myself in or waste my time on. Too busy constantly glowing up. Making my life what I want it to look like instead of spending hours trying to enrich everyone else’s. Probably why I have the strongest, securest, most bad ass-est friends surrounding me. Women who are complete and successful all on their own. Men who respect women and are constantly letting me know it. AND I became an aunt to the most beautiful miracle child who’s taught me so much about patience and love. Cheers to me, cheers to 34 BABBYYYYY 🥂🍻🎂

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