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Early morning leg workout! Gotta get it in when you can!

Best... exercise... ever...! Girlfriend skull crushers with @_vickizoe_ ! I think I have to include a lot more girlfriend exercises back into my training regimen!

New video - chest with @stokholmfitness - going live on YouTube within an hour! Go check it out! 💪🏼

In just 3 days I get to take the girl I love on a 14 hours of traveling trip all the way to Tampa, Florida! I probably have the most impatient girl in the world, but it's when we're traveling we REALLY get time to experience and appreciate each other!
I can't wait for her to kick my butt during a leg workout in what looks to be just about the best gym in the world, the MI40 Gym owned by the guy with the best legs in the world - @ifbbbenpak 😳

It's Monday, it's chest day!

Chest workout with @myproteindk teammate @mie_paulsen being uploaded to YouTube as you read this! Link coming up on my Facebook when it's done!

How do you stay motivated all the time? The truth? I don't, I am not always motivated! But if you can't find a way to push through days like these, you will never excel at anything in life worth having!

The reason why my chest is sore as hell today! Was a pleasure as always @stokholmfitness - always great workouts and hilarious with this guy!

Once you accept that your MUSCLES doesn't realize how many 45's you have on the bar or how many reps you perform, and start to think about stimulus instead - that's the moment you will take your physique to the next level! Stimulus can be switched up by, adding weight (yes that's one thing), changing rep tempo, adding time under tension, shorter breaks, pause reps, switching up the angle of force, super sets, drop sets, increasing the volume etc etc! Once we start adding more weight, that's when we increase our risk of injury!

Do girls train chest? @mie_paulsen does! I went to visit fellow @myproteindk athlete Mie a while back and we filmed a chest workout together, will be uploaded to YouTube before the weekend! So stay tuned!

Today we filmed an entire BASIC but scientific glute workout, primarily focusing on the gluteus maximus and will be doing another informational voiceover video for YouTube soon! I will let you guys know when it is ready! Here it's how to incorporate the hyper extension machine to your glute workout!

My girl @_vickizoe_ looking goooood on tv! The camera loves her 😘🤓 if you're looking for a hair and make-up stylist for your wedding this summer, you're looking at the best one right here!

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