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Lying in bed - unable to let go of thoughts already thought through! Thoughts of excitement, of being scared, of hunger for success or the fear of failure! It’s part of the process you must go through if you really want this thing bad enough, I cannot stop that little guy in my ear whispering “only 5 more days until the @sanmarinopro “ and the thought of that is plenty enough to keep me up all night, cooking my meals, preparing every little detail so that tomorrow is just another perfect day towards standing on the top of that podium on Saturday in Rimini!

6 days out! Literally a lean ass motherf’cker! 🤣 these days go by so slow, I can’t wait to step on stage - mentally I am already showing my package to the world!

We filmed an entire chest workout @ashkan_team_ip style for y’all - finishing up with some posing! Having this dude in the ring with me is so comforting! I’ll be uploading the full chest and posing to YouTube really soon! A big thank you for @loadedgym for providing excellent facilities for me these last few critical days!

Time fly when you’re a happy man! An entire year has passed since we concluded @stinefussing weight loss journey by having her step on stage at her very first bikini contest! Having thyroid problems, PCO and slow to no metabolism this was a test, but we broke the code and now we’re still working together towards our next adventure! I am so proud to call her my friend and client at the same time!

One of the absolute proudest moments of my life as you can probably tell by the goofy teenage smile on my face! A moment where all the seemingly hard work that, at the time, didn’t seem to be worth it, all the terrible hunger that I endured and now am again, was close to break me down - was it all worth it! Fast forward to this moment, the answer is yes! And now in 8 days inevitable, I want the answer that those questions to be the same!

My best friend in the whole wide world! I love taking this girl to every corner of the world and in just 6 days we’re going on another adventure to make new memories and be able to enjoy each other to the fullest! I honestly don’t know what I would do without you @_vickizoe_ ! As these shows draws closer and closer I focus on relaxing way more than usual as she just keeps on going hard at her business! I could write a novel about the awesomeness of you, but for now I will keep it short and sweet - I love you baby, you are the my biggest motivation in life, all I wanna do is make you proud. ❤️

Shoulder day! What motivates me to give everything I got today? This picture by @janteller did the trick for me! #beyourownmotivation

As I’m traveling to compete in Italy and Spain I wanna document every show, every depleted workout, every meal - IF YOU WANT ME TO! Let me know exactly what aspect of competing internationally you wanna see on YouTube! 😜

Today was the last leg day before my show! Legs hurt, so bad, but when it’s over all that pain goes away and the feeling of satisfaction takes its place!

Last re-feed with buckets of carbs and the last leg day! It’s getting close! 10 days out!

Low carbs - no problem!

I do not respond to external pressure, I will always put the pressure right back on the external force trying to get under my skin! You’ve got to remember, you don’t compete with anyone but yourself, but by not acknowledging the external force, you make them compete with you, not the other way around! You focus on the internal pressure that drives you, run to it, embrace it, feel it! So that no one else can throw more on you that you’ve already put on yourself!!

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