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Photo taken the day before game day in Portugal, we compromised just a LITTLE bit on my size and came in as conditioned on the day as we could!

Motivation for me comes from within! But I find great inspiration in amazing athletes, especially in guys like @arash_rahbar - for me, that's as near perfection as it gets! #nohomo

Does less calories mean that it's healthier? If that was true I would be switching my daily pre-workout oatmeal out with coco-pops that's for sure!

But whether it is high/low calorie or is considered healthy/not healthy it is your preference by the end of the day. And this is where the "IIFYM" comes to shame!
I am not here to tell anybody how to live their life, but I do believe that nutrition education is highly invaluable! It's all about the micronutrients! Healthy food choices include a bunch of vitamins and minerals than equally as high calorie unhealthy options! If these micronutrients aren't added in either your diet or through extensive supplementation - your body will have to get these elsewhere - and these will be taken from your living cells, actually breaking your body down in order to digest and break down the unhealthy food you're eating!
Think about that for a second!

Never too late for a little #throwbackthursday ! Last workout before getting to hit the stage in the Olympia Amateur in Marbella! Condition on point!

Give yourself a chance! Every day I am "lucky"! Being lucky for me is merely a term covering the mental state of being ready to pursue a possibility when it presents itself! The truth is, I've been somewhere, but that doesn't change the fact that more importantly, I now know that I'm going somewhere.

Every time!

Det her, bliver jeg ALDRIG træt af!

Får du tit cravings om aftenen? Så prøv den her opskrift - min ultimativt yndlings natmad.
350-450 gram hytteost alt efter om jeg er på diæt

10 gram proteinpulver (chokolade eller vanilje)

10 gram kokosmel

20-50 gram peanutbutter, igen alt efter om jeg er på diæt
Luksustilføjelser: chokoladesirup, hakkede ristede mandler som topping! Jeg køber peanutbutter, proteinpulver, kaloriefri sirupper, kokosmel og flavdrops (toffee og vanilje) hos @myproteindk og sødemiddel + chokolade sirup hos @easis_udentilsatsukker !

Blend hytteost, peanutbutter, proteinpulver, kokosmel og tilføj sødemiddel + flavdrops for ekstra god smag. Bare rolig - det er ikke kun dig den ikke vil blende hos - rør rundt i toppen med en ske mens du tilføjer kun en lille anelse vand indtil det kan blende. Hæld det hele i en skål og giv det 1-3 timer i frysere til det har en fast cremet konsistens! Voila - hvis du har gjort det rigtigt smager det 100% af Bounty!

Proud to have presented a package this strong, I got a couple of months left to improve before I take on the Olympia amateur once again, this time in Italy!

The 10k challenge is officially online now! Go to my Facebook page "Lars P Fitness Page" to find the link in my recent post! On Facebook we're also giving away 24 donuts from @thedonutshopdk if you follow the instructions in the video!

After stepping off stage at the Olympia - we went straight to the beach for an ice cream and to get the most of my stage-color off!

If you're happy, you're winning! Love you @_vickizoe_

Always be yourself, express yourself, stand by who you are and stand up for yourself! Do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it!

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